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Today’s playlist features some pop punk/pop rock bands. I used to listen to these bands way back high school til’ my early college days. Brings me back so much feelings! I actually kinda feel nostalgic listening to them right now. The lyrics are just right in the feels. I missed listening to them. Will probably listen to these bands for a whole week. I still remember some of the lyrics and I’m singing to it. Hahaha. 

  1. James Dean & Audrey Hepburn – Sleeping With Sirens
  2. Bullerproof Love – Pierce The Veil
  3. Sad Song (feat. Elena Coats)– We The Kings
  4. Hero / Heroine – Boys Like Girls
  5. Count ‘em One, Two, Three – The Maine
  6. Someone Like You – The Summer Set
  7. Endlessly – The Cab
  8. Ever Enough – A Rocket To The Moon
  9. Man I Think I Love Her – Stereo Skyline
  10. Therapy – All Time Low

Before controversy erupts over somebody being stupid when they make a gjinka of ‘em, I might as well state this:

King Dice from Cuphead as a human would definitely be a black dude because he is based specifically on Cab Calloway, not only in his face but also as an homage to the fact that Mr Calloway was rotoscoped for multiple cartoons of the type Cuphead is pastiching.

That is all. Please don’t be dumb and whitewash King Dice gjinkas. Do not mess with King Dice.

STAY ON THE LINE // a klance playlist

secret valentine - we the kings / la la - the cab / backseat serenade - all time low / true love - p!nk, lily allen / haven’t had enough - marianas trench / chemicals collide - boys like girls / obvious - hey monday / tug of war - carly rae jepsen / kiss me in the morning - stereo skyline / skyway avenue - we the kings / if i had you - adam lambert

Middle School [42 Pop Punk Songs in 1] VIDEO LINK IN DESCRIPTION

Songs Sampled:
My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade - 0:00
Green Day - Good Riddance - 0:12
Panic! at the Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies - 0:24
blink-182 - What’s My Age Again? - 0:34
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle - 0:46
We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet - 0:46
Third Eye Blind - Graduate - 0:56
All Time Low - Weightless - 0:58
All Time Low - Dear Maria Count Me In - 1:07
Switchfoot - Meant to Live - 1:18
Fall Out Boy - Sugar We’re Going Down - 1:07
My Chemical Romance - I’m Not Okay (I Promise) - 1:29
Boys Like Girls - Thunder - 1:40
30 Seconds to Mars - Kings and Queens - 1:50
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue - 1:59
Relient K - Be My Escape - 2:00
Relient K - Sadie Hawkins Dance - 2:03
Simple Plan - I’d Do Anything - 2:14
Paramore - Misery Business - 2:15
Rise Against - Savior - 2:25
Sum 41 - Fat Lip - 2:33
My Chemical Romance - Teenagers - 2:34
Fountains of Wayne - Stacy’s Mom - 2:43
All American Rejects - Gives You Hell - 2:51 
blink-182 - Feeling This - 2:53
Lit - My Own Worst Enemy - 3:08
Sum 41 - In Too Deep - 3:09
The Cab - One of THOSE Nights - 3:37
Relient K - High of 75 - 3:37
blink-182 - I Miss You - 3:37
Paramore - That’s What You Get - 3:48
AFI - Miss Murder - 4:03
Good Charlotte - Dance Floor Anthem - 4:04
Cute Is What We Aim For - Curse of Curves - 4:18
30 Seconds to Mars - Closer to the Edge - 4:30
A Day to Remember - All I Want - 4:45
Mayday Parade - Jamie All Over - 4:57
Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - 4:57
Cartel - Say Anything (Else) - 5:22
Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure - 5:37
Rise Against - Audience of One - 5:47
Fall Out Boy - Sugar We’re Going Down - 5:48


By: DoctorBrixx on Youtube

Headcanons: Music

Eren: I believe he would listen to really upbeat, passionate music. Something that really gets him pumped and going, some sort of rock anthem or any genre that can inspire him and he can easily relate to.

Armin: Armin would probably enjoy classical music because it’s intellectually stimulating and he can probably play idk how many instruments if we’re being real here.

Jean: He would most likely be into anything really, Jean for the most part wouldn’t really narrow it down to just one genre. Just because he seems like the type to not limit himself musically.

Connie: Connie would probably like rap and hip hop, even though he cannot for the life of him ever accomplish getting through one song without messing up.

Annie: Annie would probably listen to music that encases most of what she feels but doesn’t show. She’s not adverse to listening to a slow, piano song. Of course, if you confront her about it she’ll vehemently deny it.

Bertoldt: Bert would be into the really underground music, the bands or artists that don’t get much recognition, solely because he finds it interesting, or different from all the radio music.

Reiner: Would most likely be into something like EDM, or Trap because he lives for the beat drops.

Sasha: Would most likely listen to pop, and would occasionally play the really obnoxious so ha because they’re catchy. Though at times she finds herself trying to out-do Connie at rapping. (They both fail miserably.)

Mikasa: Mika would most likely like anything that has a soft, mellow tone to it. Maybe an acoustic song with deep, meaningful lyrics.

Christa/Historia: Would be totally ironic if she blasted heavy metal, and hard rock out of the blue. She headbangs and everything.

Ymir: Is head banging right beside her Christa.

Mike: Probably likes bands like Coldplay, or the 1975. Only does it for his aesthetic.

Erwin: Daddy Erwin would probably like really classy music, like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, or Cab Calloway. Jazzy, and oldie.

Hanji: Would blast country music just to troll everyone. Secretly likes it a bit, yet she hates it. Has good taste in music, but she has everyone genuinely believing she likes country.

Levi: Levi would most likely be into Old Rock, or 90’s grunge. He can relate to some songs about hardship, and he genuinely appreciates the music from back then as opposed to what comes out on the radio.


this is the best thing on earth

Signs as Iconic Pop Punk Songs

Aries- Wasting Away by Tonight Alive
Taurus- Take a Break, the Break’s Over by Fall Out Boy
Gemini- Weightless by All Time Low
Cancer- Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab
Leo- Sugar We’re Going Down Swinging by Fall Out Boy
Virgo- Misery Business by Paramore
Libra- That’s What You Get by Paramore
Scorpio- I’m Not Okay by My Chemical Romance
Sagittarius- What’s My Age Again? by Blink-182
Capricorn- Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have by Panic! at the Disco
Aquarius- Jersey by Mayday Parade
Pisces- Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings

I’m addicted to the feeling I get when I think about you. A mix of songs for the wonderwalls.


01. Wonderwall - Ryan Adams // 02. Fallingforyou - The 1975 // 03. Kiss Me Slowly - Parachute // 04. Habits Of My Heart - Jaymes Young // 05. Shelter - The xx // 06. Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding // 07. XO - John Mayer // 08. Vegas Skies - The Cab // 09. Baby I’m Yours - Arctic Monkeys // 10. Stick Around - State Champs // 11. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran // 12. Closer - Kings Of Leon // 13. Northern Wind - City And Colour // 14. With You Around - Yellowcard // 15. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star