kindred members

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

I fucking hate Purple Velvet dresses and mad overall make up.

Please stop the overly Goth aesthetic when it comes to your vampires.

Your vampire is active half of the day. In average over the full year they sleep 12 full hours a day. That’s a LOT of time. I personnally sleep 12 hours a day and I can tell you, between work, hobbies and grading papers, I have NO time for cooking or thinking about my looks other than checking the weather. 

Do not tell me your vampire spends three hours getting ready EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. They don’t. It’s a fucking waste of time and energy. It’s stupid. You can’t be that into your looks and still be a functionning member of Kindred society.

Yes, make up tends to stay on their face (they don’t sweat so a vampire could technically go a few weeks without taking a shower and it wouldn’t be noticed), but the whole “working their looks” type, it’s.. I mean, especially for someone above 50. Seriously. There’s no way a vampire that’s 200 years old knows exactly what kind of marginal trends from subcultures work for them. And keep them up to date in terms of fashion and trend. All while having a significant kindred existence. Hunting takes time, brother, so do mandatory Elysium things, keeping up with the Masquerade, making sure you’re secure here and there, take care of your influences, feed your ghouls… Even if you don’t have a full time job anymore, don’t fuck with me.

If it takes you more than 15 minutes and cannot be bought in a mall, you ain’t looking like that.

/random rant is random