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Hermoine Granger, book nerd of the village, is romantically pursued by the gruff and handsome Bard until she is so fed up with his attempts she runs away to a castle where candle-form Obi Wan Kenobi and clock-form Gandalf become her best friends along with tea-pot Nanny McPhee. but little does she know that she will fall in love with a wax statue of King Arthur that is experiencing inner turmoil angsty teenage hormones

also known as

Beauty and the Beast (2017)


Sequels Disney wouldn’t dare to make #3

The Sword  in the Stone 2 - The Queen of Air and Darkness

from T.H. White’s sequel to “The Sword in the stone”,

Main Reason: Incest

Queen Morgause, Arthur’s half-sister and lover, she’s a very sloppy witch and an inattentive mother, she’s also a Queen, but mainly a nymphomaniac 

This was another homework assignment that I had a blast with; the idea was to draw a character in three different styles as accurately as possible. I did four, since the character is a lion I couldn’t not do TLK style, heh!

All were referenced off of specific pictures in order to maintain accuracy but all were 100% hand drawn!


Fantasyland by Christopher Fong