kinetic moped

Been thinking about this baby now that it’s getting warmer. I failed last summer at restarting fixing my moped up just by travelling and also being still a bit traumatized from my crash 2 years ago that left me with my sweet chin scar. 

But I dunno I kinda feel that now I have a house and a space to keep it and work on it (It’s also flat where I live now) it’s time to either buck up and finish my project or sell it to someone that can. 

It sucks my moped savvy friends that helped me work on it with me two summers ago have all moved away so I have no one who can come over and help guide/ask questions to. (Ie: I’m a dumbass and lost my keys what do derp?) but I figure it’s better to give it a shot than letting it sit and rust in my parents garage. 

Conquering fears, new/old projects? Sounds like a plan.