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Benoit Peverelli

Julio Le Parc’s Kinetic Energy

The 86-year-old Op Art legend brings his kaleidoscopic vision to a collection of one-of-a-kind silk scarves for Hermés.

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ARTIST HUNT! - “Moon Fall” a Kinetic VN

Created by the Seraphim Entertainment Head, Hayden Daviau-Hunt…

Shina, the goddess of the moon, is in danger. Her twin brother, Jiro – the overly paranoid god of the sun– is under the impression that Shina intends to take over his kingdom and steal his powers.
His solution? Seal away his sister’s powers and send her to a place that has only ever known her mistakes: Earth.
Thanks to the curiosity of young Hotaru Rintarou, Shina is saved.
But what will become of her? Will she be able to find her way home again, or has Jiro truly won?


We are currently looking for a skilled artist to do sprite work for our next VN, Moon Fall. We are looking for a dedicated talent willing to donate time to making sprites for a demo and participate in the project during its future Kickstarter/Indiegogo phase. For the Demo, there are 8 sprites in total needed to continue the production. The estimated pay from the funding campaign, should it succeed, will be around $1000 – $1200, depending on its success. 

Please email us at with a portfolio to be considered. We look forward to working with you!

~Seraphim Entertainment


Joseph Herscher ( Kinetic Artist ) - The Page Turner / Fantastic! Perfect!