king archer


Still, the realm of humans was limited by the Age of the Gods.
The king collected all the treasures in the world,
And this is the place he built to store them.

Various treasures based on the originals would be born into the world afterwards.
This is proof of human wisdom, human ingenuity.
Everyone referred to it as the “Divine Gate.”
And it was indeed.
And that “storehouse” in turn was stored,
And that treasure became a mystery to exceed mysteries.

But the key of that storehouse can only be handled by its king.
The mold of the key is constantly changing,
And its inventory of treasure increases even now.
The moment his ability to understand that wisdom is lost,
The key to the treasury will not open.

Favorite Books I read in 2016

Daena Targaryen, The Defiant. 

Mother of the Blackfyre bastards, sister to Baelor the Blessed and Daeron, The Young Dragon. She was wild, strong and beautiful; a marvelous horsewoman, hunter and archer. 

On Archers and Kings

When Daryl asks “Do you have to be a king to get some food around here?,“ he is quite literally asking Carol “Am I not good enough?”

While reflective of the inadequacy and insecurity that Daryl still struggles with, it shows some serious character growth and general development in their relationship. For the first time, Daryl is coming from a place of questioning “why would I not be good enough?” So much of their early interaction came from a place of Daryl assuming “well of course I’m not good enough- there’s no way she could ever love me.” When she asked him "Wanna screw around?,” he said “stop,” reflecting a deep insecurity that she was making fun of him. When she called him "Pookie” for the first time, he said “stop” because he didn’t know how to accept her affection. But Daryl is good enough, and slowly but surely, he is starting to take action. He directly asked to have dinner with her because he is good enough. Now let’s look forward to a day in the near future when Daryl continues to act on his feelings in bigger ways, or at least with this newfound self-worth, the day when Daryl doesn’t say “stop.”