Some of you may know me as Gryffinoir. (I had that URL for a very long time) But I am now Danytargxryen!

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Best URL: Arya Stark award

Best Icon: Percy Jackson award

Best Sidebar/Header: Margaery Tyrell award

Best Overall Aesthetics: Robb Stark award

Best Description: Finnick Odair award

Best multi-fandom blog: Klaus Mikaelson award

Best Harry Potter blog: James Potter award

Best Game of Thrones blog: Jon Snow award

Best Reign blog: Mary Stuart award

Best Once Upon A Time/Disney blog: Snow White award

Nicest blogger: Sansa Stark award

Best Overall: Hermione Granger award

My Personal Favorite: Daenerys Targaryen award

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Icon: dunno it | Malificent | Philip | Aurora | Fairy Godmothers

Hover: dunno it | Gastan | Maurice | Lumiere | Belle

Sidebar: dunno it | Ursula | Sebastian | Eric | Ariel

Aesthetics: Mother Gothel | Maximus | Rapunzel | Flynn Rider

Overall: /100


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I feel like this is a good video for you tumblr folk… so here you go! ENJOY, lovelies <3

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Promos for voting!

So this Fall I’m going to get back into blogging on my film and tv blog.

In order to keep myself engaged with it and not get overwhelmed (like I did last Fall) I’m going to be blogging about 2-3 TV shows only. 

This is where you guys come in… I need to decide which shows I’m going to focus on. So I’ve made a poll here !!!

Please vote for what show you would like to see the most.

There will be a tab dedicated to each show. I will be writing in-depth posts on every episode, and also cover any news and behind the scenes stuff!

I’m basically going to be re-vamping the whole blog and giving it a huge makeover. I may even add another admin to co-write it with me (but I will do applications for that later if people are interested.)

Please reblog this and send me what show you voted for and your number… I will be doing promos for all of those who vote! Please and Thank you! :)


I’m going to be investing in my blogspot blog and buying a domain. I want to make sure it’s a good one, so I need opinions! I have come up with a few names I like and I need input PLEASE!

I have made a poll here

Or you can just send me the name you like most:

  • elizadoinglittle
  • myflairlady
  • seashellsandcinnamon
  • calmvibesandcastles
  • vintagevendetta

If you think of any other cool names or even just pretty words please send them! The only requirement is alliteration. (I was trying to incorporate the word cinema or film??? I couldn’t think of anything good but if you think of something send it in!)

If you send me a name or word I end up using or incorporating then I will give you credit on my blog and put a link to your tumblr (or your twitter, whatever you want). Please help me!


So I went to the State Fair…

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