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Buzzfeed recently released a post that featured this incredibly beautiful gallery of reimagined Disney posters. While some of these movies are among the list of my favorite films of all time, and others featured here are films that I am not a huge fan of, I think we can all agree that ALL of these pieces are impressive. Enjoy.

Beauty and the Beast by Martin Ansin

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Anne Benjamin

Sleeping Beauty by Bill Baumann

The Jungle Book by Olly Moss

Alice in Wonderland by Ken Taylor

Winnie the Pooh by Dave Perillo

Aladdin by Tom Whalen

The Incredibles Tom Whalen

The Lion King by Tom Whalen

The Sword and the Stone by Rich Kelly

Hermoine Granger, book nerd of the village, is romantically pursued by the gruff and handsome Bard until she is so fed up with his attempts she runs away to a castle where candle-form Obi Wan Kenobi and clock-form Gandalf become her best friends along with tea-pot Nanny McPhee. but little does she know that she will fall in love with a wax statue of King Arthur that is experiencing inner turmoil angsty teenage hormones

also known as

Beauty and the Beast (2017)


Sequels Disney wouldn’t dare to make #3

The Sword  in the Stone 2 - The Queen of Air and Darkness

from T.H. White’s sequel to “The Sword in the stone”,

Main Reason: Incest

Queen Morgause, Arthur’s half-sister and lover, she’s a very sloppy witch and an inattentive mother, she’s also a Queen, but mainly a nymphomaniac 


King Arthur Carrousel by Justin Brown
Via Flickr:
King Arthur is always spinning in circles.


Song from The Sword in The Stone

In Wasteland:

It’s a pity only The Mad Doctor sung in Epic Mickey 2. Maybe the card soldiers could have sang a parody of this while proclaiming their loyalty to Oswald or something. Like, seriously, they hardly really bring up Oswald as a king in the games.