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some poems i associate with judas

“the hollow men,” t.s. eliot

there, is a tree swinging
and voices are
in the wind’s singing
more distant and more solemn
than a fading star. …

is it like this
in death’s other kingdom
waking alone
at the hour when we are
trembling with tenderness
lips that would kiss
form prayers to broken stone. …

between the idea
and the reality
between the motion
and the act
falls the shadow

“ah moon! - and star,” emily dickinson

but, moon, and star,
though you’re very far—
there is one—farther than you—
he—is more than a firmament—from me—
so i can never go!

“adonais,” percy bysshe shelley

why linger, why turn back, why shrink, my heart?
thy hopes are gone before: from all things here
they have departed; thou shouldst now depart! …

i am borne darkly, fearfully, afar;
whilst, burning through the inmost veil of heaven,
the soul of adonais, like a star,
beacons from the abode where the eternal are.

“the ballad of reading gaol,” oscar wilde 

and alien tears will fill for him
pity’s long-broken urn,
for his mourners will be outcast men,
and outcasts always mourn. 

I kindly ask that when you reblog my shop photos that you do not delete the captions. My shop supports my entire household of six people (me, my husband, my mom, and three of my kid sisters) and is only made possible by the hard work of three people- me, my husband and my mother. When you delete the caption you are taking away the credit and even potential sales. Thank you for reading 💕

Let’s make one thing PERFECTLY crystal motherfucking clear, diaspora Jews.

The only Jews who voted for Dump Truck because he’ll be “good for Israel” have no idea what is good for Israel and don’t represent Israel. 

So maybe stop shitting on Israeli Jews like the hypocritical racists that I know you can be. 

You’re all for Jews, unless they’re Zionists or Israeli. 

And when you shit on Israeli Jews, I’d like you to keep in mind that more than half of us are of MENA origin. You’re mostly shitting on Jewish PoC.

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Bree and Ragnar Get Married 2/3

The Ceremony

You cannot possess me for I belong to myself. But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give. You cannot command me for I am a free person. But I shall serve you in those ways you require, and the serving will be the sweeter in coming from my hand. I pledge to you that yours will be the name I cry aloud in the night and the eyes into which I smile in the morning. I pledge to you the first bite of my bread and the first swallow from my cup. I pledge to you my living and my dying, each equally in your care. I shall be the shield at you back, as you will be for mine. I shall not slander you, nor you me. I shall honor you above all others. This is my wedding vow to you. This is a marriage of equals!  

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Late Night Snack

Hii! this is my very first Newt Scamander’s imagine. I hope you guys liked it and if you do please kindly like and or reblog this post– Thank you!

Newt x Reader


No warnings

Word count : 680

Today has been a very busy day. You just came back from your shopping time at the market when you heard a sudden squeaking noise in from the kitchen. You were worried and you took your umbrella, getting prepared. As you walked towards the kitchen, you saw Newt’s case was opened and you could see a pool of mess next to it. You chuckled and you peeked inside.

“Newt?” you called.

There was no response. You walked a little bit closer and you saw his mess outside of the case, on the kitchen floor and tables.

“Oh my, Newt” you sighed and cleaned the room carefully. You put your groceries and sorted them out. Then you cooked some food.

You couldn’t stop looking towards the case, you knew Newt was inside- But he didn’t seem to respond to any of your words and you became worried. But you remembered that he might be very busy and you just didn’t want to disturb him at all. You finished up your cookings and put them on the table and decided not to eat without Newt.

The night sky became darker and colder, and so— you became very sleepy. You would love to actually go to your bedroom, but the other part of yourself wanted to wait for Newt.

So you did. You waited for him until very late at night- until you couldn’t hold it anymore.

Newt finished his last manuscript for the day and visited some of his creatures again. He lost track of time and yet, he didn’t notice.

“There, there. Full yet?” he smiled and petted his creatures. He went back to his chair and suddenly he looked at his black, old clock. He realized it was very late and he immediately ran outside, to the kitchen. He looked around and saw the dinner you’ve made.

“Oh dear.”

He walked up towards the living room- wanting to go to the bedroom, but he stopped as soon as he saw you sleeping so peacefully on the sofa. He smiled, but he couldn’t hide his guilt. He slowly walked towards you.

“Y/n… I’m sorry, you must have waited for me” he said, while studying you carefully. He didn’t want to wake you up, of course. He stroked your hair gently and sat next to you. Then he took your arms to his, and suddenly felt your very-cold-hands­.

“Y/n, y-you’re c-cold…” he said. He immediately snatched his scarf that was laying nicely on the living room table. He wrapped your cold hands in his scarf and he tried to warm you up a bit more by using his hands.

Suddenly you woke up. You were not fully-awake yet, so you were still dizzy. But then you heard Newt’s soft voice.

“D-did I wake you up?” he asked. You looked him and chuckled.

“Well, what do you think?”

He was smiling faintly and he said, “I-I’m sorry, love. W-Why didn’t you just sleep first, at the b-bedroom? “

You couldn’t help but smile even more. “I thought it was a bad idea.”

“Why’s that?”

“I wanted to wait for you, you dork” you said jokingly and he smiled. He wrapped his hands around you and hugged you tight.

“Now, would you please, sleep in the bedroom, love?” he said whilst stroking your back gently. You smiled and said “No, unless you’ll do the same.”

You looked up to his eyes and he said, “Why- of course, love” he said smiling. “B-but I saw you’ve cooked some food and—“
“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” you quickly jumped and flee to the kitchen. “Come on Newt, have some late-night-dinner! And don’t tell me that you had your diet, this night snack won’t make you fat, I promise!” you shouted from the kitchen, making your voice echo through the room.

“You promised, love” Newt said and chuckled. He walked to the kitchen and hugged you from behind and whispered, “I love you y/n, I couldn’t imagine myself without you,”

“I know,” You said laughing. “Now come, sit down and eat your dinner.”

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HOLY CRAP!  how did i even get here?    i don’t know where to begin other than to say i am here to give back to the community who has welcomed amon so kindly.    not only do reblogs count for this giveaway, but each one of my followers ( if they reblog or not ) will be added to the draw which will probably take me hours, but that’s cool and worth it!    i will make a follow forever soon, but for now this is about EVERYONE on the dash!   thank you so much for the support!   can’t wait to continue this journey!

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haikyuu!! icons by mygareki 

Hello! I wanted to be productive in some way, so here are 20 pastel icons and 30 black and white icons of various Haikyuu!! characters, sized 100x100px! Take these as my token of appreciation to those who follow haikq as well, since we’ve reached a pretty impressive milestone and we simply cannot thank you enough!

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I haven’t posted any wallpapers in a while (whoops). I guess I’m back from my hiatus (if you can call it that). I had a lot of shit to do for school but that’s all finished tHANK THE LORD.

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A humble request, if any one of you sympathises with or supports ISIS (Dā'ish) then kindly unfollow me and do not @ me and do not reblog me, I am free from you and you are free from me,

You are not “Mujaahideen” but as the Prophet ﷺ described you; a group of dogs of the people of Fire (كلاب أهل النار), may Allāh destroy you and your bloodthirsty cult اللهم أهلكهم وشتت شملهم ورد كيدهم في نحورهم, Āmeen.

I'm a woman hear me roar :P

I have been a part of the sims community since 2009 but a lot of people still don’t know my gender.

So here’s a question for you.
Is One Billion Pixels a male or a group of people?

Nope. Nada. Zilch.
I am 37 years old married woman with 2 kids.

Here’s my first and probably my last selfie on tumblr.
I’ve edited the pic cause it was covered with noise.
This was taken at night.

The second picture is my daughters.
This was taken last week on Easter.
Princess L (8) and Miss P (4).
My proud and joy.
I love them to the moon and back ten times.

I am extremely careful with what I put online.
That’s why I picked these pictures.

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Cheers! ^___^

Hi, friends.

While I’m trying to make this blog a resource for everyone, it is still something in which I have a lot of personal investment. And one thing that I personally really don’t like is wank about the cast, the crew, or the show in general. I am not at all bothered about speculation relevant to filming schedules, locations, characters, plot points, etc.–feel free to speculate about the meaning of anything and everything because that’s what we’re here for after all–but when it becomes animosity toward the show or anyone involved in it, that’s what I really don’t appreciate. To that end, I would kindly ask that you please do not add that kind of thing on reblogs of my posts. I am not at all trying to invalidate your opinions, but I want my own setlock experience to be an enjoyable one and that kind of thing definitely takes the fun out of it for me. Make as many of your own posts about it as you’d like and you can even link to mine as a reference if you need to, but please don’t just add it on to mine. If I have to block people to maintain my enjoyment, I will, but I would really really rather not need to do so. Thanks, dears. I really appreciate it.