On this day - 30th-31st March 2004

Michael arrives in Washington D.C. to meet privately with several members of the US Congress in the office of Republican Chaka-Fattah, D-Pa. During their meeting they speak of fighting AIDS in Africa. 
Michael reads a statement touching on his humanitarian efforts in the battle against AIDS. He says: “I know that many of you will continue to raise awareness and will continue to fight for funding in Africa. I want you to know I will do whatever I can to assist you in that fight.” Fattah said during the meeting:
“We were happy to have a chance to spend some brief moments to talk to one of the leading celebrities in the world that has used their celebrity status to help other people, particularly … the millions of people on the continent of Africa who are suffering with the most devastating disease known to mankind.” Michael also met for a second day with Washington legislators to continue his discussion on garnering more support for the fight against AIDS in Africa. A crowd of fans gather and voice their support for Michael as he enters a Capitol Hill office.