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The similarities between The Disney Renaissance and The Disney Revival (including the low years before both of them)

Yes, I know the chronological order was changed a teensy bit…

Marvel Kings on their Thrones

Namor the King of Atlantis (AKA the King of Ablantis for his killer abs)

Magneto the King of Mutants (AKA the King of Bad Parenting: retcon be damned)

Loki King of Tricks and Lies (AKA King of annoying the crap out of Thor)

Doctor Doom King of Latveria (AKA King of Unnecessary Drama and Wine Drinking)

Black Bolt King of the Inhumans (AKA The Silent King… he doesnt say much.)

Thor King of Beautiful Flowing Golden Hair (AKA God of Thunder)

Odin King of Asgard (AKA King of Really Bad Parenting. I mean really bad.)

Black Panther King of Wakanda (AKA King of the Dead and Storm’s Exhusband)

Thanos King of Evil (AKA That freaking douchebag who never gets out of his space chair unless its to kill and murder people and planets)

Mister Sinister King of Creepy Weirdos Everywhere (AKA Dude is just freaky)

This started as a collection of Namor pictures when I noticed just how many panels there were of kings sitting down with the their legs wide open. (Manspreading much guys?)

I personally favor Doom. Guy always has a drink in his hand. 

Runner up is Namor of course. 

Tag your favorite King.