Artists Christina Angelina and ease one have completed ‘kinetoscope’, a circular mural inside an abandoned water tank. in order for visitors to access the site, they must climb a staircase to the top of the tank, where a ladder takes them deep into the bottom of the structure.

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Giphoscope n° 26 | The First Kiss

The ‘First Kiss’ Giphoscope is a unique, exclusive, one-of-a-kind San Valentine GIFt created by Alessandro Scali & Marco Calabrese @ Officina K, Turin, Italy.

A peculiarity of the 'First Kiss’ Giphoscope is the stand, made in Black Marquinia marble.

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The Giphoscope n° 26 displays an animated gif excerpted from The Kiss, the first film sequence ever recorded of a kiss. We are in 1896, and the sequence was filmed inside the Black Maria, the first American film studio, in which the operator William Kennedy Laurie Dickson ran short film for Thomas Edison and his Kinetoscope.

The footage of the kiss, also known as The May Irwin Kiss, lasts about 15 seconds and documents the kiss between May Irwin and John Rice, in the final scene of the Broadway musical The Widow Jones.

The Kiss - one of the first films shown to the public for commercial purposes - provoked scandal and disapproval from the press. In some cases it was even called for the intervention of the police in places where the film was projected.

In 1999, The Kiss was deemed ‘culturally significant’ by the Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry of the United States.


The Kinetoscope by Christina Angelina x Ease One

Location: Slab City, California

The Kinetoscope is a circular mural inside an abandoned water tank by Christina Angelina and Ease One in Slab City, California.

Visitors must climb a staircase to the top of the tank (roughly 15 ft), where there is a ladder to take them back down, into the structure. Once inside, amplified sound reverberation accompanies two series of artistically rendered female faces.  Faces are captured in a variety of freeze frames and combined to create motion, inspired by the work of photographer Eadweard Muybridge.

Each individual face embodies a specific emotion tied to a meaningful moment when Angelina trusted her intuition, an inherent sense often ignored by society. The subtle interconnectedness of these moments creates a sense of “magic” in its movement as each form contributes to the natural flow of the piece. Her use of totem animals continues through the incorporation of raven and rattlesnake skulls.

Faces sit atop a ghostwritten blend of Eastern/Western writing styles by Ease One.


My design was chosen for the top 5 on the drawing board!
The design is based around the Lutece twins from Bioshock infinite the text is taken from kinetoscopes and a statue in game.
The shirts will be on sale for one week, when the design that sold the most will win $1000 and stay on the site for a year.
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10 Inventions by Thomas Edison (That You’ve Never Heard Of)

Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847. Regardless of your feelings about his shrewd business tactics, it’s difficult to deny that he changed the world by bringing us the phonograph, the carbon microphone, the incandescent light bulb, the nickel-iron battery, the earliest power plants, and early motion pictures with the kinetoscope and kinetograph. But did you know that he was also one of the first proponents of the electric car? 

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(Photo: “Thomas Alva Edison, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing front," circa 1922 via Wikimedia Commons | Library of Congress)

Why Don’t We See Any Native Americans at the Academy Awards?

Our Native people were the first to be photographed and utilized by Thomas Edison, in 1898, as he was perfecting his invention of the Kinetoscope. Fast forward to the 21st century; that invention has evolved and has now become the film and digital television camera of today.