king alexander iii

Eliza: i knew you’d fight until the war was won

Hamilton: war’s not done

Eliza: but you deserve a chance to meet your son

Hamilton: *points at eliza’s belly*


Alex- Phillip, your mother can’t take another heartbreak.

Me- *sobbing and holding my ten dollar bills to my chest* Neither can I, the fuck.

during american revolution

lafayette: i’ll bring freedom to my people if i’m given the chance

hamilton: we’ll be with you when you do

during french revolution

hamilton: nah let’s not help, they’ll be fine

lafayette: *somewhere in france* yoU BACKSTABBING AMERICUNTS

  • Jefferson: "When you've been in politics as long as I have, you develop thick skin."
  • Hamilton: "Magenta is not your color."
  • Jefferson: "Magenta brINGS OUT MY EYES, YOU PRICK!"
You would not believe your eye

if he aimed his pistol at the sky

george vs george

i am deeply upset that the American Revolutionary War is not known as “George vs. George: the Battle of the Georges in the Final Showdown”


Finals are killing me. Here’s a few motivational Hamilton drawings for anyone else in Final hell. I hope you all do great on your exams by the way! 

Government spying on me: how many times can one person listen to Hamilton oh my god