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What are the worst/trashiest arthurian movies??

WORST movies ha (and only movies, no tv shows)! I shall divide them into the worst/trashiest movies I SOMEHOW liked anyway and the ones I really did not like!

on the fun side of the trashy movies there are:

- Excalibur Kid. Definitely on the trashy fun side. This was actually a well done movie, with a sensible plot even. I LOVE IT OKAY. A LOT. And I loved Arthur in this and even Merlin and the original main character. And of course: Morgause.

- Merlin and the Sword. For all the trashiest movies, this has the worst special effects, I think, and the worst characters’ hair. But the story is quite interesting and it also manages to take in a lot of arthurian themes/plots (like the story of Ragnelle, Guinevere’s kidnapping, Mordred, Nimue and Merlin etc.).

- Dragons of Camelot. Terrible acting. terrible special effects, but I was actually quite taken by the story and it was an original idea. Galahad ++ as a main character because he doesn’t appear enough in media.

- The Spaceman and King Arthur: which is quite fun even if probably the trashiest of all the Connecticut Yankee movies. They are all a bit trashy as in… badly made, but all in the best way as they are all fun to watch, especially A Knight in Camelot and the 1989 one. Ah, and the Young Connecticut Yankee movie.

- Other movies like Merlin and the Book of Beasts, Merlin and the War of Dragons, Merlin the Return, Arthur’s Quest, end up all in the trash terrible movies categories but they were quite fun too.

On the worst side:

- A Kid in King Arthur’s Court. Among all the Connecticut movies this is the most boring one. I even found the main character a bit irritating.

- Sword of the Valiant. Alias, that awkward Sir Gawain’s story where Sir Gawain has terrible hair, there’s a completely different meaning in the story of the Green Knight and it was generally quite boring.

- Probably even Lancelot: Guardian of time. Ha, it was fun to watch but not as enjoyable as other trash movies. And. well. a bit awkward. Ad sexist.

- Pendragon: Sword of his Father. This wins them all. ALL.