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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Why is the shark in the little mermaid sunken ship scene an incoherent viscous killer when all the other sea animals are civil and communicate? They all abide by king Tritons rules in Atlantica. Crabs conduct orchestras and all the fish and even the snails play little instruments and have roles in their society, but the shark is somehow a wild beast with no ability to communicate.
"The Dinner Party- part 3" (Bog King and Marianne drabble)

Once the doors flew open, the air became heavier once Marianne saw her Father. The Fairy King held a stern frown even though deep down inside, he was nervous and concerned about meeting with The Bog King. He stood at the end of a long oak table, filled with every type of fruit and vegetable in the land. He motioned his hand towards The Bog King abiding him to enter fully. Marianne removed her hand from Bog’s wrist, at first he thought that she did not want her Father to see. His shoulders slumped down slightly only to bounced back up as Marianne moved her arm around his.

“Father-” Marianne began stonely. “You remembered Bog?”

The Fairy King bite the inside of his cheek while Bog gave him a painful smile, showing him his canines. Bog bowed his head slightly.

“Thank you for inviting me for…” He looked at the table full of food and felt his stomach lurch out. The majority of the food was green and leafy. In the dark forest, their type of meals consisted of mushrooms, fish and more importantly, meat. “Dinner?”

“Yes!” The Fairy King chirped trying to break the ice.. “And you must be famish, please, let’s all sit down and eat.”

The Bog King felt stucked. His legs scrunched up as his knees reached his chest unable to fit on the table because he was so tall. Yet, he maintained his composure. Marianne let out a small smile towards him from across the table as she sat on the right side of her Father’s while Bog Sat on his left. She found the great and powerful Bog King, unable to fit in their Fairy-sized table seeing him shift uncomfortably that she held back a laugh. While the Fairies ate quietly, Bog and his Minions stared at their meal as if it was something alien to them. Bog poked at a large piece of cabbage, moving it aside. His nose scrunched in disgust as he forcefully placed the soft leafy bit in his mouth. A moment on his tongue almost sent him running to the nearest window to “dispose” of it yet, not wanting to show any weakness, kept a stiff face that to the average person in the room would not notice his personal battle. Thang and Stuff stared at their food hatefully and pushed their own plates away.
Marianne felt her eye twitch as her father refused to look at Bog, she saw him exchanged glances up at the Dark King, only to clear his throat nervously and stuff his face with radishes. She wanted him to not be so afraid of Bog and to see him like how she sees him and his world, being as beautiful as the Fairy Kingdom. She wanted him to talk to him but at the same time she hoped that he continued to be silent to avoid any embarrassing questions about her and Bog. After a while, her father finally worked up a nerve to ask the first question.

“So!” he bellowed suddenly. “What is your full name?” he asked, Bog turned to him slowly and painfully swallowed some mush of lettuce in his mouth.

“The Bog King.” he stated, more harshly than he meant to as he saw the King shrunk slightly.

“N-no, I-I meant your ‘real’ name.” he chuckled slightly. Marianne and Dawn glanced at Bog, who were also interested in knowing his real name.

“It is, Bog, that is me name.”



“And your last name?”

“I don’ have one.”

“I see- and is it alright to call you…Bog?”

“I prefer my full title.”

The Fairy King blinked dumbly. “The Bog King?”

“Aye, except for Marianne, she calls me Bog and my two consorts here call me BK from time to time.” he remarked. “And your youngest daughter calls me 'Boggy’ but I prefer to be called Bog King….or Bog.”
A slap rang in the room and everyone turned to Marianne who slowly put down her hand from her forehead and let out a nervous smile. The Fairy King cleared his throat and turned back at Bog.

“And how is your meal? Mister-Bog King.”

“Its…” he poked a piece of carrot with his fork. “differen’..”

“More like un-eatable-” murmured Stuff to Thang only to receive a quick disapproving glare from their King making them duck under the table.

“W-well what does your-"kind” eat?“

"Dad-” Marianne gritted through her teeth making him stumble.

“I-I meant, what do you "normally” eat?“ The Fairy King asked.

"We usually eat a lot of fish, but a real treat is Pixies.” He grinned, the name rolling off his tongue as he licked his lips as if tasting them. The Fairies immediately fell back in shock, while Marianne clutched at her head in surprise. Pixies are seen as prized friends to the Fairies, none would ever try 'eating’ them.

“P-P-P-Pixies?!” The Fairy King stuttered. “Y-you actually e-eat Pixies!”

“Oh yes! its very difficul’ to find some in thee dark forest but they are very delicious to eat.”

Marianne eyes widen, knowing that she can never get him near her three Pixie friends while Dawn nearly fainted into her salad. Sensing the room had gotten stale, Marianne cleared her throat loudly.

“W-why don’t you try some Fairy milk, Bog? its very good.” She pressed pointing to a golden pitcher in front of him.

“Er, Fairy Milk?” He grimaced as he grabbed the handle and poured it into his goblet, the fresh white substance poured easily inside. He gingerly lift it up to his nose giving it a sniff. He held back a gag smelling the sweetness but not wanting to seem rude, he gave it a gulp. His adam’s apple bobbed up and down threatening to make him spit out the milk. It taste like a thick butter mixed with sugar, making it disgustingly sweet. In the dark forest, he was used to drinking wine and ale but milk-He covered his mouth. He wanted to throw up. Marianne cringed seeing the color of his face drain as he forcefully drank the Fairy Milk.

“D-delicious.” he wheezed, letting out a cough as he pushed the goblet away from him, never to pick it up again.

“I-I am glad you like it.” The Fairy King acknowledge, not noticing his pain-stricken face. “Now, I know you and my daughter spend a lot of time together-what exactly do you do?” he asked his fatherly instincts taking over. Bog straightened as Marianne let out a soft groan towards her father.

“We spar daily.” he answered coolly. Her father leaned in, interested. “She is an acceptable warrior, she even beat me today.”

“Really?” laughed her father. “Marianne is a good sword fighter, you sure you weren’t holding back?”

“Never. She can handle anything I can throw at her.”

“How wonderful and is that…all you two do, together, for hours?”

“Father!” Marianne growled, her fists hitting against the table.

He shrugged. “Its a simple question, Marianne.”

“We sometimes take walks in the forest.” answered Bog. “and talk.”

“Talk?” questioned her father, not believing him.


“And how many children do you wish to have with her?”

“Father!” Marianne shouted, her ears turning red. Bog blushed slightly from the question.

“I wouldn’ know-but I always wanted a large family one day.” Bog said sheepishly. Dawn let out a soft giggle nudging the red-faced Marianne who tried to hide her face behind her hands.

“Ooo~” clapped Thang. “Having little half-lings running around the castle? I would love to baby-sit sire!” he said happily.

“Are you kidding?” gruffly said Stuff. “This guy taking care of offsprings? you’ll lose them before you can even count em’!”

“Nuh-uh! I love kids! I’ll be a great baby-sitter!”

The Bog King let out a soft chuckle patting his minion’s head lightly.

“Then I shall hold you to it, my friend.” he replied honestly. The Fairy King let out a small laugh, and Marianne noticed that he was actually relaxing around Bog. She felt the edge of her mouth rise up as she observed the two of them laughing and exchanging normal conversation. She actually sighed in relief.
At the end of dinner, Bog excused himself, finding that it was late and it was time for him to return back to the Dark Forest. Marianne accompanied him outside away from her prying Father and apprehensive sister. They both walked silently outside, the moon slowly rising high in the sky. Its moonlight hitting upon them like a silk blanket.

“Thank you for coming, Bog.” Marianne said softly. “And I think that you really hit it off with my father.”

“Your Father is….admirable, in his own way.” he smiled.

“Yeah and I bet he want to invite you again.” she teased. He let out a small groan of protest as he placed a hand on his stomach.

“I believe I might pass on that invitation, you fairies eat the most disgusting things.”

Marianne scoffed. “You’re one to talk, pixie-eater.”

“What’s wrong with eating Pixies?”

“Fairies keep Pixies as friends!”

“Friends?-your people are strange. What a waste of good meat.”

“Stop!” Marianne laughed elbowing him in his side. Bog smirked at her playfulness and gently placed his arm around her waist pulling her close to him. Marianne laughter died once she realized how close they were. Her heart skipped a beat once she saw his wolfish smirk and icy-blue eyes. She froze as he slowly leaned in, just hovering a few inches away from her lips and whispered.

“And how many children do you wish to have?” he let out a hearty laugh as Marianne punched him in the chest.

Part 3! The Last part!
I hoped you enjoyed it ^_^

lust, spite, and malice your degrees of sin | bellamy, clarke, finn

Octavia is livid with his decision to keep the girl alive. She calls him weak and she calls him soft. That she wishes her mother had made her heir, that she had been born first, that she had been born a boy – any insult Octavia can find true in the moment, she hurls it to Bellamy. 

He takes it all without word and does not tell her of his oath to protect her. 

When she reaches out to strike him, he snaps her wrist and tells her to be a petulant child elsewhere. He is playing a bigger game than their tiny tragedy and if she cannot abide her king, then she will be disposed of.

It’s an empty threat and so are her insults. She will not be happy with his decision, but they will forgive each other. They always do. It is their nature, just as it is their nature to be impulsive. 

Bellamy returns to his quarters to find the Seelie princess still sleeping in his bed. 

She sleeps for sixteen hours. Bellamy is awake for all of them, finding himself unable to sleep. He lingers in his quarters, letting the revels of court spin on without him. Instead, he sits and considers what to do with the girl.

He finds himself with little answers at the end of the sixteen hours. There are few options he has, to discover truth. All of which are option he dislikes, some more than others. Bellamy will have to talk to Roan. But he’s reluctant to leave the girl’s side. At least, not until he has spoken to her again.


King Abidal

By Zito Madu

Conquer the fear of death and you will know the death of fear.

A few days ago, the King —Thierry Henry— retired from football. Today, another French royal follows suit.

It would be superfluous to talk about Eric Abidal in the sense of awards won —though they are plenty— and victories in football. Though he has always been a dignified figure in not only his personal life and even his on-field performances carried an air of ease and quiet self-confidence; his biggest win is still in defeating an enemy that only Hercules and a few lucky others have managed to grapple with and walk away from the better.

Few moments in football, and only one in recent memory —Iniesta scoring the winning goal in the World Cup 2010 and then revealing a shirt underneath with the name of Dani Jarque, his deceased friend and former footballer who died from a heart attack at 26— could come close to the scene after Barcelona won the 2011 European Cup. In March of 2011, Abidal was diagnosed with a tumor in his liver. On the 28th of May, in that same year, Abidal played the full 90 minutes in the 3-1 Barcelona win against Manchester United in the Champions League final. If that is not remarkable, then I don’t know what is.

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anonymous asked:

Hello i wanted to ask if you have any favorite hobbit fan fiction or recommendations?


I have a tag here! check it out! but I’ll add more to this ask 

here a couple:

had i as many souls as there be stars (wip) by stopchasingflowers

Faelyg by ShadowChanger


Far Longer Than Forever by Erinacchi Love (swan princess au what more could you want??)

The Oak and the Ash by sunryder (Sentinels and Guides!)

Pain-Bearer by lilithiumwords 

The Abiding King Series by tawabids

A Most Sensible Idea by HildyJ

those are just the tip of the iceberg and mostly wip I think, but please check the tag first! I occasionally blog about my most favorite fics so ..yeah… enjoy.

edit: These are mostly er bagginshield fics so…

Zelda AU where link is the youngest son of a poor nobleman (nobleman in the sense that he has a title, but the family is broke) and he takes up hunting as a way to try and sustain the family. He gets caught poaching on the chancellor’s land by accident, and is sentenced to death. The king, having to abide by the laws of the land but wishing to show mercy softens the sentence to exile, and link becomes an outlaw. Sometime later the king is murdered by the chancellor and the heir to the throne, his daughter (zelda), is put to flight. She meets link in the forest and the two join forces to try and reclaim her place on the throne. They have lots of adventures and aquire a colorful crew of outlaw followers and eventually fall in love, etc.