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The Swan Prince { Reylo Fairytale Series }

I made the vow for him.  Do you hear?  The vow I made was for him.

Rey’s memories of the prince are clear as lake water on a summer’s day. As children, they despised each other, bickering and fighting. As they grew older, they resented each other’s presence each summer and the impending marriage arranged before her parents’ deaths. Ben Organa was swift to anger and Rey was more than happy to avoid him, favoring the woods over the pristine marble halls of his palace. Deep in the forest, with her bow in hand, Rey could try to forget that she would one day be forced to marry him for the good of their kingdoms.

Until one morning, Ben joined her on her hunt. She grudingly showed him how to set a trap, and in return he taught her how to swim in the river. As time passed, Rey realized that the angry little boy she knew…was no longer a boy, but a man who was soon to be a king. The politics faded away, the arrangement forged between their families only a small part of why she chose to return every year. Through letters, they become each other’s confidants and advisors, and Rey quickly came to admire Ben’s defiance and the steel blood that ran through his veins. One summer, she made the journey to his kingdom early and his parents threw a ball in celebration. Leading her in a dance, Ben told her that he would rather have her to rule at his side than anyone else in the world.

But there was a growing evil that plagued the land. A dark magic that crept over his kingdom…their kingdom. One day, on the high road, Ben and his knights were attacked, never to be seen again. In the wake of the prince’s disappearance, people begin to whisper of a Force-Witch who takes the form of a black swan. It is rumored that She lives in the mountains, near an abandoned castle with a glassy lake, and that all those who seek Her and are unlucky enough to find Her are cursed forever.

Only a vow of everlasting love can break the spell, and Rey is nothing if not a huntress.

Captured King - Ben - Disney´s Descendants

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A/N: I love Mitchell Hope and his character Ben. I want to kiss that nose. Have fun reading this. 
summary: You´re the sister of Uma, being the co Captain in her crew. You´re not quiet happy about the idea of capturing the king of Auradon. So you two make a deal.
warnings: cursing
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“This plan is brilliant!” Uma stated, punching her older sister shoulder in excitement. Y/N rolled her eyes. This plan was not brilliant. Hell, it was the worse plan she had ever heard. “You want revenge, alright. But do you really want to capture the King?” A wicked smile plastered on the youngest daughter of Ursula and the oldest one rolled her eyes again, followed by an annoyed groan that left her lips. “Let´s have a deal.” The smile faded quickly. Uma must admit: Sometimes she wished, that she shouldn´t had made her sister Y/N the Co-Captain of her ship.

 “Come at me, Sea Witch.” “I´m taking care of the King and you´re doing the blackmail shit, understood? Otherwise, I can steal Hook´s Hook and hook you myself.” Uma knew, that messing around with her sister at this point wasn´t a phenomenal idea. She simply nodded.

 To capture the king was easy. He was way too kind for the Isle, even though Mal and her friends did an excellent job on teaching him, how things went in the environment of evilness. He was tied up, sitting on a bed, which was covert in multiple duvets and blankets. All had the colour of the depth of the sea. On the shelves, mostly books where placed. The desk was clean. All around: It was one of the cleanest rooms, Ben had ever seen.

 “What does a guy like you, find so interesting in this plain, basic and way to clean room?” A chuckle appeared. The young king let his gaze go through the room once again, stopping at the door, admiring the girl who stood leaned back at the door frame. She let the blade of her sword swing, a soft smile was plastered on her face. He wasn´t sure, if she would harm him. She looked familiar with Uma. The leather of her clothes where coloured in a dark blue tone and she had a pirate hat on.

 “I´m not going to harm you, majesty. I will treat you, as you were treated in your kingdom.” “Please, just call me Ben and please. I want to experience the Isle, so don´t treat me like a king.” She simply laughed and walked to the bed he was sitting on. She came near and soon her lips where placed at his right ear. “If I would, my sister would had thrown you to the sharks already, leaving Mal as a beautiful, little piece of wrack, that is placed deep in the ocean. So be thankful I´m taking care of you, Ben.” He nodded. The girl turned around, laughing a maniac latter, which Ben assumed was normal on the Isle.

 Before she went through the door, she chuckled once again. “What´s your name?” Ben quickly asked, getting her to turn again. She pulled of her hat and bowed down. “I have many names, King Ben Florian, son of Belle and the Beast. I´m the oldest daughter of Ursula.”  She straightened her back. “I get called Sea Witch, the Depth of the Sea or simply just Y/N. But you can call me whatever you want, majesty.” She ran off, closing the door. Now the king was all alone, waiting for his freedom to come. “Y/N.” He sighed. Deep inside, he hoped, that Mal and his friends would never come.  


Eldarion was the first and only son of Arwen and Elessar. In the year 120 of the Fourth Age Eldarion was given the tokens of kingship by his father, who then willingly gave up his own life so that his son could become the second King of the Reunited Kingdom. A hundred-and-five years after the fall of the Dark Tower, the king encountered a renewal of Morgoth-worship during his reign. Eldarion stopped his people from turning to evil practices. He afterwards ruled peacefully for an unspecified amount of time well into the Fourth Age of Men. Little else is known of king Eldarion and his reign, save that he left heirs to continue the House of Telcontar after him.



This Is My Idea

A Swan Princess AU - coming soon to AO3

Princess Rey and Prince Ben Solo have been groomed to be each others betrothed since her birth eighteen years ago. However, despite being forced together by her guardian and Ben’s uncle Luke, and Ben’s parents, Queen Leia and her consort Han, they absolutely loathe each other and spent most of their childhood trying to make each other miserable. 

On her eighteenth birthday, Ben makes one final visit to Rey to confirm the engagement. Both parties readily agree after seeing each other grown for the first time. Leading her away from the festivities thrown by their guardians, Ben shows her the forbidden Dark magic he’s been practicing against his uncle’s will in an attempt to impress her. Disgusted and horrified, Rey breaks off the engagement immediately - still in love with him, she lies about the reasoning to keep him from being imprisoned. 

Ben and his father leave that night while his mother is to leave in the morning. However, their departure is thwarted by the Great Being, who fatally wounds Han and takes Ben. Ben’s best friend and the queen’s favorite knight, Poe, informs the queen, King Luke, and Rey of what happened, telling of a dark beast who snatched the prince. With Poe’s help, Rey decides against marrying another prince and trains to fight the Great Being instead. 

Meanwhile, Ben is in the captivity of the Great Being, a Dark user named Snoke, who curses him and offers the prince a deal. Either he can stay as a black swan for the entirety of his life, doomed to the lake, or he can become his human self from sunrise to sunset in return for Snoke’s teaching him Dark magic to take over Luke’s kingdom. Furious at his uncle for not allowing him to practice the Dark despite the older man’s knowledge of it, Ben readily agrees to the teaching on the condition that Rey is not hurt and can become his queen. 

Now, three years after his disappearance, Rey refuses to believe that Ben is gone despite Luke and Leia wanting her to marry another prince and assume the throne. Determined to put her honed skills to use, she departs to confront the Great Being who is now accompanied by a knight who goes by the name of Kylo Ren.