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It’s come to my attention that members of this fandom, the Olicity fandom, are being penalised for crap all.

@callistawolf one of the fandom’s leading examples of rationality - a woman who has more than once led the fandom away from self destruction with other like-minded individuals - is being hounded for having an OPINION.

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I mean, we’ve seen this happen before. What the hell people?! This is supposed to be a place where you enjoy yourself; you don’t deliberately show up to pull others down and make a quick exit. Unless you enjoy it, which I’m thinking certain people do otherwise they wouldn’t keep repeating the same mistakes.

If you don’t agree with an opinion then walk away; don’t pull others down in the hopes that they’ll agree with you and give you a moment’s victory. The fandom is supposed to be a sanctuary for people who love Olicity and have HOPE for the ship.

And a vital component of that beating heart has been made to feel hopeless.

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Unfortunately - due to work commitments - I have little time to go into detail but God… I’m so saddened by this. And I refuse to have my time, time I LOVE spending here, spoiled by people who refuse to find the light. 

I’m just hoping Cali doesn’t fully disappear from us because what a massive waste that would be. the void she’d leave behind… there’s no way it can be filled by people who do this.

Let’s send her our love and fondest hopes, right Fandom!?

I’m an Olicity believer and she’s a big part of the reason why.

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Could you talk about the friendship between Kosciuszko and Jefferson? :)

Shortly after arriving in Philadelphia in 1776, Kosciuszko read the Declaration of Independence and was moved to tears because he discovered in this single document everything that he truly believed in. When he discovered that Thomas Jefferson was responsible for drafting the Declaration, he felt compelled to meet him. A few months later, while moving south with the Continental Army, Kosciuszko stopped in Virginia to meet with Jefferson. The two men spent the day comparing philosophies and eventually became good friends. The two later became close friends, and maintained a correspondence for more than 20 years until Kosciuszko’s death in 1817. 

In 1796, after the death of Catherine the Great, her son Paul I granted amnesty to Kosciuszko in exchange for his promise not to return to Poland (he was imprisoned). He traveled back to the United States in August 1797, where he met again with Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson wrote of Kosciuszko, “He is as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known.” I’d like to also mention that Jefferson addressed Kosciuszko as “My Dear General”.

Kosciuszko, before departing back to Europe wrote a will and entrusted Jefferson in carrying it out:

“I beg Mr. Jefferson that in case I should die without will or testament he should bye out of my money So many Negroes and free them. that the restante Sums should be Sufficient to give them aducation and provide for thier maintenance. that is to say. each should know before; the duty of a Cytysen in the free Government. that he must defend his Country. against foroign as well internal Enemies who would wish to change the Constitution for the worst. to inslave them by degree afterwards. to have good and human heart Sensible for the Sufferings of others. each must be maried and have 100. Ackres of Land. wyth instruments. Cattle for tillage and know how to manage and Gouvern it as well to know behave to neybourghs. always wyth Kindnes. and ready to help them to them selves frugal. to ther Children give good aducation i mean as to the heart, and the duty to ther Country, in gratitude to me to make thems’elves hapy as possible.”

 Kosciuszko also left a cloak of his with Jefferson as a gift. 

Here are a few of my favorite excepts from their letters:

“i beg you write me if you have not time to come to see me i will born all thos letters immidiatly.” - Kosciuszko to Jefferson, 23 March, 1798. 

“I afraid to hurt your feelings by my reiterated impartunities, but I am so enxious of going away.” - Kosciuszko to Jefferson, 21 April, 1798

“I communicate to him no more of my object than is necessary. you shall know as soon as we get any thing worth communicating to you; and be assured no pains shall be spared to fulfill your wishes. health, happiness & Adieu.” - Jefferson to Kosciuszko, April 23, 1798.

“[accept] my warmest towards you, which no time will alter. your principles & dispositions were made to be honored, revered & loved. true to a single object the freedom & happiness of man, they have not veered about with the changelings and apostates of our acquaintance. may health, & happiness ever attend [you. accept] sincere assurances of my affectionate esteem & respect. Adieu.” - Jefferson to Kosciuszko, May 30, 1798. 

“I am extremely anxious to hear of you & from you, never having heard a tittle since you left us.” - Kosciuszko to Jefferson, June 18th, 1798. 

“the obligation i ow to you it will be ever lasting in my heart, and shall always take the uportunity to show it venever the acasion will present or require it—I am happy to find that your Character is in So high esteem here every body from the first to the last give a testy monie in expresing the greatust respect and regard for you” - Kosciuszko to Jefferson, July 15, 1798. 

“On politics I must write sparingly, lest it should fall into the hands of persons who do not love either you or me.” - Jefferson to Kosciuszko, February 21, 1799. 

“Republicain avec justice et probité san faste et embition en un mot soyez Jefferson et mon ami” - Kosciuszko to Jefferson, October 10, 1800. 

“Knowing well your manner of thinking, your genius, your skill, your knowledge, your character, and your kind heart, I silenced some and calmed the others. I am sorry that several very curious books that I sent you did not arrive. As for myself, I think that this year I shall go to admire you and afterwards to deposit my ashes in a land of liberty where there are morals, honesty, and justice.” - Kosciuszko to Jefferson, May 13, 1801. 

“May heaven protect you for the benefit of humanity, justice, as an example to and for the happiness of your friends who are as sincere as I am” - Kosciuszko to Jefferson, May 20, 1809. 

“I kiss you with all my heart.” - Kosciuszko to Jefferson, March 1, 1811. 

“I thank you most particularly for the last paragraph of your letter. it has relieved me from a load of uneasiness which rested on my mind till I could recieve your approbation of what I had done. nothing shall be so sacred to me as a regular paiment of the interest; and should your situation require at any time an anticipation of it, and the means occur of turning a draught on me to account, it shall always be punctually honored. accept the assurances of my unchanged affections & respect” - Jefferson to Kosciuszko, July 8, 1811. 

“I embrace you tenderly. Please accept the assurance of the sentiments of esteem, attachment, and high consideration that I have dedicated to you for the rest of my life” Kosciuszko to Jefferson, February 1, 1812. 

Glass drippin’ honey (NCT). Episode 3.

Pairing: NCT x Reader (giant mess with multiple options romance).

Characters: Reader, Ten, Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Taeyong and Johnny.

Warnings: Cursing words, violence, death mention and sexual innuendos.

Modern angel/ Demon AU.

Word counting: 2.083

A/N: Yes, now i decided that i’m going to update this on both wednesdays and saturdays.

Summary: The summer break after your high school graduation is coming to an end but an unexpected occurrence makes your life turn 180º. You get immersed into a new sphere where you can trust no one and the good and bad guys can’t almost be told apart. 

Ep.1- Ep.2- Ep.3- Ep.4- Ep.5- Ep.6- Ep.7- Ep.8- Ep.9- Ep.10- Ep.11- Ep.12- Ep.13- Ep.14


When your eyes open that morning, your body is absolutely relaxed. You feel that your system has rested well and you are calm. The fruity aroma still floating around you like a white cloud that embraces you. Instantly, this makes you feel in an optimistic mood and you kick the blankets with energy to go to the kitchen and have a nice latte for breakfast.

While the coffee maker lets the coffee drops fall in your mug you wander around opening the cupboards on an expedition to find something to eat, maybe you can cook french toasts. It almost feels like it’s your own house so it’s not awkward to do it. Soon it becomes obvious that Ten is running out of groceries and there’s not much to eat so you finally grab a simple cereal box and nothing else, but this doesn’t reduce your happines. 

It falls short that the first time you have to wake up on Ten’s bed is without him and because you can’t throw your life together out of a sudden, but as you don’t want to ruin your good vibes you avoid thinking about this.

You take the hot mug in your hands and head to the couch to drink it while watching TV, you’ll feel better with sound in the background, it won’t feel empty this way.

As soon as you enter the room you notice the warm atmosphere around it, like it has not passed the whole night since you came in. There is a lump of messy blankets on top of the sofa that you don’t remember seeing when you arrived too. It takes you less than a minute to understand how Ten should have come in at night and find you sleeping on his bed so he must have slept on the sofa. “For god’s sake” you think “this boy is unbelievable”. He could have woken you up, anyways, you would have loved to see him.

Well, at least you know that he is okay. That’s what you think at first but then you fall into the reality that he is gone again and you are still unable to guess where or why. Did you do something to piss him off? No, it can’t be, he is never pissed off by you.

Everything gets more and more confusing as you analyze it. Waking up in the floor is not normal, Jaehyun was not normal, Ten missing is not normal… and you wonder how this happened. It has to be something beneath all the layers of weirdness. A reason that caused you to faint you can’t remember. This missing thing must be the base and all the consequences are building a tower on top of it. It feels like a novel to you but you have to know what happened to you and how to put things back to the normal course. The problem is that you don’t know where to start searching for the answers. To beging, you don’t even know the question. 

The need of clearing your mind gets you out of the building without a fixed location. You are just walking through the clear morning breeze. It seems to be a fresh morning but hot enough to wear shorts happily. It’s tuesday and the stands are placed on the street with the shoppers talking here and there trying to get the people to buy their products. You randomly decide to purchase a box with strawberries, Ten loves them and you have the intention of coming back to his house so you can bring him the tiny red fruits, because of curse you expect him to reappear at some point.

After that you keep looking at the vivid stans and enjoying the environment. You should buy food or something if you want Ten to survive his careless diet. Stan after stan you keep looking for something tasty to cook. 

In this happy mood you keep going and then you notice you are humming a song. This is a fact that wouldn’t have intrigued you in other situation but the thing is that you actually don’t know this song. You don’t know where you heard it before to get in your head but you keep singing it for several minutes. Making memory, you don’t think you have ever heard it before. It gets annoying and aching in your brain to the point that you need to find where does it come from.

Your head turns from side to side looking for the origin of the sound. Finally, your eyes catch a silver haired boy singing on a corner, all distracted. It may sound absurd but you flow following the rhyme till you are there, standing in front of him.

-H-hello- the silver haired boy turns his face to you, obviously stopping his distracted song. His hair is so straight and even that it almost covers his eyes, which looks at you shining with curiosity- Can i ask… what are you singing?

-Me?- you nod slowly. He has the appearance of a nice and friendly young boy- “Bamboo leaves are sighing”. Why?

-I don’t know… i have the feeling i have heard it somewhere

-Well, i think you are mistaking it with something else

-Why? Is it unpopular?

-No - he says- but only in the case you are familiar with japanese nursery rhymes.

You don’t know how to answer to that but you are clearly embarrassed. Searching for something to say becomes your priority before he notices how stupid you are. Happens that he is as friendly as he looks like and he is the one to speak first, charmed by your kindnes.

-Do you have japanese friends?- his question gets you out of your daze

-…No…- he laughs subtly at your embarrassment. You notice he has a wide smile with a perfect line of white teeth.

-Geez, you are adorable. My name is Yuta, i can be your first japanese friend if you want- he says offering you a hand that you take and shake shyly. At least he has sympathy for you to not feel totally stupid at your acts- Do you like strawberries?

-Hmm?- you remember you are carrying the transparent box of strawberries with you- Yeah. Do you want one?

-Sure- you take one of the little fruits and hand it to him who seems to eat it cheerfully- What is your name then?


-Ah? It’s really pretty, like you.

-Oh, thanks- you said a bit flushed- I like yours too, it seems to fit you well- His wide smile shows again. He must be a super optimistic person.He is the very opposite from the blondie prince last night.  Yuta is just like a distracted and bright kid.

-Not really, i have a very tranquil name for what i am, but don’t worry, i like it

He takes another strawberry and that act somehow triggers your panic. The relaxing effect of the song disappears to let you feel the displeasing feel of something dark lurking in you.

-Sorry Yuta, i have to go now- you say grabbing the strawberry box with such energy you almost squash them against your chest- It has been nice meeting you.

Because it kinda feels like a betrayal to be here giving something you specially bought for Ten to a stranger. It’s not because the strawberries, it’s not that you two have an special and closed thing, it’s just because it feels wrong to share something you do with him with someone else. It feels out of place.

Or maybe it’s just that you are not used to boys that are not Ten.

-I also think it has been nice. You should give me your number- you stare at him taken aback at first but then again you remember it was you who simply came to him with not an apparent reason and that he was only being friendly. At the end, you hand him a little note with the trail of numbers because c’mon, he is a good person to hang out with. He waves it happily- Cool! Maybe we can meet some day! 

You wave him goodbye after that, feeling unwell with the overthinking about sharing old habits with new people. It has been too long since you know your best friend, he is like your home, and when another boy catch your eye like this, you feel a huge vertigo.

You got so shook that you slightly ask yourself if it was a good idea to go out in the first time. The trail of events is getting crazier each time and you swear to yourself in that exact moment that you are going to find the core of the tragedies, because you can’t live like this.

Just an hour earlier you were going out of the house and now you are coming back inside. It did not take too long since you left, yet when you put the first step in the house you are received with an anxious hug that almost makes your organs move out of your body at how hard you get pressed.

-Ten- you can’t contain your smile. You weren’t waiting for this welcome, together with this unexpected and intense approaching it raises your blood preasure alarmingly fast.

-Do not disappear like this never again.

-Me? It was you who went missing!

-Well, it depends on the point of view- you laugh at his occurrences

When he pulls you away, leaning his hands on your shoulders and analyzing you with his eyes, carefully, from head to toe, he looks concerned, for real. You want to believe that he is overreacting as he always does. He is the mom friend type and you know it but with your last night incident, you fall in doubt. You don’t believe Jaehyun but the voice remains there. “What if it’s not a lie”  

His eyes eventually reach your bandaged hand. You had forgot about it until he gasps and holds your arm carefully.

-What did happen to you!?

-Well, that- you sigh- Tennie, do you remember the last time you saw me?

He stares at you blank, worried, intrigued and sad all together and at the same time.

-How can i forget it?- the answer comes confused enough to make you see that he is as surprised as you are about the situation- I mean, it was yesterday, you are talking like it was a year ago.

-Can you refresh my memories?

-I dropped by your place, you said you wanted to see “The Beauty and the Beast” and you suborned me with hot dogs to watch a girly movie. I cried, and i want to clarify that it was because it was a beautiful love story and Belle deserves better. Then my mom called me to go and have dinner with her so i left you in your house and went to slept there. Isn’t it like that?

-Thats what i remember- and it’s the absolute true. Maybe knowing where you left him was not the clue.

-Then…? Did something happen, Y/N?

-Nothing hahaha- you laugh it off and smile to him who was confused like anytime before. You don’t want to make him worry because of your nonsense speech about your chain of weird moments since yesterday. It must be just bad luck. 

-Really? You are scaring me. 

-It’s nothing, seriously! And look- You shake the box in front of his nose- I got you strawberries.

The box is quickly removed from your hands by a very joyful Ten. Something keeps smelling fishy for him but he let it slides anyways and hugs you tight again.

-You are the greatest, Y/N!

-No, you are just bad at living by yourself. I tried to have breakfast this morning and i almost have to eat the cardboard of the cereal box. I just saved your ass from starving!

-You are exaggerating! I’m sure that if i open the fridge right now it wouldn’t be that bad. I have… chicken nuggets, bananas, humm…- you raise your eyebrows giving him the evidence of how poor his householding is- Okay, thanks

And he gives you a peck in your cheek before running to the kitchen claiming that you are going to taste the best strawberry-banana smoothie of your life.

You follow him with a smile shinning in your face due to his mere presence. Because, honestly, it can’t be for the smoothie, you know he can’t cook at all.

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Promt: 8: 'Do you want me to run a warm bath for you? We can use your favourite bubble bar.’ For dpd link I think that'd be cute.

Link trembled in Sidon’s arms, muscles taut and burning. He sucked in a soft, ragged breath, scrunching himself into a tighter ball. He didn’t feel right with Sidon touching him like this. He didn’t deserve it. He didn’t deserve Sidon.

Link pressed his face into his arm, squeezing his eye shut as another sob rolled through him. He felt weak. The dull, buzzing pain on his skin seemed somehow to permeate down to his bones, blurring and smearing with the hot, electric panic coursing through his mind. He’d gotten himself whipped into one of his moods again, so caught up in making Sidon see, making him understand how absolutely and wholly good he was, and how horrible Link was in comparison. He’d run out of comparisons at some point, and he’d panicked when Sidon started reassuring him, telling him they were equals and that he himself was no better than him or anyone. But he was wrong! He was so, so wrong; Sidon was flawless. Sidon was perfect in every sense of the word, so radiant and shining he made the sun, the stars themselves seem dim and dull; so benevolent and holy he seemed some sort of reverent deity bound to the Earth. Sidon was perfect. Sidon was amazing. Sidon was flawless. Sidon was a god. Link didn’t deserve Sidon’s precious, glorious affection. He was nothing but a mutt to him; a cur that had been thrown one bone one time by a benevolent god and hadn’t left its side ever since. Sidon didn’t deserve to have him leeching and clinging to him for the rest of his life. Link was nothing but garbage; the rotting refuse of the lowest of the lowliest creatures. He was evil and wicked and twisted and hideous and did not deserve even to exist within the same realm as Sidon.

But Sidon wouldn’t let him think this. Sidon, the accursed, beautiful man. As soon as Link stopped he started negating everything he’d said, unknowingly crumbling the very pedestal upon which he lived in Link’s mind; the same pedestal that held up his frameworks and scaffolding. Link had panicked, tumbling and tripping over his words as he tried desperately to show Sidon how good he was in his eyes, how perfect, how reverent, how absolutely holy he was. His words became messy as his thinking jumbled and twisted over itself, locking up and seemingly coating his tongue in lead. It had almost brought tears to his eyes. Sidon needed to know. He needed to know how good he was. He just needed to. If he didn’t, who knew what would have happened? If he thought them as equals, how would he ever tolerate the mistakes Link made? How would he ever accept his shortcomings?

Link’s panic and worry had folded in and in and in on itself, twisting and rolling and flexing until it reached critical mass and ripped through Link like a bullet. He’d fallen apart, crumbling to his knees and begging Sidon to understand, please just understand. He was not good. He was not pure. He was not perfect. He was flawed, irreparably so. He was nothing. He was dirt to an angel. He was a sinner in the presence of a god. They were not equals, never had been, never could be. It was simply impossible. Link had begged Sidon to understand this, pleaded at his feet for him to please understand, please acknowledge it, please recognize it. Sidon hadn’t said anything. He’d watched Link, shivering, sobbing, lamenting mess that he was, and gingerly touched him after a moment or two. Link had flinched. He’d coaxed Link off the ground, cradling him secure and warm in his strong holy arms, and sat on the bed with him, letting Link curl into his chest and sob all he wanted.

Eventually, Link had burned himself out, frantic, obsessive passion replaced by a sick, scraped out hollow feeling, like he was simply the fragile shell left over. He shivered, pressing into Sidon for warmth and stability. He felt like he might fall to pieces at any slight jarring. Weakly, something in the back of his mind told him to struggle against Sidon; try to push from his grasp so he wouldn’t be holding filth. But he was simply too spent, too broken.
Link felt gentle lips press against the top of his head. He trembled, closing his eyes and whimpering softly.

“I’m sorry,” Link gasped, voice hoarse from sobbing and fragile.

Sidon said nothing, only shaking his head a bit. He lifted a hand, bringing it up to brush back the hair on his forehead. Link exhaled softly as Sidon brushed his lips over his hot forehead.

“My pearl…” he murmured. He pressed another kiss to his head, firmer and sweeter. “It’s alright. You’re alright.”

Link’s heart turned with panic in his chest. He suspected he meant alright to mean something other than what he thought, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He shifted, suddenly stirred with panic and anxiety. “I’m–” Link started, voice fearful and small. Sidon shushed him, holding him tighter and gently rubbing his cold, goosepimpled arms.

“Shh… You’re ok. None of that, now,” Sidon cooed warmly, voice so sweet and gentle that it brought tears to Link’s eyes. He was so perfect. Even with how Link was, all the breakdowns and episodes he had, how he refused any compliment he tried to give, how quickly he could switch from suffocatingly needy and clingy to fearfully distant and afraid, he remained calm and collected and comforting, no matter what. No matter how wound up and frenzied he became, Sidon would always sooth him back to calmness; always hold him as he cried and steady him as he shook. Link loved it, the way just his voice or his touch could relax whatever he was feeling too much of like a salve. It satisfied the deep, almost primal desire he harbored of being cared for and cosseted over and coddled, but he could never truly enjoy it. It wasn’t fair to made someone like Sidon–of all people!–have to worry about his wellbeing and come running every time he had a bad day or made himself upset. He tried now to self sooth as best he could, although he lacked the fundamental skills to do much more than berate himself for being so weak and helpless, and often to convince Sidon to leave him before he was truly better. But Sidon–perfect, reverent, holy Sidon–very rarely listened to him. He would sit with him as long as it took to talk him down, and usually even longer after that to assure he was fully calm. The care Sidon showed him almost always made him tear up.

“Do you want me to run a warm bath for you?” Sidon asked gently, brushing back the hair that had fallen in front of Link’s eyes. “Perhaps that would help you calm down a bit. We can use your favorite bubble bar.”

Link pressed into Sidon’s touch, ignoring the bitter voice within him that cursed him for ever even thinking about bathing with a creature so divine as Sidon. He was simply too tired now. He needed Sidon’s affection and care. He nodded weakly.

“Alright. Can you wait here for a few minutes?”
Link nodded again, and felt his heart ache dully as Sidon let him slide from his lap and got up. Link curled himself into a tight ball, pressing his forehead to his knees and squeezing his eyes shut as bitter thoughts bombarded him. How could he let Sidon suggest something like that? How could he let a flawless creature like Sidon bathe with him? It was deplorable to even consider. Sidon had told Link many times before that he loved his body, adored it even. They’d had sex plenty of times. Sidon must’ve had seen his body dozens, if not hundreds of times over the years. But no matter what, Link always felt a brief flash of insecurity he never felt with anyone else whenever he was naked with Sidon. He knew his body was abysmal, just as he as a person was. He still flinched a bit whenever Sidon touched him, looked away when he praised and adored his body, blushed when he kissed him anywhere but his head. Sidon had told him numerous times that he loved his body, that it was perfect and beautiful. Link could never shake the feeling that he was lying.
Link started a bit when Sidon approached him, towel wrapped around his waist. The smooth, tanned skin of his strong chest made Link’s ears redden and twitch. He reached out for him feebly, brokenly, and felt his heart warm and soar when Sidon picked him up gingerly. He rested his head on his firm chest, radiating heat like an oven. Sidon was good. Sidon was flawless. Sidon was a god.

Link let Sidon help him with his clothes, too spent and hollowed inside to let his self consciousness refuse Sidon’s help. He insisted, though, on getting into the tub himself. How helpless would he seem then, needing help to get into a bath?The water was hot, but not too hot. It was comforting, like a hug from a mother, and he could tell from its silkiness and sweet redolence that Sidon had added some kind of oil or bath salt. As Link lowered himself into the water, he could already feel some of the tension in his back and legs relax. He submerged himself with a soft sigh, flexing his fingers as the bath’s warmth enveloped him in a soothing embrace. Link heard Sidon climb into the tub as well and then felt his hands gently encircle his waist, pulling him to lie back against his chest. Link let him, ignoring the part of him that screamed at him for letting Sidon touch someone as filthy and decrepit as him. He shivered as Sidon brushed his lips over his ear, humming and murmuring softly to himself. Link tipped his head back, resting it in the crook of Sidon’s shoulder so he could look back at him. Sidon smiled, patient and sweet and beautiful. Link felt his cheeks warm. He shifted, sitting up and looking away from Sidon.

“I’m sorry,” Link squeaked out, voice pinched and fearful. He didn’t know quite what he was apologizing for, but he felt a distinct urgent feeling as though he’d done something wrong.
Sidon slipped his arms around him again, turning him around so they were chest to chest. Link stared into Sidon’s molten, golden eyes, flecks of cerulean shining like jewels. They held nothing but kindness and love and adoration, even for a creature as horrendous as he. It made Link’s chest tighten and tears spring up in his eyes. Sidon lifted a hand to cup Link’s cheek, swiping away with his thumb the tear that had begun to roll down his precious cheek.

“Shh, my darling,” he murmured. “No tears now. Everything’s alright. I promise.”

Link’s chest swelled at this. He loved Sidon. He adored him. He was infatuated with him, his goodness, his perfection, his divinity. There were not, it seemed, enough words in existence to describe him. None of the ones Link had seemed to do him enough justice. Link’s heart stirred, roused by Sidon’s words, but he was too withdrawn now to erupt into frenetic praise like he usually did. Now, he simply rested his head on Sidon’s chest, pressing into his warmth and wrapping his arms around him. Sidon pressed a kiss to Link’s head, one hand gently raking his nails up and down Link’s back along his spine, the way he knew he liked, as the other played with and twirled his long, silky hair, let down from its usual ponytail for bathing. Link closed his eyes, a pleasurable chill rolling through him as he felt the last bits of his anxiety and mania slip away, expertly teased from him by the bath and Sidon. He closed his eyes, senses occupied by the sheer presence of Sidon.

He loved him so much.

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Buddy my dude lemme just say your art is the shit and your a big inspo and your voltron fanart gives me life thank you 👌👌👌👌👌 goooD sHit

EEEE/// WHAT IS THI S……my cold heart has been warMED ; ____ ;; omg thank you sooo much this makes me so happy!!! i love your art so i’m just likE  DYING///

The Heat of the Moment
Rated Explicit

It was bad enough that she was only 18 and still in high school. But getting his son’s best friend pregnant from one night of passion was never supposed to be in the cards. Mr. Gold wants to do the right thing. Sleeping with her again probably was not it.

(Verse based on a tumblr prompt. Now a multi-chap WIP)


Part Eight

Some secrets are revealed, others just buried deeper.Gold contemplates the nature of truth. Meanwhile, Belle gets a little help from her friends.


Things had been going relatively smoothly, considering Thaddeus was 40 year old man whose 18 year old lover was carrying his illegitimate child. A child he intended to keep for his own, but had not had the courage to face Belle’s inevitable refusal by asking. A child he had felt flex and kick while her mother rode him vigorously on a chair or a cot.

He was lying to his lover, the mother of his future daughter. He was lying to his son, the best friend of said lover. If he really thought about it too long, he was probably lying to himself. About… a lot of things. He had gotten too good at lying, with so much practice over the years. Because it was always so easy to convince himself they weren’t really lies. Just another interpretation of the truth.

He was fulfilling his deal with Belle by finding a safe, loving home for the baby. Neal didn’t even know he was handling the case, as it were, and had never directly asked. And sleeping with Belle, repeatedly, in almost every position he had been able to imagine… well, as long as no words were spoken between them, it felt as much like truth as anything ever had.

He could ignore the way his heart took off at a gallop at the very mention of her name, at spotting her auburn curls halfway down the street. He could excuse the ridiculous notion of drawing her close, inhaling the sweet scent of her hair, just for the simple pleasure of feeling her in his arms. Lust was a powerful drug, after all. And he had been in its thrall at least once before.

This was nothing more than that. And if he enjoyed the way her eyes would sparkle when she got lost in a tangent of storytelling… who wouldn’t want to see that dreamy look on such a lovely face, really? Who wouldn’t want to know that the mother of their child was as clever and kind as she was beautiful?

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Happy Birthday from all the fluffy and the less fluffy of Happy Valley!

and I took the photo and did the digital collage myself; the things a man of the forest can do.

This is so amazing! Thank you very much indeed xoxoxo

Your kindnes, and the lovely collage presents - and the gorgeous bears and their friends - are just wonderful :))) Sending you and your family and all your lovely fluffy friends lots of love and very many fluffy hugs from the West Highlands of Scotland xxx

[ Original photo and collage by jamesforester ]

Being peaceful doesn’t mean you’ll experience peace.
Being loving doesn’t mean you’ll find love.
Being kind doesn’t mean everyone will be kind in return.
There’s no guarantee that the good you do will be reciprocated, but there’s a great honor in giving your best to humanity—no matter the outcome.
I am No-one
I am not a Natzi; Not a german, nor a Jew;
I am not White; Not black nor blue;
I am not straight; Nor gay nor Bi;
I am not Cowboy; Not a Jock nor Fly;
I am not cool; Not lame nor dumb;
I am not rich; Not stuck up nor a bum;
I am not a nigger; A chink or a spic;
I am not a boy; Not a girl or a dick;
I am just a human; You see?
We’re all the same; You and me;
Two arms Two legs; Two eyes Two ears;
One mouth One nose;
Then add a few years;
No different inside or out; We are all made the same;
Stop looking at the skin And laying the blame;
I am no-one Can’t you see;
We’re all just human Just like me.
-Zachariah Feist-

[Twitter] Yamamoto Sayaka 2016.03.27 22:49

This small back gave me
a lot of courage, hope and kindnes..

She communicates with my her own gesture.
She makes us feel something with her back.
I want to be such a presence too,
I thought when I watched Takamina-san.


hoje meu professor me disse
que cada célula do nosso corpo todo
é destruída e substituída
a cada 7 anos.

como é reconfortante saber
que um dia terei um corpo
que você não terá tocado.

—  kill-with-kindnes-s