If you don’t think Beyoncé is the most important artist on the planet, you are not paying attention. She just performed THIS at the SUPER BOWL.


YAAAAAAAAAS, B!!!! Come the fuck thru!


                    #2 Best Dressed Celeb of 2014 - Beyoncé Knowles

What always gets me excited about Beyoncé’s style is what she puts together without her stylist.

She has her moments when she pairs classic pieces such as a simple red dress with red pumps to match, then she has moments when she throws caution to the wind by wearing sequins and bold Versace prints. 

The moment when I knew Beyoncé would make my list is when she wore her name, “Queen Bee” on her shoes while jet setting to her next tour location. That’s how you stunt, subtly.

A fashion list isn’t a list without Beyoncé’s sense of style. Her style changes like her hair and mood - I’m always here for it.