king batman

ok but like for real i loved jason so much in batman #16 because he was being so ?? silly??? like it wasnt ooc or anything it was just… Jason being jason. It wasnt the vigilante, or the fallen soldier, or the black sheep of the family or any of that.. it was just nineteen/twenty y/o jason peter todd eating fries named after the joker and not caring about it  bc they taste good and even joking about his death in an.. almost organic waybothering his little brother and then said brother taking revenge on him by mocking his hairline… it was so ridiculous and silly and something we never see anywhere?? and i loved it so much… please… 

Cover for Batman #25 (DC Rebirth 2017) part of “The War of Jokes and Riddles” story arc

It’s the flashback tale of the Dark Knight facing The Joker and The Riddler who are in war after the events of ‘Zero Year

written by Tom King
art and cover by Mikel Janin

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