king calibur

It’s so hard to find cool fanart of female fighting game characters that isn’t pornofied somehow. *sigh*

And on the other side, there’s not enough gay porn fanart of the male characters! *MORE SIGH*

I really should start drawing again so I can make my own.

El Ángel is the shit and here’s why...

When we heard about sexy female characters in fighting games, we often think of


Mai Shiranui

or Ivy Valentine

These characters are amazing to play, but there are others that are just as awesome. like Rainbow Mika, or the most underrated character of them all,; Ángel.

I baffles me how this character’s been overlooked for so long; she’s not exactly subtle.

She’s a Mexican POC enjoys partying, soccer and have a good time, so it was easy to see why many latinos relate to her

But she can also show her more sadistic and ruthless nature when she fights

Her outfit shows her flirtatious and playful nature (i know it looks kinda dumb but I still love it).

Gameplay-wise she uses wrestling and muay thai to rush down her opponents to finishing’em of with a sick grab

With the new King of Fighters XIV coming out and the return of this wonderful character, I hope she gets even more popular 



[MONSTER] Cockatrice.

Japanese name: コカトリス
Romanized name: Kokatorisu

Alignment: Underground Hades Empire Infershia
Type: Hades Beast
Inspiration: Cockatrice
Status: Killed by King Calibur Magical Slash.

From: Mahou Sentai Magiranger - Episode 4


  • A cockatrice is a mythological beast that is usually described as a bipedal dragon with the head of a rooster. Like a gorgon, the cockatrice can turn its victims into stone. They are sometimes confused with the basilisk.