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what really gets to me is that none of the righteous bastions of justice in this person’s fandom community who reblogged this post thought to say something like “oh yeah, I also want this story to take this direction, but you dont have to be casually misogynist to express that desire.”


hi everyone. my name is mika. i’m a 20 year old college student struggling everyday to get her shit done. this is probably my 3rd time trying to make an active studyblr because i end up getting stuck in my own little vortex of anxiety and depression. i humbly apologize to those whom have followed me because i suddenly vanished for a couple of months. i’m back now and i’ll try to do my best to keep my blog up and going.

a few facts about me:
- i’m in college since i was 16 (i shifted majors twice)
- i’m currently a diplomacy student 
- i have a manic-depressive disorder which causes me to not get my shit together everyday. 
- i love baby’s breath (flowers)
- i started blogging way back in 2010 but stopped since the tumblr environment became competitive, making me lose my spirit (until i found out about the studyblr community)
- I’m an all A student in the following: clumsiness, weirdness, forgetfulness, craziness
- i love to laugh
- i have the best boyfriend in the world (he’s the person i get support from especially since i’m away from my family)
- i hope to graduate soon and be able to help my country through diplomatic affairs

the reason why i keep coming back to this community is because probably after being so long here in this platform, i see that it’s one of the communities that really just wants to be there for other bloggers. A community that wants to inspire and to help others and here i am thinking “hey, i want to be part of this wonderful community too.” i am here because i want to get inspired and get organized. i also want to be heard and maybe even help someone on their journey. so you who is reading this, i hope you watch over me as i grow.

some of the few people that i have been following are: @lycheestudy, @studypetals, @studyquill, @obsidianstudy, @studyign@academla @gracelearns, @studypool, @genspen and many others.

so yeah. so much for an intro. kindly follow my blog, reblog or like my post please. (i do followbacks! just let me know through my ask AKA an excuse for me to chat you up.) thank you very much. : D 

let’s all slay our studies and inspire others. hwaiting ~!

I kindly ask that when you reblog my shop photos that you do not delete the captions. My shop supports my entire household of six people (me, my husband, my mom, and three of my kid sisters) and is only made possible by the hard work of three people- me, my husband and my mother. When you delete the caption you are taking away the credit and even potential sales. Thank you for reading 💕

A humble request, if any one of you sympathises with or supports ISIS (Dā'ish) then kindly unfollow me and do not @ me and do not reblog me, I am free from you and you are free from me,

You are not “Mujaahideen” but as the Prophet ﷺ described you; a group of dogs of the people of Fire (كلاب أهل النار), may Allāh destroy you and your bloodthirsty cult اللهم أهلكهم وشتت شملهم ورد كيدهم في نحورهم, Āmeen.

some poems i associate with judas

“the hollow men,” t.s. eliot

there, is a tree swinging
and voices are
in the wind’s singing
more distant and more solemn
than a fading star. …

is it like this
in death’s other kingdom
waking alone
at the hour when we are
trembling with tenderness
lips that would kiss
form prayers to broken stone. …

between the idea
and the reality
between the motion
and the act
falls the shadow

“ah moon! - and star,” emily dickinson

but, moon, and star,
though you’re very far—
there is one—farther than you—
he—is more than a firmament—from me—
so i can never go!

“adonais,” percy bysshe shelley

why linger, why turn back, why shrink, my heart?
thy hopes are gone before: from all things here
they have departed; thou shouldst now depart! …

i am borne darkly, fearfully, afar;
whilst, burning through the inmost veil of heaven,
the soul of adonais, like a star,
beacons from the abode where the eternal are.

“the ballad of reading gaol,” oscar wilde 

and alien tears will fill for him
pity’s long-broken urn,
for his mourners will be outcast men,
and outcasts always mourn. 

Hello, hello ~~ !! This is a new RP blog for Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs. If you wouldn’t mind interacting with this wannabe member of the sucide squad who has a dozen more lives than a stray meow ~ Kindly would you do me a favour and like / reblog this and I’ll definitely check out every blog ~ 


Sooo since I hit 300 followers I feel like doing something but I wanna leave the art to when I hit 320 so imma either sing or voice something. You choose and suggest me by either replying or reblogging. (And plz kindly do not just like this I don’t really need likes when I ask for opinion)


I haven’t posted any wallpapers in a while (whoops). I guess I’m back from my hiatus (if you can call it that). I had a lot of shit to do for school but that’s all finished tHANK THE LORD.

If you use any of these wallpapers, you know the drill: like and reblog. I’d kindly appreciate it~ Also please do not repost without my permission. That’d make me really sad! :( 

If you want other members feel free to leave me an ask! Have a nice day my tumblr friends~

ALΦNE ~ Hiro’s blog translation

This one is unplanned. I was hoping someone with real knowledge of Japanese would translate this properly. To give true justice to its intention. But when my order of MFS new single ALONE didn’t arrive on time, I knew I would find comfort in Hiro’s words. So, I spent the weekend working on this. There may be a better translation of this out there but I made this one for me. To comfort me. Hiro would always give encouragement to all his listeners. I love this boy for his beautiful heart.

*Kindly please do not copy and paste it somewhere else. Reblogging and linking are welcomed. Some sentences towards the end are direct from online translator because they were good to me. So, no need to change them. (*^_^*)

Japanese words by Hiroki Moriuchi

Translation text by me. My apology to you Hiro if any part of my translation doesn’t hit the mark as you intended.

Photo credit: MFS Twitter

05-Aug-2015 02:43:20



It’s been a long time. It’s Hiro here.
Already months that the first time I get to be in the position of updating ….


I’m so sorry (LOL)

But it was released finally.



This has become our best work ever.
I think a large number of people are getting acquainted to it but, it’s more or less….
this Single that is a TVCM tie-up song of TOKYO MODE GAKUEN, HAL Technical school
“I’ve heard it in the TVCM”, isn’t that also what people said, right?


And now why updating at this timing you may say…..
I tried to update after a long time that I wanted to report this “Thoughts that were subjected to ALONE”.
I was given the chance to speak in many places various places, but it is still not enough!*

*Referring to his promo trip from Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe to Osaka for ALONE while the rest of the band did the Tokyo rounds.

With that said.

I’m going to talk. Ok.


First, this ALONE itself is also work that was, at long last, finished from 3 songs that were rejected.*
That was why, we were so fussy, fussy and fussy about the entire “singing”, “song”, “lyrics”, “composition” and we wanted to surpass (that) and created this work.

* When musicians scrap away songs they find unsatisfactory


One of the requests we received from the people at TOKYO MODE GAKUEN was “Is there something bad with the original one?”. This considerably linked with my always feeling strongly*(about things).

*I hope the nuance is right with that translation here BUT I think what he was trying to say is when he doesn’t have a strong feeling about something, then he won’t give it a green light till he is really satisfied with it.


What is necessary in aiming for what is called a “dream” that appears as neither a vague shadow nor a (clear) form?
If you add or subtract something in the equation of “dream”=“one’s own future self”, the answer to this, there is no way that anybody knows.
First, in the first place, even if only what is called a “dream” has been found by oneself, you’re still groping around to find the way without even knowing it.


Even if that “dream” has been found
The road for finally arriving at that place is an endlessly far unpredictable steep path.

皆が皆、器用な人間ではないから一生が80年だったとして、18年間で、これから先の62年 間の生き方を決めろなんて無理だ し、そんな重大な決断を焦ってする必要なんかどこにもない。
18年間で決めなければいけない事ではないし、62年間のうち30年、40年かかったって「残りの人生が楽しければ良いな」っていざなってしまえば思える 生き物だから自分なりの「存在証明」を探して絶対に諦めない事。

Everyone, (take it) as the 80 years lifetime from an ordinary person, in 18 years, down the road of 62 years, it is impossible in any way to decide how to live the life, and there is nowhere a necessity to be in a hurry to make such an an important decision. It’s not something you must decide in 18 years, even if it takes 30 years or 40 years out of the 62 years, if you become a creature that seems to be “If one is having fun in the rest of one’s life, that is good”, then therefore it is something you don’t give up in absolute searching for the “proof of your existence” in your own special way.


It is 80 years but because it is just one life
it is by no means over and, once it’s over, it doesn’t change anymore.
Therefore, try to cherish your own life more. Try to cherish yourself more.


I live while always having such thought. All that !!!  I am at a loss for what I want to convey, wanting to send it (out there), all these in one piece.


Therefore age does not matter
             “The person who is looking for a dream”
          “The person who runs after a dream”
Please just continue moving ahead.
This music “is my dream” for me.
This music “is my present proof of existence”.

こんなCDの売れないと言われてる時代の中、音楽業界が廃っていくって言われてる時代の中、 俺らみたいなバンドがオリコン TOP 10に食い込めたら、全ての人に希望が与えられるって信じてます。

In this era of CDs being said as unsellable, in the era of which music industry is said to be dying out, if a band like us can penetrate into the ORICON TOP 10, I believe that hope is awarded to all people.

This “is my present only dream”.


calling the homestucks


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haikyuu!! icons by mygareki 

Hello! I wanted to be productive in some way, so here are 20 pastel icons and 30 black and white icons of various Haikyuu!! characters, sized 100x100px! Take these as my token of appreciation to those who follow haikq as well, since we’ve reached a pretty impressive milestone and we simply cannot thank you enough!

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