• what people apparently think fictionkin are:foolish raving children who go running through the streets in taped together cosplay, shouting about how people are oppressing them
  • what fictionkin actually are:a group of folks with a diverse age range who find themselves with a spiritual connection to a fictional species or character OR folks who keep their mental illness in check via a fictional persona and are much better because of it
  • what fictionkin actually are:tired of your bullshit

Can we please stop invalidating copingkin

There are a lot of misconceptions going on right now

* Copingkin choose their kin

Actually not true. Most of the time they can’t choose anymore than anyone else can. The identity is formed/exists in the subconscious just like with spiritual kin.

* Copingkin can stop anytime

No, they can’t. Most copingkin find themselves identifying as characters/creatures due to the symptoms of their disorders, or due to problems in emotionally relating to reality, and in having eccentric perspectives due to their disorders. Meaning they can’t control it anymore than anyone else can

* Copingkin just relate a lot to the characters, they don’t identify AS them

Again not true, and this is actually a really condescending line of thought. People are quite capable of being able to tell the difference between identifying as, and identifying with, and those that don’t often have issues understanding their own emotions and shouldn’t be lectured or ostracised for having difficulty examining their own feelings and making sense out of them.

Are there problematic issues within the copingkin community? Yes, just like there are in every community. But they’re no less real than any of you, their identity is as real to them as yours is to you, and being bitter at them for perceived slights and because you think they somehow have it easier is pretty fucked up.

I’m both spiritual and copingkin. I’ve been a victim of abuse and have a few disorders. Not only do my coping types help me express myself and work through those issues but they actually help me work out the more difficult issues of being a spiritual kin, too. My previous incarnations weren’t very happy ones, and forming kin identities that aren’t based around that struggle and unhappiness allows me to sort through those emotions. 

Honestly everytime the copingkin vs spiritualkin shit starts up, all I see is this

This is how the world sees us, no matter what our reasons for our identity is. So why are you drawing lines in the sand and dividing a community that needs to be united and supportive?

There’s nothing wrong with being kin with characters who do bad things, as long as you doesn’t excuse the character’s actions or try to replicate them.

Also - It’s important to set up a barrier between *you* as you are now, and *you* as your fictional kintype. Please remember that *you*, the being you are now, is not the same you who performed those actions.

Weren’t the first otherkin literally tolkein elves and hobbits so how is the validity of fictionkin even up for debate 

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for the fictionkin meme: all the numbers!

  • Does your primary kintype change depending on the day/weather/mood/etc?

It changes depending on the mood I’m in and the thing’s I’ve been doing recently (eating certain things, drawing, singing, etc.)!

  • Are you trying to avoid being kin with anyone?

Yes, sort of. I’m really trying to avoid being kin with any more RE characters for the time being. I just feel shy about it I guess, whoops.

(Somehow there are still two more RE characters in kintype purgatory though…)

  • Share a memory from your canon, please?

As Wesker: 

It’s late, pitch black out, and I’m walking home from a midnight rendezvous with an exciting stranger because I’ve drank too much to safely drive home. Someone, maybe they saw us, comes up beside me and says something disgusting that I won’t repeat here and takes a swing. I’m not expecting it, and honestly not at peak performance, so it connects, and I hit the sidewalk. They get in a couple kicks before I can get back to my feet, and although I don’t realize it in the moment, one of those kicks breaks my nose. 

We scrap pretty loudly, and someone overhears from inside their home and calls the police, who show up just when I get the guy pinned on his front, arms bent behind his back. Everything is swimming and blurry between the alcohol, the adrenaline, and the pain.

I recognize the officer on duty, and make myself and my job known so as to avoid as much unnecessary trouble as possible. It’s still a loooong night, getting everything dealt with. I don’t make it home until just after sunrise.

I’m late getting in to work, like really late, well past lunch time, and I look and feel like hell. Marini had been filling in for me for most of the day, and tells me to head back home and go to bed. 

We don’t always get along, but he has his moments from time to time.

  • Do you have any rivals from your canon that you now want to be friends with?

Chris and Jill. (I’ve actually already befriended them!)

  • Did any positive traits from your canon carry over to how you are now?

Piers’ strong determination and Wesker’s refusal to just die & disappear.

  • Is there a negative traits from your canon you’ve improved on?

Well, I certainly don’t yell as much as Piers does.

And I am probably at least 10x less likely to doublecross you for fun and profit than either Nikolai or Wesker.

  • How old is your oldest kintype?

Wesker. Born in 1960, he’s technically in his 50s now. It’s very unpurrtunate!

Ok soo organizing my kin tags now %^)

kinfo is updates on my kin and information about other kin/ok related stuff
kinterest is just in related stuff
kin 1 is Jane the Killer
kin 2 is Felix from RVB
kin 3 is Caboose from RVB
kin 4 is Macy Devich

kin 5 is Miles Upshur
my dominant kintypes depending on mood

calm, affectionate, friendly (most common): 

determined, righteous, lonesome:

assertive, leading, presenting a challenge:

reserved, knowledgeable:

playful, oblivious, worried:

annoyed, stressed, hyperaware:



I’m noticing a lot of ask/RP blogs in my notes as of late. Uh, I appreciate the following, but this isn’t the kind of blog you’re looking for.   I’m fictionkin.

A short explanation of that is here, and a really long one is here. Or, I do have a /tagged/kinfo. You’re probably going to raise an eyebrow if you click those links, and think to yourself that I’m crazy or something. Please don’t be judgey.

If you came here looking to RP, I’m sorry but,  I really would like it if you unfollowed this blog, because I’m not what you’re looking for.

If… Anybody’s got any questions about fictionkin stuff that those links don’t cover, don’t be afraid to ask, though.   Thank you for reading.

Had a nice morning with my work brothers washing our cars. They were determined to make my car look brand new inside & out, which was awesome! Thanks for helping me out #kinfo!! ☀️🚙

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yea i changed my kinfo to just an id page bc i didnt know kin was a native american term and concept until recently. i am not native american. i’m sorry about that.

 i still identify as all of those things as strongly as i did before but as a coping mechanism for my mental illnesses

thecrypticgrave replied to your post:yea i changed my kinfo to just an id page bc i…

But, “kin” also means “one’s family and relations”, which is another reason why the whole “-kin” thing confuses me …

well yeah. but the whole concept of connecting spiritually and stuff is a native american belief. which is what kin is: spiritually connecting with something and nothing else

i really.. don’t know much about the whole issue, to be honest. i just know some people who are native american have been saying it bothers them when people who arent native american use that term and i dont want to make anyone uncomfortable.