king and queen of it all

Experiment with political systems

Sure, having a king/queen is simple, but have you ever tried:

  • Democracy
  • Multiple nobles and they all have the same amount of power (lot of conflict potential)
  • You can become ruler by defeating the current ruler in a fight
  • The merchants run everything
  • A noble and a parliament rule
  • The most intelligent people rule

There are thousands of possibilities, be creative!

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Can you talk about why you support the blacks in the dance of the dragons? (I do too, I just wanna hear ur thoughts!)

  1. Queen Rhaenyra? A badass.
  2. Daemon Targaryen? Smokin’
  3. Rhaenyra’s literally got all the hotties in her pocket okay
  4. We got ourselves a real ass, genuine Muppet Tully on our side (long live Kermit Tully)
  6. CREGAN STARK! HAND OF THE KING FOR ALMOST A WEEK? What do we call this brief occasion– oh, I know, let’s call it THE HOUR OF THE WOLF, because we do not half ass ANYTHING as a black
  7. Who says a woman can’t be queen huh? Some stupid ass council made up of men? Fuck that
  8. Aegon II? Gross. Sad. Disgusting. Not memorable at all. Wasn’t even hot. Shame.
  9. When have I ever sided against a woman spurned and betrayed by her own family?
  10. Aegon and Aemond were cheaters who 2v1′d poor Rhaenys on Meleys
  11. Did that mean Rhaenys and Meleys died without a fight? Fuck no. They took down that bastard Aegon II and Sunfyre. She couldn’t kill them but she tried.
  12. They had a ship called Gay Abandon
  13. They had six fuckin dragons with no fuckin riders but what did they do about it? They scooped up Targ bastards and they rode those monsters
  14. Some northern soldiers, always extra, called themselves the Winter Wolves and fought for Rhaenys bc honestly, would you fight a group of northerners who called themselves the Winter Wolves?
  15. There was another group of blacks who called themselves Lads. Right proper.
  16. Still being extra, some blacks disguised themselves as corpses and attacked some greens while they were caught unaware. God I love them
  17. Sunfyre ate Rhaenyra and died shortly after bc my girl’s poison she’ll fuck you up in your dragon’s stomach she doesn’t care
  18. I love the blacks okay

I remember we live like kings and queens,

In a little tiny castle made of hopes and dreams,

It was destiny, meant to be, so complete, the perfect team,

Suddenly there’s a glitch in the system,

And between us is a big strip of distance,

They say it’s supposed to make the heart grow fonder,

From all I can tell it couldn’t be wronger

GD&TOP part in Pixie Lott, Dancing On My Own


The Queen’s brother

“Under all his flowers and finery, Ser Loras is as hot tempered as Jaime Lannister. Toss Joffrey, Margaery and Loras into a pot, and you’ve got the makings for Kingslayer stew.” A Storm of Swords.

TRR 2 Chapter 1 Spoilers

“All right. Expect the worst”, I told myself.

The book begins with the Beaumonts convincing MC to join them for the engagement tour of King Liam & Madeleine, and try to clear her name in the process.

What I liked is that everytime I almost got upset over something, the characters explained why it had to be as it was. But what I did not appreciate was this:

*hisses* Snake! 😬

What’s the point of relationship points? But this also implies that even though you won over the Queen like you did with these two, she could still be in on bringing about your downfall. Why? Because Liam’s mother was poisoned (my poor baby Liam)! And the contour queen could have had a hand in that too. 😦

I would recommend the diamond scene with Liam. It explains so much.


But it does follow the usual pattern of almost all diamond scenes with Liam. 🍆🚫😂

What I gather from this chapter is we will be seeing less of Liam for a while now. 😔

And it’s good to know that Drake told Liam about the broken lock. This is how they can redeem that character. 😮

But that dig by Pb at Maxwell stans was so uncalled for. 😂

And I am so happy with the Brothers Beaumont! They owned this first chapter! 😁

I especially loved how they react when MC calls Tariq a jerk. Also, this book is mostly about finding Tariq.

And seriously, no wonder Cordonian monarchy is in danger. They go on a grand engagement tour to France and China and shit and expect the economy and public morale to remain stable? How much international debt is this country in? 😰

Overall, I am happy with this. They didn’t OOC my King and that makes me look forward to chapter 2! ❤

Not a soul up ahead and nothing behind
There’s a desert in my blood and a storm in your eyes
Am I the king of nothing at all?
And you’re the queen of nothing at all
Well I remember the fight and I’ll forget the pain
I got my hand in your pocket and my key on your chain
Am I the king of nothing at all?
And you’re the queen of nothing at all

Through the wilderness
You and I, we walk in through the emptiness
Though my heart is a mess
Is it the only defense
Against the wilderness?

Cross my heart and hope to die
Taking this one step at a time
Got your back if you’ve got mine
One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

And all we have is each other

One foot in front of the other

Not a soul on the road
Not a star in the sky
It’s a desert in my heart and I know where to hide
Am I the king of nothing at all?
And you’re my queen of nothing at all

But out here in the dust
If you don’t have trust
There’s nothing left of us
This is the Exodus
They just tested us
They can’t flex with us
They can’t mess with us
They can’t mess with us

Through the wilderness
How come even together there can be loneiness?
Our heart’s a mess
But its only defense
To brave the wilderness

Cross my heart and hope to die
Taking this one step at a time
I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine
One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

In the wilderness

One foot in front of the other

When all we have is each other

One foot in front of the other

Out here in the dust

Through the wilderness
How come even together there can be loneliness?
Our heart’s a mess
But its our only defence
To brave the wilderness

Cross my heart and hope to die
Taking this one step at a time
I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine
One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

In the wilderness

One foot in front of the other

When all we have is each other

One foot in front of the other

In the so called land of the free

One foot in front of the other

Don’t you know that all we have is each other?

One foot in front of the other

i am like half-certain the cool goth girl at shul yesterday was flirting with me and i have no idea how she was reading me (i was wearing a kippah and a tallis, but she was wearing a kippah too) bc unfortunately my chosen presentation is the Ambiguous Gay that can be read as either a butch lesbian or a fem gay and that … yeah. 

anyway i’m still kind of not over how gay i’ve become, bc i swear i used to be attracted to women but all i could think yesterday was “how do i tell her i’m a gay man”. 

Bonnibel Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

And so here is the last of the first 4 episodes of Season 9 and this one in particular is a huge lore bomb and raises many questions about what’s to come with Uncle Gumbald and the rest of the series!

I’m glad that PB has an episode named after her, similar to Finn the Human, Jake the Dog and Marceline the Vampire Queen, which all have to deal with huge backstory and Bonnibel Bubblegum is indeed a ton of lore from PB’s character and the Candy Kingdom.

While swimming in a lake, Finn gives PB the silver cup that BMO & Ice King got from Uncle Gumbald in Always BMO Closing.

Princess Bubblegum gets reminded of how her uncle used that cup and decides to tell Finn, Jake and Marceline some of her history, like 800 years ago.

We see a young Bonnibel traveling in an abandoned house, finding a family photo which makes her create a gum family with Neddy.

She creates a cousin named Chicle, an aunt named Lolly and of course, Uncle Gumbald!

They help farm the area, however Bonnie’s family turns against her due to wanting to brand their family and turn the farm into apartments. Gumbald ends up cutting down taffy trees, building a cabin and creating a family crest symbol.

Bonnie ends up creating a lake, which becomes Lake Butterscotch, as well as creating the gummy fish, which appeared in The Comet. Gumbald gets angry that she micro-managed her and plots to re-brand her.

The family gives Bonnie a car with a boyfriend, being Mr. Cream Puff and while she comes back, Gumbald makes a juice that turns people into candy people, but also makes poison cupcakes that changes Chicle to be a cookie named Crunchy and Lolly into a talking piñata named Manfried.

Bonnie is shocked to see Gumbald turn against her and ends up pea shooting the juice, which changes Gumbald to be a Punch Bowl.

Bonnie titles herself as a princess to the candy people and back in the present, BMO reveals where he got the cup was from Gumbald, ending on a suspenseful cliffhanger.

This episode was filled so much continuity, depth and backstory that I did not expect to see make consequences in Adventure Time!

First of all, it seems that LSP’s anti-elemental effect from the end of Skyhooks II in Elements, made Crunchy, Lolly and Punchy change back into their original forms, which is why Uncle Gumbald is back and plotting revenge against Finn.

We even got to see a cameo of PB’s ex-boyfriend, Mr. Cream Puff, which was also created by Gumbald.

I even noticed how they were in the shot of that episode and was amazed they put them in the background on purpose and now it makes sense why there was missing Crunchy posters in the past 2 episodes.

I liked how we got to see more of Neddy and how PB herself created a family and had to fix her own mistakes.

Bonnie is a very flawed character, but she is one of my favourites and the writers for this episode, Aleks Sennwald & Hanna K. Nystrom gave her one of the best episodes, being Jelly Beans Have Power and this is another fantastic episode showing her flaws and what she had to overcome of her past.

As a young girl, she’s really smart and quite fun to watch.

Hanna & Aleks are some of the favourite storyboarders that came on the show and I can’t wait to see their last remaining episodes.

The continuity was incredible, as we got to see Gumbald chop down the taffy trees in a single night, which PB explained in Susan Strong all the way back from Season 2 and the cabin that Gumbald built that PB explained she used to stay in Hot Diggity Doom from Season 6.

Originally posted by burritodetodo

Even the beginning of the episode was pretty laid-back and it’s cool to see Finn, Jake, Marceline and Bonnie all chilling. More Bubbline too!

I liked the slight nod that Bonnie mentions that family is tricky and how both Finn and Marcy can relate, but Jake couldn’t, which makes sense as Jake doesn’t like to talk about his past.

Aside from The Wild Hunt, this episode was one of my favourites from Season 9, so far. I love episodes that give further detail and lore about the world and characters of Ooo and recognizing characters’ problems with past and what they had to do to get to where they are in the present.

I’m sad there’s such little time left of the show and I really want to know what exactly Gumbald’s plans are and what he hopes to achieve.

I’m hoping for the return of GOLB, as well as what’s happening with Betty and Normal Man on Mars, but it’s probably best to wait and see what the Adventure Time crew has planned for the end.

I cannot wait for more! These were a fun string of episodes.

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do you have a favorite fic out of all the ones you’ve written? :))

I love Kings and Queens. I’ve never felt so inspired while writing before! I also love my “daddy rowan” series, and Love & War. :) <3

On September 22nd, 1840, Princess Augusta Sophia died at Clarence House.

But now Augusta was in dreadful pain. Moore, the royal apothecary, was at Clarence House all day–and he stayed the night, too, so as to administer the opiates and other drugs he had brought. Prince Albert went up by train to see the Princess, and she was unconscious. The Duke of Sussex, looking ahead now, sais that when his sister died word must be sent immediately to the King of Hanover. Ernest would take it ill if he did not hear it “directly,” and Queen Victoria passed the comment to Melbourne on 21 September.

The Queen told her uncle Leopold, “Almost the last thing she said, when she was still conscious, the day before she died, was to Mr.Moore (the apothecary), who wrote me every morning a report: ‘Have you written to my darling?’ Is this not touching?” Victoria was overcome, when she received that report, and told Lord Melbourne on 22 September, “It is wonderful that she even struggles so long.” But she had heard from Sir Henry that afternoon that her aunt could not live more than a few hours, “and that probably before the evening closed in, all would be over.” Victoria wrote in her diary that she talked over that evening after dinner with “Lord M” her aunt’s “dying condition, her having no will, and uncle Sussex likely to mix himself up in everything.”

At Clarence House in London, meanwhile, and oblivous of such worldly considerations, Princess Augusta Sophia of England had died at twenty past nine that evening. Her sister-in-law and friend Queen Adelaide held her hands while her sisters Mary and Sophia and her brother Adolphus looked on. And then the Queen Dowager closed the dead Princess’s eyes.

Augusta, as a child and later, had greatly valued her family and had delighted in her hours with them at the Queen’s House, at Kew and at Windsor. But at Frogmore and in her London homes after her parents’ deaths she had also been able to enjoy the hours alone without which, as she had said as a young girl, she was not fit for company. Her faith, her duties and works in the parish, and her attentions to the brothers and sisters she “doted on” kept her busy. For recreation she had gardening, walking in the grounds she laid out, and in the evening playing duets with Lady Mary Taylor while the shadows thickened over the lake. In many ways Princess Augusta’s life recalls that of the medieval English gentlewoman, her private passions–for General Spencer and perhaps others–occluded from view. But her lively wit and sense of the ridiculous moor her firmly in the Georgian age, where for some, this reserved Princess was, as King Leopold wrote from Wiesbaden on 1 October 1840, “certainly the best of the whole family.” Joining those members of her family whom she had most loved, her father, her mother, her brothers George IV and William IV, and her sister Princess Amelia, she was buried in the vault under St. George’s Chapel at Windsor.

Princesses: The Six Daughters of George III  – Flora Fraser

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

Person: have you been up all night reading?


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How did Star find out she was pregnant and or how did she tell Marco and how did he react

I’d imagine that they’d be thrilled, Anon!

Homestuck: Seven Years in Four Minutes


Hey there!  Maybe you’ve heard about this cool new game coming out called Hiveswap?  Maybe you want to play it but worry that without reading Homestuck you’ll be lost?  Good news, you won’t be!  But just in case, I’ve prepared a quick and extremely paraphrased summary to tell you everything you need to know about Homestuck.


[Transcript below the cut.]

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do you think andrew and neil tell each other "i love you"? nora said no but ,,

i disagree with a lot of things nora said and this is one of them. 

  • it’s not easy because those are big words and both neil and andrew have troubles with expressing emotions, 
  • usually they prefer to show their feelings by simple gestures: an extra blanket during movie nights, a glass of water on the nightstand when andrew drank a little too much in columbia the previous night, always lightning two cigarettes instead of one, leaving fresh clothes and a towel (the fluffy one because andrew would never say it, but neil knows it’s his favorite) in the bathroom when andrew had a rough night and doesn’t want to be touched right now, etc.
  • the first time neil tried to say those words, it was when he got knocked on the court and it was bad enough he needed to go to the hospital
  • and while the anesthesia was working miracles, neil looked at andrew and started to say “i lov-”
  • but andrew looked at him with those angry eyes that immediately shut neil up, “don’t bullshit me like you’re going to die” because fuck is neil dramatic
  • “but you know that i do, right?”
  • “just how hard you got hit in your head?”
  • when the words are finally out, it’s andrew who says it first
  • it’s an accident, of course, because andrew understood long ago that when you trust someone this much and they’re always somewhere around even if only in the back of your mind, it’s easier to speak your thoughts out loud without even realizing it
  • and of fucking course it’s because of a damn cat because lately everything happened because of a damn cat ( “andrew, he’s not damned, he’s your child” “shut the fuck up nicky” )
  • it’s a normal movie night while they’re watching one of the movies from a list that nicky and matt made for neil since in their opinion his knowledge of the pop culture was terrible (neil still remembered how scandalized nicky was when neil didn’t know what you should do “if you like it” put a damn ring on it, neil)
  • they’re not cuddling because it’s hot and they rarely do it anyway unless they’re too tired after practice to even care but they’re sitting close enough that their shoulders are touching
  • but then the cat, this damn cat, jumps on the couch next to neil. it’s fine, it’s normal. king lives up to his name and thinks he owns the place, so it’s good
  • few minutes later andrew feels a pressure and from the corner of his eye he sees that neil scoots closer to him. andrew doesn’t mind, neil respects his boundaries enough to know what andrew is or isn’t comfortable with
  • he doesn’t mind until neil is draped over his lap with a dramatic sigh and okay, he knew he signed up for a drama queen (surprisingly enough kevin isn’t the only one and andrew doesn’t fucking know how can they fit on one throne together but this is his fucking reality) but this is pushing it
  • andrew: what. the. fuck.
  • neil: oh, were you here the whole time? didn’t notice, you’re so sma-
  • andrew: tch, tch. think about what you’re doing right now
  • neil smiles but doesn’t explain. when andrew looks at the couch next to him, king is laying on the better half of it, stretching his back and why is andrew even surprised? of course neil would rather lie on top of andrew than push the damn cat off the couch 
  • “you’re fucking lucky i love you” is all andrew says, it sounds angry and impatient, but it’s enough to make both of them freeze. when neil wants to look up, andrew wraps one arm around him and pushes him down to his chest. “don’t”
  • “but you know that i do too, right?” “watch your damn movie”
  • neil says it two days after, again because of the damn cat (but by now andrew thinks that maybe king really isn’t damned after all). andrew’s sitting on the same couch one morning, he’s sideways so he’s facing king who stares back at him. andrew is talking so he doesn’t hear when neil comes to the living room and stands behind andrew. 
  • “devil incarnate, what you staring at? get away from my leg, god you’re so fucking stupid, what is that? are you purring at me? you know what i’m gonna do-” andrew says all of this with the most monotone voice while holding a cup of coffee in his hands and a cat snuggling to his leg
  • and neil knows he shouldn’t, because andrew doesn’t respond well to confessions but he just can’t stop the words that come out of his mouth. “shit, i really do love you” and it’s out there and andrew’s back stiffens and he doesn’t turn around but neil feels so good 
  • something hits andrew right this moment, in their apartment, with their cat nuzzling against his knee, holding an ugly cup that neil bought for him last christmas. 
  • those words… they feel… they feel nice.
  • they feel like home
  • so from now on neil might say them more often and andrew isn’t there yet but every time he hears it, he says “i do too” or whenever neil leaves, andrew asks “you know that i do, right?” and neil smiles at him because he knows, he always knew
  • and andrew has the damn cat to thank for all of this
  • but he won’t thank the damn cat because what the fuck and also he’s a little shit
  • let me die now
  • b y e