kinect project

If you’re going to CPAC2015 today, don’t forget to stop off at CPAC’s Miku Miku Dance Party!!
Dance along to music from your favorite producers, and pick a 3D Vocaloid or UTAUloid character to dance along with you!
With the power of the Microsoft Kinect, a semi-holographic projection system, and a crowd of other con-goers, we’ll have a great time!!



Augmented Reality graffiti project by Andy Biar and Andrew Bueno can place Kinect 3D video captures to locations or signs - video embedded below:

Peek is an application for mobile devices which allows you to view virtual performers in physical space using augmented reality. Developed by Andy Biar and Andrew Bueno, Peek forces users to reconsider the idea that familiar spaces are immutable, and encourages them to engage with their surroundings.

Biar and Bueno developed scripts to import 3D models from the RGBD Toolkit (for Kinect-based 3D video capture) into the Unity3D game engine.

More info can be found here