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Her Boys

Requested by @theleaguewhoalwayslocked:  If requests are still open, may I ask about Crowley oneshot? Where the reader’s a bit goofy and geeky. And they are usually soft but one day there is a threat on a hunt (maybe Abbadon? But the threat is up to you) and the reader is very furious, and became overprotective of her “boys”, which include her protecting Crowley. And this fact alone made Crowley act all sweeter around reader. (I am just a HUGE sucker for a Crowley fluff) Thanks honey! ♥

Here you are, lovely! I do not own Crowley, the Winchesters or Abbadon. They belong to the creators of Supernatural. 

Warnings: Mentions of violence, blood and injuries. Fluff

Pairings: Crowley x fem!reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Abbadon. 

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Crowley glanced down at his ringing phone. The words “Not Moose” flashed across the screen and Crowley stifled a groan. Composing himself quickly, he answered. “Squirrel.” He could practically feel Dean’s glare through the phone and the thought made him smile. “We need you to locate some demons for us.” Crowley scoffed. Of course Dean would need a favor. “Now why would I do that? So you can hurt more of my minions? I don’t think so.” He was about to hang up when Dean said something to make him stop. “They took Y/N.”

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