kindness to people

All we need is a
kind heart, and
kind soul.
Where there’s no motive
or anything in
return for them.
They do it just because
they want to
make you
smile, and
give you
Whether that is
paying for
your dinner
after the thousands of times
you’ve paid for theirs.
Whether it’s
giving you a journal
to gather your thoughts to give to
showing you a
special book, or
just giving you one
as an extra way to
help you
because they want what’s best for you.
Whether it’s even just
giving you a ride,
meeting for coffee,
even paying for
your cup of joe
just so they can see you.
Whether they just wanted to send you
happy notes
to make you smile and
brighten your day.
Even just a hug
from someone who
and even someone who
hates hugs
but gave you
one because
they care.
Those little moments
whether stranger or not
mean more to
me than
they’ll probably realize.


I want to make this a game! It doesn’t have to be a poem it can be a list…whatever works I’d love it if we could all just say a random act of kindness that someone gave to you and then tag people.

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Can you do a fluffy hartwin coffeeshop AU? :) x

I really hope this is fluffy enough!

Harry only notices as he’s about to chuck the full cup of overpriced espresso in the trash. Just at the side of it is an illegible scrabble. Eleven digits. Harry holds the cup there, hovering over the bin, as he adjusts his glasses to get a better squint at the phone number. If this isn’t a mistake, then it’s certainly a surprise.

The cup in question had come from a coffee shop Harry had been stopping by for a good month. And when he said stopping by, he meant that it was about fifteen miles off his usual route. It was a cramped place painted in pastels and adorned with mismatching old furniture that, he supposed, were to give a ‘whimsical’ look to the whole thing. The musty armchairs weren’t the reason he visited the place, though. The quality of the beverages weren’t either but then again, he’d never once drunk a cup of coffee without it tasting like he’d just taken a bite of moist dirt.

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A small little thing I really appreciate about Star Trek Beyond is how the crew doesn’t complete lay waste to Yorktown while saving it?? Like it’s become such a staple of superhero movies to see people smash up more than they leave intact, but I love that this movie didn’t feel the need to throw BIG MASSIVE DESTRUCTION at you to make its point.  

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my mom won't let me get therapy cause I rly need help and I've just been real fucked up lately and i can't deal

Ok listen hun, I’m not a professional, and I’m so sorry that you’re unable to get therapy. But you should know that there’s help out there that you can get without therapy! Sure, it may not be what you’re looking for or what you really need, but it can appease for the wait when you can finally get help. Because believe me, if you stay strong and hold on help will come! and if not, look for it, because it’s out there. There are forums and apps and all kinds of people you can talk to, assuming you’re a student it’s likely it can be within your school too. I’m mentally ill and therapy for me has always been rocky, because things don’t usually work out in my life and I can’t seem to be able to really find the help I’m looking for. But I learned from my years of being independent and helpless that it’s in my hands and that I can reach out for what I need easily. It might not be as life changing as I’d want it to be, happy pills don’t exist but strength sure does. Hold on, keep your head up high. It’s ok to break, but remember that you’re better than whatever struggles you go through. I’m sorry if this isn’t the advice you’re looking for, but please stay safe and know that I care about you, and I’m sure others do too! <3

Raise your hand if you still think Lana Parrilla is one of the most amazing people and you recognise that she does so much for so many and that she really goes above and beyond for us and always has 🙌🏼

           when u remember that kyara’s parents are out there somewhere. probably still alive. probably being beacons for a small city in mexico. probably providing shelter for other witches & warlocks who don’t have it. feeding them, clothing them, teaching them – all the while, under fake names & u know kyara’s mother just stares at the horizon for hours every day just thinking of the daughter they gave up because they couldn’t handle having a kid at that point in their lives.

i think it’s honestly really, really telling that snape’s choice of moniker is ‘half-blood prince’ tbh

bc it encapsulates what i imagine snape’s complicated relationship with his blood purity must be. snape is a half-blood growing up surrounded by blood purists, some of whom have to be telling him that his father’s blood makes him dirty, unclean, weak. and there has to be a part of snape that believes it, bc snape’s father is his abuser. the trope of an abuse victim fearing turning into their abuser is pretty well-documented throughout fiction, so i won’t bore you, but there has to be some part of snape that’s very, very afraid of turning out like his father - the father he hates.

what’s worse is that snape’s father is a muggle. (not even a muggleborn! full muggle.) so snape has this firsthand knowledge from a very young age of the kind of people muggles can be and a lot of inherent bitterness or even hatred for the man who’s making his life hell - so is it really surprising that he would swallow the idea that all muggles are evil? that he would support a complete separation from the muggle world, which would mean escaping his abuser forever? that he would be less likely to see the nuance in the rhetoric, less likely to accept that there are good muggles as well as bad, that muggles are people with complex moralities like anyone else? 

(and before y’all start yelling harry potter at me, yes of course this is prejudice and yes, of course snape SHOULD be able to look past his father to see muggles as individuals instead of a collective. but should doesn’t necessarily mean that he will or that it’s in character for him to do so. the internalized prejudice he has is mixed in with the fact that his abuser is a muggle and that’s a lot to try and untangle and work out.)

of course snape abandons his father’s name! of course he adopts, instead, the name of his pureblooded mother, the magical mother, the epitome of what he wants to be. of course he tries to cast aside the name that marks him as ‘dirty’ and ‘other’ in the world that he so desperately wants to fit into. if snape is afraid of ending up like his father, is disgusted that he and his father share blood, what better way to shed that then to abandon his name and pick up the name of his mother instead?

and yet! and yet! snape emphasizes the ‘half-blood’ which i think is even more telling. of course snape could hardly get away with claiming blood purity, but that hardly means he has to go and put the proverbial scarlet letter on his chest. he could have left the half-blood title out of it altogether. and yet he goes that extra length to include it - why? and that’s where snape’s complex relationship with his blood purity comes into play, because i think that he both hates his muggle blood and is proud of it. 

i would bet anyone ten dollars that snape got shit from slytherins about being half-blood. i would bet that it was hurled at him as an insult. and i think part of the reason that snape takes it up as a mantle is because of that. snape is so bitter and proud, even as a teenager, that i can very well see him deciding to include ‘half-blood’ as a reclamation - a middle finger to the purebloods who spit upon him for it.

i feel like snape’s relationship with his blood purity and his place in the wizarding world often gets swept under the rug. and it does complicate the situation when you consider it, bc it’s not like snape is unaffected by the blood prejudice or that he’s never experienced hardship for it, so that makes his interaction with the death eaters & blood purity very different than, say, lucius malfoy’s. and i do think he makes bad choices and that he has a lot of internalized prejudice, but it’s necessary to recognize that he isn’t coming from a place of privilege in that regard, that he does actually have some understanding of what it’s like to be discriminated against for his blood.  

So… apparently it sounds like someone is going around saying I’m a Hitler sympathizer to anyone I associate with and it’s… it’s really hurting me inside because people are just dropping off my radar, people I really liked, without telling me, without me knowing a damn thing, I don’t understand, I just, suddenly without any context I’m being dropped.

All I try to do is be rational, say “take a step back and look at things, understand their views and WHY they have them.”

I empathize with every person around me… why is this shit happening… I live by the policy of love thy neighbor, I try to live as closely to that as possible, that includes the worst kinds of people, because they are still people, they are still human. I used Hitler as an example sometimes because he’s so hated, because if you look into his past you can see what made him into that, you can see what created the Nazis and this blatant hatred and how we should move around it. They’re still people, no matter how bad their actions they’re still people.

If not that then I don’t know what else maybe something in my political opinions or… I don’t know…

I’m sorry for whatever I’m doing wrong

I’m so sorry

I don’t understand what is going on

I’m sorry

I’m sorry


I love meeting my own kind (fanfic people) in the wild (real life). There’s just this “Oh, you GET it” kind of vibe that makes you relax a bit.

Had dinner with some new friends and mentioned that I write HP fanfic. She said she writes Supernatural fanfic, and we jumped right into comic book conventions and how great Tumblr is.

I love how kind people can be when I say I’m anxious or depressed online. like it’s really nice to have someone try to comfort you since I just get told I’m lazy irl.
but honestly if I say shit like “holy shit I have so much work to do but I can’t concentrate or I’m too depressed to do it” please don’t. tell me ill be fine. not to be rude but like. I know I’m gonna be “fine” it won’t kill me but it hasn’t gotten better. not everything just gets better. I have to work hard to overcome these things and then maybe I’ll be okay. it doesn’t stop happening, these are things I have to overcome all the time.
I’d rather be told that I can do it, rather then its nothing you’ll be fine, if that makes sense?

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I fucking hate when people use the term "pantsed" when talking about Snape's worst memory. It makes it sound like a harmless little prank instead of the fact that James had him restrained when he threatened to do it. If Snape was a girl, I highly doubt the fandom would use the term and treat the scene so lightly.

pantsing has a really significantly cheerful, cavalier connotation that it’s kind of disturbing that people refer to that incident like that. like… i mean, yeah, james did take snape’s pants off, but it wasn’t done as a harmless prank to have some fun for everyone involved (as actual pantsing entails) it was done to humiliate and subdue snape, which makes it more sexual harassment. he ties snape up and forcibly takes off snape’s clothes to a laughing crowd and yet people still persist it making it a harmless prank…? it’s insane. 

and yeah, if snape had been a girl literally no one would be telling me that it was harmless. the intent behind james’ actions matter and his intention was to humiliate, to show off his own power, to subdue and subjugate. anyone who says otherwise is really fucking blind tbh

Odin and wisdom

Usually when you think of wisdom you think of someone who is calm, in control, and ethical.

With the Buddha you find a man who achieved the highest form of wisdom and preaches things like peace and kindness

That’s usually how examples go
Powerful, knowledgable people who do the right thing and do it with ease and grace

But not with Odin

Odin is cruel and tricky. He’s full of anger and passion, drive and bloodlust. He is very wise and understands many things, but instead of becoming calm his passion is fueled further

He will lie, cheat, steal, and fight tooth and nail for wisdom

He stole the mead of poetry
He tore out his own eye for knowledge of the runes

Wisdom does not mean kind or thoughtful, but people use it like it does. It means cunning and understanding. It’s using tact and trickery to win

There’s just something about Odin and his relationship to wisdom that I love