Fic: Love Is A Battlefield

So I saw a certain still for an upcoming episode and got inspired. ~3400 words of warrior prince!Kurt being told he must battle the heir to the throne of Westerville in order to end the raging war, and getting much more than he expected out of this. PG-13 for mild, mild (think Disney) violence, background Finchel.

“No. No, no, no. This is not happening. I refuse,” Kurt said, frantic and agitated.

“We have no other options, Kurt,” King Burt said. “This war between us and Westerville has gone on too long, and the augur has stated that the only way it will end is if we both send out our best men for single combat in the arena. If we don’t do it soon, the snows will come before we have any men home to harvest, and we simply cannot afford that.”

“Well then why isn’t Finn going?” Kurt asked, pointing sharply at his stepbrother and feeling his sword smack against his legs as he paced up and down Burt’s council chambers. Finn flinched out of the way as if he’d been pierced with an arrow. “He’s been a warrior longer than I have, he knows what he’s doing.”

“The augur went on to say that the men must also be true-blooded descendants of the kings,” Burt explained. “I cannot say why that caveat was added, but if she included it, it must be important.”

“I am going to strangle the augur when she returns,” Kurt muttered, dropping his head into his hands as he ended his frustrated pacing. “Why couldn’t Santana predict a peace treaty or something? No, instead she’s got to place the future of the kingdom square on my shoulders.”

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Frozen AU – flashback to the past, set in this verse

… I’m too attached to this now, I’m so sorry

Blaine ignores Cooper’s insistent poking and prodding, well aware that, yes, he should be listening to the exchange between his father and one of the King’s trade advisors. He doesn’t want to listen, though – he’s distracted by the magnificence of the castle and the promise a trip like this holds for him specifically.

“What’re you doing out here?”

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