king cairos

Dream had a photoshoot with her family. The lighting was all wrong, no craft services, no wardrobe, she was expected to show up camera ready, Uncle Rob overslept and the photographer’s studio was at the mall. I’ve set up some meetings for her to get better management. Just because she’s Blac Chyna’s kid doesn’t mean she has to be treated like her.


Dream and chyna 👶🏽

Ancient Egyptian pectoral with three scarabs (dung beetles), representing the god Khepri, who pushes the morning sun into the sky.  Artist unknown; found in the tomb of the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Tutankhamun (r. ca. 1332-1323 BCE).  Now in the Cairo Museum.  Photo credit: D. Denisenkov/Wikimedia Commons.


I didn’t know King was cutting hair now.