king and queen tbh

I’m telling u KARD is gonna be the one co-ed group that’s gonna get huge n starts a wave of mixed groups but they’ll be the kings & queens and I’m just so ready to witness that happening tbh 


“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “

you all know by now that whenever a new meme happens i gotta incorporate kirby into it somehow, thus signalling the beginning of the downfall of said meme

anyway… *ahem*

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(i hope i didn’t make these too specific to be Relatable haha)

My favorite thing about The King of Attolia was that while Eugenides was distracted by puppeteering the ruin of a Baron’s house, Irene had neatly created the tune that made Gen dance himself into the position of a King, and she did it by barely lifting a finger.

It really was well played.

I got confused near the middle of the book because that’s when all the strands started being pulled together. Costis started respecting his king, the attendants got their well deserved dressing down, the court were realizing that their Queen might be in love with her husband after all, the conspiracies were revealed and dealt with… in a word, stuff that usually takes place more near the end.

But then I finished the book and realized that this was because in this book, the point wasn’t about how Eugenides the Queen’s Thief managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes until just the right moment, it was about Queen Attolia (and the gods) dragging him into the light of day (weather he wanted to be there or not) because being constantly underestimated is all well and good for a thief but a king needs to be reckoned with (and underestimated only under the right circumstances).

And I rather love that.

Also the romance aspects of it were amazing. And having them be slowly revealed through an outsider POV was brilliant.

And I liked Costis a lot too. Especially the further we got into the story and the more he saw of Eugenides’ true personality. And though I absolutely predicted him ending up attacking his king during practice to force him to show that he wasn’t an inept swordsman it was still really satisfying.

I’m hoping he makes further appearances in the following books too.

So currently this is ABSOLUTELY my favorite book in this series. And I’m more and more sure that this series might become one of my favorite ones ever. The best gem I’ve found in recent memory tbh.

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do you ever just take a moment to appreciate the sheer amount of power that alina and darkling could have held? Like the way they could have played to each other's strengths and covered their weaknesses, a king of iron and a queen of fire and just???? ultimate power couple tbh

listen i think about this all the time… literally every single day… if only he’d been a little more open-minded and tender and kind (not even as a ruler but as a person, if he’d been able to leave the past behind and find a way to fight through his trauma) and she’d been a little more ambitious and courageous (not in terms of actions/behavior bc she had plenty of courage to stand against him but i mean like?? in terms of self-discovery/acceptance??) and insightful… we truly could have had it all and she’d have made a magnificent queen /asdkas i’m literally quoting zoya rn but it’s true/ :’)

never forget that val is a killer of kings   :             she’s thrown them off their thrones and devoured them from the inside out. held the heart of caesar to the sunset to admire how mortal it looked for a self-proclaimed god king, before tearing into it with little in the way of grace or delicacy. she tore house’s withering form from the machines that sustained him, opened up to search for what made him human and laughed about swallowing a monster. she found peace in chaos, hovering over kimball whilst the ncr scrambled, and she thought he was handsome enough to leave scarlet lip marks between the bites. it was time for the woman-king to rise. 

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i dont really have any specific hc but i just really love yoosung! do you gave any for him?

These are some Yoosung relationship headcanons (?). Hope you like ‘em!
-He’s super protective of you and wants you to see him as manly
-But he doesn’t mind if you call him cute
-He always saves up some money at the end of the week to buy you a present
-On Friday nights he usually comes home with a small bouquet or box of your favorite chocolates ( ^ω^ )
-He LOVES shopping with you bc he likes seeing you try on different outfits
-But couple outfits are THE SHIT to him
-He loves it when you wear them with him bc it lets people know you’re his :’)
-If someone dares flirt with you he won’t be precious bby Yoosung anymore
-You guys have gaming nights every night tbh
-You’re King and Queen of LOLOL
-When it’s time to sleep, he loves having you sleep on his chest
-it makes him feel good :>
-But he also loves spooning you!
-Although sometimes, his little friend gets excited…
But… let’s keep this PG okie? xD