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I love how there are still people who deeply care fir this show, miss it and it will say with them forever :,) We still support the cast and I think that’s beautiful.


Geoffrey's Granddaughter (Merlin X Reader)

(You are the Granddaughter of Geoffrey of Monmouth, Court Genealogist and the keeper of the Royal Library. You are a noblewoman. Lady (Y/N), who came to Camelot to follow Geoffrey’s footsteps as an apprentice. You were introduced by Geoffrey to Arthur and Merlin when Arthur was called by Uther to meet you in person.)

(Also I do not own the entire production of the Merlin series. or even bbc

You are on your horse, (Y/H/N), riding on a path that leads to Camelot. Your cloak hood hides you face. You were personally asked by your Grandfather, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Camelot’s royal Court Genealogist and Keeper of the Royal Library, to be his apprentice.

You are an orphan, your mother had passed away from childbirth and you father has recently died from sickness. You were living with your Aunt until one day you received a letter from Grandfather Geoffrey.

So you left the household of Monmouth and bid farewell to your Aunt and the servants that worked there. You always believed in equality between commoners and nobles that the servants were like a second family to you.

You only wished that you weren’t the only noble who believes in equality.

Finally, you reached to the lower town of Camelot and slowed Y/H/N by pulling gently on her/his reins and strut on the road, carefully passing through the busy crowd of working commoners and laughing children.

You suddenly pulled Y/H/N to stop when you spotted a dirty young boy, who was staring hungrily at a pile of apples that was place on a market stand. And judging by the state of the child, he seems to be a homeless orphan.

You got off of Y/N/H and went to the merchant.

“Four apples and two pears please.” You asked.

“That’ll be 5 gold pieces miss.” the merchant grumbled.

You gave him the money and grabbed a neatly piece of cloth from you satchel to wrap the fruits in.

You then walk to the hungry boy and kneel down to his height.

“Hello, what’s your name?” You asked.

“Allen.” He squeaked out. Clearly scared by you. You couldn’t blame him, an older stranger came to you and asked for your name seemed to be very intimidating for a child his age.

“Hello Allen, my name is Y/N is your mother or father around?”

“No.” He muttered.

“Where are they?”

“Dead.” He simply said.

I sighed. “Do you have a place to live?”

Fortunately he nodded. “With uncle Morty. But he’s barely at home.”


“He works hard. But sometimes we don’t have enough gold to buy food.”

You lift his head gently by his chin and look at him in the eyes. “Are you happy?”

“Sometimes, when uncle Morty comes back from work, we would play knights.”

“Do you want to become a knight when you grow up?”

“Yes, but I can’t.”

You frown playfully. “And why not?”

“Because I’m not brave enough.”

You thought for a moment and then sparked an idea and leaned closer to Allen.

“Can I tell you a secret?”


“You see my horse there?” You pointed at Y/N/H, who was standing behind you by a few meters the entire time.


“Well you see young Allen, his/her name is Y/N/H and he was actually a gift from a kind witch.” I whispered the last part by his ear.

“But magic is band from Camelot.” He said you covered his mouth and shush at him.

“I know.” You whispered. “That’s why I am asking you to keep it as a secret.”

He then nodded and you slowly put you hand away from his mouth.

“Do you want to know what makes Y/H/N so special?”

He nodded hesitantly.

“You see if you touch him his/her nose and doesn’t back up, it means you are brave enough to ride him.”

“And if he does back up?”

“Then. . we’ll see what’s happens, just don’t scream, It’ll scare him/her more.”

Allen gulped and stared at the horse with scared eyes. “Do you think I’m brave enough?”

You chuckled.“Young Allen, I have the privileged to meet a lot of brave men on my journey to Camelot. And I must say you have the eyes of courage to show all of Camelot and the kingdoms of the realm one day.”


“You just need to see that no matter how dark the world is, there is light, There will always be light. You just need to believe that you can find it.”

Allen then lifts his chin high and march gently to Y/H/N. He then stops midway and looks back at me.

I nodded and signalled him to continue.

He took a deep breath and then continues until he was in front of Y/H/N and carefully lift his hand and bows his head down. Fearing of what would happen.

Y/H/N then bows his/her head down to the child and pressed his/her nose to the boy’s trembling hand.

Allen opened his eyes in surprise nd looks up. He then smiled ad looks back at you.

“I did it! I did it Miss Y/N! I did it!” He said in enthusiasm.

You smiled. “Of course you did. I told you, you have the eyes of courage. You want to ride him/her?”

“Can I?” He asked.

“Mhmm. Here.” You lead Allen to Y/H/N’s side and lift him by the waist to settle him on the saddle and then mount up so that you are behind him. Allen is secure in between your arms and you asked him to hold the bag of fruits.

You made a noise with your mouth to signal Y/H/N to walk and asked where Allen lives.

(At The Castle)

“So Geoffrey has a granddaughter?” Merlin asked.

“Yes Merlin.” Arthur said in annoyance. “How many times do I have to tell you to make you understand with that pea brain of yours?”

“I’m just saying, Gaius has never mentioned anything about Geoffrey having a granddaughter. And that old man mentions a lot of things.”

“You know, now that you mentioned it. My father has never even mentioned about a Lady Y/N of Monmouth. Until now.”

“Maybe he had his reasons.” Merlin stated as he patted the Arthur’s bed clean.

“Probably.” Arthur muttered.

Suddenly there was knocking at the door.

“Enter.” Arthur called.

A castle guard opened the door. He bowed then rise. “My Lord.”

“What is it?”

“The King had asked me to inform you that Lady Y/N of Monmouth has arrived.”

Arthur and Merlin shared a look and then looks back at the servant.

“I’ll be there in a moment.”

Arthur and Merlin walked down the hall that leads to the Royal Library where King Uther had asked to meet.

“Wouldn’t be better if we meet the Lady of Monmouth in the Council Hall?” Merlin asked.

“Geoffrey personally asked my father if the Lady Y/N could visit the Library as soon as she reached to Camelot.”


“I don’t know Merlin, why don’t you asked the granddaughter of the Keeper of the Royal Library?” Arthur said sarcastically.

“Never mind.” Merlin muttered.

The two individuals reached to there the main doors of the Royal Library. Merlin opened the door and the two enter.

They immediately found King Uther, Geoffrey, Morgana and two men from the council, talking to each other in hushed voices around Geoffrey’s study desk.

Merlin spotted Gaius at the end of the table and frowned. It was unusual for Gaius to be here when in the early morning he mentioned that he was gonna have a busy day.

“Father.” Arthur greeted Uther.

“Arthur, so nice for you to come.”

“Well I don’t exactly have a choice do I?” Arthur joked.

“Yes well,” Geoffrey started. “Prince Arthur I do hope you know why you are here.”

“Of course Geoffrey.” Arthur said. “Where is Lady Y/N?” He asked kindly.

“She is just browsing around the library. She was hoping to find a book that’s based on a certain level of herbalism.” Geoffrey then turns to one of the sections o the library.

“Is she a herbalist?” Merlin thought but accidently said it out loud.

“Don’t be foolish Merlin.” Arthur said in a annoyed voice. “She’s a Lady of course she isn’t.”

“Actually,” Gaius said. “My Lord, the Lady Y/N was actually hoping if there is a herbalist in Camelot so that she would learn more about healing.”

Merlin looked a little smug whilst Arthur seemed a bit shocked.

“Is there a reason why she would want to know how?” Arthur asked after he awkwardly coughed, trying to loosen up the air.

“As a matter of fact yes.” Uther said with a small frown showing. “She wanted to prepare if Camelot were ever to be in a worse condition.”

Smart. Merlin thought.

“Where is that girl?” Geoffrey muttered to himself. “Y/N! Y/N!”

Suddenly a figure came out from behind of one of the bookshelves. Head down with a book in hands.

Merlin, Arthur and practically everyone in the reading area spotted the figure and knew right away that it was you.

You then pulled your eyes away from the page that your were reading and saw a couple of gentlemen.

Merlin and Arthur couldn’t help but stare at the you with their eyes wide with shock. Merlin had his mouth slightly opened as Arthur let out a small breathy gasp. Both enchanted by your beauty.

Your S/C reflects perfectly by the light from the sun beam from the windows. Your eyes sparkled with glee as you smiled shyly at the new arrivals.

You then deducted that the blond one was Prince Arthur, since his attire was more formal than the dark haired one. Although you couldn’t deny. The dark hair one was more dashing than the Prince. No matter how ordinary his clothes were.

“Y/N!” Geoffrey said with a smile on his face. “There you are, I thought that you might’ve been lost.”

You chuckled and bookmarked the page that you were reading with your finger as you walk to stand next to Geoffrey.

“Sire,” Geoffrey began. “May I introduce to you my granddaughter. Y/N.”

You smiled and did a curtsy. “My lord.” You raise.

“How quaint it is to finally meet you.” You said in a gentle voice and smiled at the charming prince.

“P-Please, the pleasure is mine.“ Arthur said after remembering why he came to the library.

He took your hand, that wasn’t holding the book, and look you straight in the eyes.

“It is my honor to formerly welcome you to Camelot, my Lady.” He then kissed your hand and you gave him a sweet smile.

“How kind of you.” You said then look behind the Prince to see the dark hair gentlemen.

“And who is this?” You asked.

Arthur turned and looks back at you.

“No one of importance.” He smiled.

“I don’t believe that.” You say casually.

Arthur frowned. “You don’t?”

“You don’t?” Uther repeated.

“You don’t?” The dark hair gentlemen said.

You shook your head no and smiled kindly. “I don’t. I believe that everyone in the kingdom, may they be noble or commoner, has a important role in their own special way. How else will Camelot can cope without the hard work of the commoners? Or without the order and sacrifices from the nobles and the council?”

Uther and Arthur looks at you with surprise, while Morgana looks at you with admiration along with Merlin and Gaius.

“So may I asked?” You said as you smoothly walk around Arthur to stand in front of the dark haired young man behind him.

“What is your name?”

He coughs a bit then answered. “Merlin. My Lady.”

“Merlin.” You muttered. “What an unusual name. Yet unique.”

He smiled awkwardly. “My mother picked it.”

You smiled sweetly at him. In all your years, you have a way to see the light and goodness in people.

And just as you told Allen, the young boy you met earlier who you gave the bag of fruit to.

There will always be light, you just need to believe that you can find it.

Someone then coughs and you turn to see your grandfather Geoffrey walking towards you and place his hands on your shoulders.

“My child, I believe it’s time that we catch up on the years I’ve missed. Now tell me how is…”

Geoffrey leads you to somewhere in the library. And you couldn’t help but sneak a glance to Merlin. Who was smiling kindly and you smiled back and turn your attention to Geoffrey.

Arthur, who was still confused about why would on earth would you speak to Merlin as if he was your equal, frowned and turned to Merlin. Who quickly flashed an innocent smile.

Arthur rolled his eyes and then signals him to follow as he marched out of the room.

This is will be interesting. The Lady Morgana thought smugly.

arthurian music

A list of arthurian music! Please add anything that I might have forgotten!

The Arthurian albums list

Age of Avalon (Arthurian Shield)
Arthur the King (Maddy Prior)
Avalon - A Celtic Legend (Enaid)
The Book of Taliesin (Deep Purple)
Camelot in Smithereens (Deliverance)
Celtic Heart: The Story of Tristan and Iseult (Simon Cooper)
Dreams of Avalon (Mike Simmons)
Excalibur (Grave Digger)
The Final Experiment (Ayreon)
Galahad’s Suite (Anton Johansson)
Graal (Catherine Lara)
The Green Knight (Heather Dale)
High Noon Over Camelot (The Mechanisms)
Land of Merlin (Jon Mark)
May the Blood of Many a Valiant Knight Be Avenged (The Soil Bleeds Black)
May Queen (Heather Dale)
The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Rick Wakeman)
The Trial of Lancelot (Heather Dale)
The Once and Future King I (Gary Hughes, and different artists for each character)
The Once and Future King II (Gary Hughes and different artists)
Queen of Camelot (Karliene)
Queens of Camelot (Heather Dale & S. J. Tucker)

The Arthurian Songs list

All King’s Horses (Blind Guardian)
Am Bròn Binn (Dòchas)
Arthur (The Kinks)
Avalon (Professor Green)
Avalon (Blackmore’s Night)
Bright Eyes (Blind Guardian) suggested by anon
Excalibur (Blaspheme)
Fata Morgana (Fates Warning)
Galahad (Josh Ritter)
Guinevere (Crosby, Stills, and Nash)
Grails Mysteries (Amorphis)
Haunted Shores (Cradle of Filth)
If I Die Young (The Band Perry)
King Arthur’s servants (The Waterson)
Knights of the Round Table (Commander)
The Lady of Shalott (Loreena McKennit)
The Maiden and the Ministrel Knight (Blind Guardian) suggested by anon
Merlin (Kayak)
Merlin am I (Dahm the Bard) suggested by @effulgentpoet
Mordred’s Song (Blind Guardian)
Morgan le Fay (Heate) suggested by @queen-le-fay
Morte d'Arthur (Miriam Stockley)
A Past and Future Secret (Blind Guardian)
Pour l’amour de la Reine (Tri Yann) suggested by @argillia
Return of the King (Bruce Dickinson)
Shadow of Uther (Kamelot)
Shalott (Emilie Autumn)
Shores of Avalon (Tina Malia)
Sir Galahad (Susan Court)
Sweet Sir Galahad (Joan Baez)
Sword in the Stone (Benji Cossa)

(I did not add movies’ sountracks albums or musicals)

Forbidden Part 1

Parring: Arthur Pendragon x reader
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Part 2

Y/N was Merlin’s younger sister but noboty knows about her. Except for Gaius with who the siblings lived. He took care for her everyday when Melin served Prince Arthur and when he couldn’t keep an eye on his little sister.

The truth was that Y/N was much more powerful than her brother. Her magic was violent and agressive. Y/N wasn’t able to control it unless she had someone close to her heart who could calm her down. 

One day Gaius had so much work to do that he couldn’t take care of some things by himself. Unfortunately, Merlin was with the prince. Only Y/N was in the garden, the only place she could spend time and didn’t felt overwhelmed. The only place where she could go alone.

“Y/N, can you do something for me?” asked Gaius looking at Y/N as she was sitting on the ground and talking to a squirrel. Gaius laughed at the sight which made the squirrel run away in fear of sudden noise.

“Of course, Gaius. What do you need?” asked Y/N politely turning around to face him.

“Can you deliver this to Morgana? She’ll be needing this tonight.” Gaius pointed to the flask with green liquid inside. It was the medicine for Morgana’s nightmares.

“Are you sure?” Y/N was nervous. She was leaving her room only exceptionally. And always with Merlin or Gaius to keep an eye on her.

“I’m sure.”

“But you’re coming with me, right?” She laughed at her question. “Stupid question. You wouldn’t let me go to Lady Morgana alone. Who knows what could happen.” As much as she was nervous about her task, she was also excited. Y/N loved being among people. She was genuinely happy just by watching other people doing their stuff. Y/N was fascinated with normal life activities - without training magic, without calming herself, without isolation, without this burden that complicated her life. She dreamed about having one.

“Actually, Y/N, I need you to go by yourself.” Y/N’s heart beats faster. “I will keep you company to the castle but then we’ll go separate ways. I have something to do for King Uther and it’s really urgent. I hope you’ll understand.”

“If Merlin finds out, I’ll tell him it was your idea. He wouldn’t be happy, Gaius.” warned Y/N with a serious tone. Gaius only laughed and shook his head.

“Okay. Let’s go now. We have a lot to do later today.”

Gaius was like a father to Y/N and Merlin. He took them and gave them home when they arrived to Camelot. He didn’t have to do it, he could have said “no”. But Gaius had a big heart that didn’t let him abandon the siblings. Gaius saved them from the punishment because magic was forbidden in Camelot.

Y/N needed help more than Merlin. She couldn’t control her magic, but Gaius was teaching her how to do it and slowly it was helping. Y/N listened to him even more carefully than Merlin.

“Morgana’s chambers are in this way. You’ll need to go upstairs only.” said Gaius pointing a direction. “Meet me outside in ten minutes.”

Y/N was nervous but eventually she found right chambers and left the delivery to Gwen because Morgana was taking a bath.

She thought she will leave unnoticed and was all happy about that. Her first trip to the castle when she was nothing but stressed couldn’t go better. Maybe next time she will even talk to someone?

She was lucky enough to place four steps from the Morgana’s chmabers when someone shouted from behind her.

“Stop right there!” Y/N freezed. She was trying to stay calm but she felt tingling in her hands. That was a bad sign. “You can’t be here, girl. Morgana doesn’t want anyone to be around in the night time.” His tough voice echoed in Y/N’s mind.

She eventually turned around and faced…Prince Arthur himself!

“He is even more handsome than the rumours say.” she thought to herself looking at the Prince of Camelot. 

“Can you speak, girl?” Arthur was a little bit annoyed because he couldn’t find his servant. He didn’t even look at the girl in front of him. But when he did, he noticed how pretty she is. Her Y/h/c hair was covering her face a little, but it only made her cuter than she was. Her y/e/c eyes was looking at him with total horror. The innocent look on her face made his heart melt a little. All the anger he had inside was gone just by one look in her scared but beautiful eyes.

“I apologise, Your Highness.” Y/N bowed and lower her head not wanting to look at him anymore. He intimidated her. “ I was sent by Gaius to deliver Lady Morgana her medicine for tonight.”

“Gaius?” asked Arthur suprised. He raised her chin with one hand and, once again, looked in her eyes. “You live with him?” She nodded. “I’ve never seen you before and trust me, I would have remembered a girl as beautiful as you. What’s your name?”

“Y/N?” Arthur and Y/n heard a familiar voice and soon Merlin approached them with anger all over his face. His sister automatically relaxed a little bit by seeing someone familiar. Without thinking, she speeded towards her brother and hugged him tightly.

“Merlin, oh God! I’m so happy you’re here.” she whispered to his ear. “I almost lost control.”

“What are you doing here alone?”

“Gaius send me with a delivery to Morgana.”

“How could he be so reckless?”

“Merlin” said Arthur to express his annoyance with his servant. “Except for the fact that I’ve been looking for you everywhere…” Arthur shoot Merlin a death glare “…who is this beautiful lady that I’ve never seen before?”

When Y/N looked at Arthur with suprise, she blushed from his intensive glare.

“That’s my sister, my prince.” said Merlin. “I’ve told you about her a lot.”

“Oh, really?” Arthur’s eyes never left Y/N’s figure. “I must have not listen to you. Now I see my mistake. Why don’t you bring her with you more often?”

“Don’t you dare, Arthur. She’s my little sister and I don’t want to see you around her! I know who you are. I know y o u. She doesn’t deserve to have a broken heart by you only because she has a lower social status!” And with that Merlin grabbed Y/N’s hand and took her away from the prince.

Arthur looked at Y/N and she looked back at him. Their eyes met and that’s when Arthur felt it…his heart beat faster and he wish he’ll has a chance to get to know Merlin’s sister better.

Let me know what you think! Maybe a part 2?