kindly yell at me

my psychosis constantly causes me to remember events wrong and mix them up with hypothetical things that could have happened instead of what actually happened and its absolute hell because people always think im lying!!! like its not my intention to lie! please kindly tell me i remembered it wrong instead of yelling at me for lying!!! i would never purposefully lie to someone for no reason!! my brain just mixes up reality and situations i create in my head!!

Catching Up with Captain Swan 4x20

ft. The Charming Family 

Note: I honestly don’t know where they’re going with the finale but I swear with every passing episode, I’m just more and more proud to be an Emma fan. And I’m proud to see this character on screen who’s perfectly imperfect and good by choice. Also, you know there really aren’t many men in the world that are as perfect as Steve Rogers, but let me tell you something Killian Jones is right up there with him.

when Once Upon A Time is over, I’d like a spin off show with Captain Swan and Snowing – that is all.

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