So today… I got a delivery-

My first ever book published and real; 3d and beautiful.

I cried. I cried in disbelief. I cried at how beautiful it was. I cried at the misplaced comma I corrected on my manuscript a day after I ordered it.

I just couldnt beleive it was real- and in my hands.

My own story- published.

Today I experianced overwhelming joy, self belief and something I hadnt felt in a long time…

Self confidence. I was proud. Hell I am proud! And I cannot thank everyone enough for getting me here /p>

My devoted readers who commented on my old stories and built my strengths up.

My family who dont even know that I have written a book yet- for being amazed when I show them it.

And lastly to amazon self publishing…for helping to build my dreams.

I have so much confidence in their system and in return they have delivered me a beautiful book and oppertunities I didnt know exsisted.

Thank you guys, keep following, keep reading.

Keep being yourselves.

Raven x





いや、本当にそう、彼の夢になることが自分にできるだろうか? 何をすれば良いのか? 程良い物音を立てるべきか? そのほうが簡単に悪夢を呼び起こせる気がする。悪夢を見せた方が、眠りは濃くなり彼の疲れは取れるのか? 私が他の男に抱かれることを想像すると、果たしてそれは相手の夢に現れるのか? 彼は嫉妬深いから想像しなくても現れるだろうが、だからこそ私自身が望んでいなくても、それを想像することができるとも言える?



Synopsis of my work “The Children”: notes

The female narrator is of a refined status like a student. Even when she says “I’m tired”, it doesn’t mean much. She’s been living without even knowing what it’s like to finally fall asleep after giving all your strength. On the other hand, although the man is a working adult, he doesn’t yet have much authority in his company and works himself to the limit every day.

When these two sleep together in the daytime on a holiday, the woman gets up hours earlier by herself. She simply can’t bear it and is uncomfortable staying in bed at a time of day when it’s blindingly bright outside. In any case, she’s young.
With great effort, she pulls herself from his arms, which hold her tightly even as he remains asleep, and ponders how on earth she should kill the time. It has to be something that won’t make him suspect that she’s unfaithful or loves him any less if he suddenly wakes up. The only option is reading. But the light in the love hotel is dim, and there’s nothing but a sofa and a table whose heights don’t match. Maybe she should go to the bathroom, where there might be a skylight? Although she’s awake all by herself, it’s like she’s not acting of her own free will, just as though she were a dream of his.

No, but could she really become a dream of his? What would she have to do? Should she make the right amount of noise? It seemed like that would easily cause nightmares. Maybe if he had a nightmare, he would sleep more deeply and his tiredness would go away? If she imagined herself in another man’s arms, would that scene appear in his dreams? Well, he was a jealous man, so it would probably appear anyway - was it because of that that she could imagine it even if it wasn’t something she wanted?

…the story is about such behaviour. She really does try all sorts of actions in the hotel. (And then listens closely. Such a place has its own synchronisations - music becoming audible as her caresses stop; the chandelier-style lights nearly going out when his body responds.)

How should she move her body, not to appear in the dreams of someone far away, but to become the substance of the dreams of the person lying asleep in front of her? She starts to feel proud of herself - surely no one has seriously tried to do this in real life before? If women bear the substance of men’s dreams, then surely adults bear the substance of children’s dreams. When she had been little, there had been a TV switched on next to the room where she slept, and the sounds of adults. Linked to this, the subtitle became “The Children”. One of Few (The Eleventh Hours) (Volume 1) (9780998108308): Terri Doty: Books One of Few (The Eleventh Hours) (Volume 1) (9780998108308): Terri Doty: Books

My first book EVER is out via Amazon today!!!

For whatever reason, the Kindle is linked to the same place as the print just yet. So if ebooks are your thing (be sure to take advantage of the “LOOK INSIDE” option), go here.

anonymous asked:

it's my dream to write a book and have it published, how does that work?

I self-published on Amazon. It’s surprisingly easy. The Kindle Direct Publishing ( walks you through what to do, gives you pointers, helps with the cover, everything. It also has a program for publishing a paperback version of your book.

I wrote my book during NaNoWriMo ( last November. It was immensely helpful, forced me to focus. Then I used a couple of beta’s and an editing program to clean it up. Viola! 

Let me know if you have any other questions!

30 Day Writing Bootcamp

1st: Write a descriptive paragraph using all five SMAPO points – simile, metaphor, alliteration, personification, and onomatopoeia

2nd: Write a haiku – 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables, no necessary rhyming

3rd: Come up with five completely new fantasy character names by the Scrabble method. Roll a dice to decide how many letters the name will have, then select your consonants and vowels by pulling them from a hat or using an online random letter generator.

4th: Design a castle. Draw up the floor plans. Think of what the castle is used for, and who lives there. Name it.

5th: Draw up a seven point storyline plan for a brand new novel idea: hook, first point, pinch point, mid point, second point, pinch point, resolution

6th: Write a fictional paragraph in 2nd person narrative

7th: Create a new world. Draw your map. Name your separate districts and major cities and landmarks. Give your districts different cultures – think about climate, economy, religion, and the races who live there.

8th: Write a limerick – Syllables: 9, 9, 5, 5, 9. Rhyme: aabba

9th: Write a descriptive paragraph about an object near you right now.

10th: Write a story with legitimate beginning, middle, and end, in only ten sentences.

11th: Pick a set of words you often get mixed up. There/their/they’re, its/it’s, effect/affect. Write two full pages repeating these words in their correct context as many times as possible.

12th: Write three descriptive paragraphs about a tree falling in a forest: make the first one urgent and exciting, the second one deep and contemplative, and the third one creepy and sinister. Be as atmospheric as possible.

13th: Write a descriptive paragraph using all five senses to describe your setting: what can your character see, hear, smell, taste and touch?

14th: Write a fictional letter. Who is writing it, and who are they writing it to?

15th: Design a new character, or choose one of your existing creations, and write a timeline of their life. Write as much as you can for each year of their lives.

16th: Think of an event in your life where something interesting really happened to you. Write about the event from the perspective of a fictional narrator. Make it end differently to how it did in real life.

17th: Go through some of your favourite books and choose five of your favourite opening lines. Think about what they have in common and what makes a good first line for a story. Brainstorm a list of your own first sentences.

18th: Write a sonnet – iambic pentameter, three abab stanzas followed by a rhyming couplet

19th: Design a school. Draw up the floor plans. Who works there? Is it a normal school, or only for specific kinds of students?

20th: Find five rare and interesting words that you’ve never used in writing before. Flick through a dictionary, or search online to find them. Create a piece of writing that includes all five words you have chosen.

21st: Write a 60 second poem, freestyle. Don’t worry about structure or rhyming this time. Just pick a topic, set your stopwatch, and write.

22nd: Go back to a piece of writing that you never finished. Maybe a novel that you never finished planning, or a short story that you never resolved.

23rd: Plan a murder. Create a fictional killer and victim, and think about how different motives might lead to different weapons and different outcomes for the murderer.

24th: Create a fictional character and give them the ideal life that you want to lead, in as much detail as you can. Maybe you want to be the first person to live on Mars, or be a self-made billionaire who discovers time travel, or live alone in a small village with your cats. Plan how their whole life comes crashing down around them and they lose everything. Then plan how they get it back.

25th: Chose one of your favourite books. Study its chapter breakdown and list what essential plot points the author put into each chapter. Think about where the major plot developments points lie within the story and whether your own novels follow a similar pattern.

26th: Make a collection of inspiration and motivation. Choose five of your favourite authors and look up the advice that they’ve given to aspiring writers. If you can’t find any advice already published, try contacting them. Write out the advice. Put it on your wall.

27th: Publish something. It doesn’t matter what it is or whether you think it’s any good. Use Tumblr, or, or AO3, even Kindle Direct Publishing if you can. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews, just get your work out there.

28th: Tell someone you know in real life that you’re a writer. How much detail you want to share is up to you. If everyone already knows you write, update them on your new projects.

29th: Write as much as you possibly can today. Every minute you can spare, add to your writing. It doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t even have to make sense as a story, just get down as many words as you possibly can. Share what your final wordcount is at midnight.

30th: Plan the next twelve months of your writing life. Think about the goals you want to achieve and where you want to be this time next year. Break it down into easily achievable steps.

Update - Grovedaughter Witchery

206 PAGES!!!! (Wow, I hit that goal and blew right past it, didn’t I.)

That’s 197 pages in practical print, since the beginning of the book skips a few for the title page, legalese, and Table of Contents. I might hit 200 practical with a couple of last-minute additions, but at this point, I’m really looking to finish adding the material I set down in my original plan.

I’m three days off of the month mark and just shy of 41,000 words. So…it’s very nearly a NaNoWriMo success, if you pretend I started it at the beginning of the month instead of halfway through. Either way, a 200-page book in under a month is….pretty damn astounding, really.

In between bouts of writing, I’ve been wrangling the details on CreateSpace to get everything ready with the cover, ISBN, and distribution. Most of the rest I can’t finish until I upload the completed manuscript. And then I have to rework the formatting AGAIN for Kindle Direct Publishing. Headache imminent….

Still, I’m very proud of my bookbaby and I hope that all of you will love it as much as I do.

Publishing: Indie vs Self-Published

Anonymous asked:

What’s the difference between self-published and indie-published?

This is a tricky question to answer because the terms are constantly evolving and not everyone agrees on what they should mean. Originally, “independent publishing” referred to small publishers who are not an imprint of a larger publishing company. They are truly independent of any larger publisher. The problem is, although these publishers are independent of larger publishing companies, they still choose which manuscripts they want to publish, which makes them part of the traditional publishing model.

I personally prefer to use “indie publishing” as an umbrella term for any novel that is published non-traditionally. In other words, independent of the traditional model, because the author makes the decision to publish, not a publishing house.

There are several ways to publish non-traditionally:

  • Subsidy Presses - these offer publishing services for an upfront fee and take care of production, printing, and distribution. Lots of scam artists here, though, so be careful if you take this route.
  • True Self-Publishing - the author contracts with publishing service companies to produce the book, including editing, formatting, cover design, printing, and sometimes distribution.
  • DIY Self-Publishing - the author provides the files necessary to produce the book, including the formatted manuscript and cover art, which are uploaded by the author to a print-on-demand (POD) distributor such as Lulu, Amazon’s CreateSpace, or Smashwords–or, to an e-book retailer such as Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook Press, or Apple iBookstore. In this case, the author may choose to contract editing, formatting, and cover design, or may opt to do it on their own.

I honestly feel that authors who take any of these routes have a fair claim to the title “indie-author” even though some indie-authors feel they are more deserving of the title than others. To me, the key element is that they published their book without requiring the approval of a publisher. Many traditional publishing fans would be quick to point out that this approval process weeds out the dreck, but that’s not always the case. And, although many fantastic books have been published traditionally, the traditional publishing model must take profitability into account, which sometimes means rejecting otherwise wonderful books simply because they wouldn’t be profitable. Independent publishing allows those books to find their audiences.

Last week I brought up the fact that my cookbook, which has been in the making for just over a year, will be coming out on February 29th. I am using this moment to explain more about it.

The book is broken into four sections:

Each holiday has at least one of the following recipes:
-Main Dish

It also has a small section about the holidays themselves and appropriate foods for the sabbats in case you wish to make your own recipes. Each recipe comes from my own kitchen, or the kitchens of fellow local witches.
The recipes are broken down, step by step, ingredient by ingredient, to tell you why they are important to this recipe and what they mean for this holiday, which makes this a book of Food Magic as well as Kitchen Witchery.

It is being published through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service. It will be available on any device that can run the kindle program; computer, iPhone, Android, and so on. While I had hoped to offer a print version, I cannot do so at this time for budgetary reasons. I hope to change this one day in the future.

The price will be $4.99 USD. Yes, I am aware that this is a dollar more than I anticipated. However, my artist friend recently explained to me that a person ought to charge what they feel they are worth for their work…and Amazon is going to be taking $1.50 per book…so I feel like I’m worth at least $3.50 per twenty spells.

Due to Amazon’s limitations I will not be able to sell to:

I am very sorry about this, and also hope to fix this at some point in the future.

This book is part one of three. I will also be releasing a cookbook for the Light Half of the Year, and the Full Moon Ceremonies. Release dates for these other two books is not yet known.

Thought I’d Share the news. This Book Looks dope. It’s about Black superheroes ruling the world. The author even has the adinkra symbols involved in the story line. “Faulkerson wanted to create a universe where members of the Black Diaspora are God’s chosen ones. Adinkrahene: Fear of a Black Planet is available for online purchase through Kindle Direct Publishing ($3.99 electronic edition) and Createspace ($7.99 print edition).
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The Dead Set

Just got a review in on I was afraid to read it – as you might imagine feeling – until my editor let me know that it was something I should see. Now, this advice could mean a lot of things, but it’s not advice I can ignore. So I gathered myself and went in. And the review… is cool! This reader hit on some main themes as well as things I worked very hard not to do!

However, whoever Diana is, I wish I could thank her for giving the ‘supernaturally charged’ Dead Set universe a chance, and for understanding that I can’t find it realistic when my characters (particularly characters who are a bit difficult) fall in love in the course of a week’s work.

Thank you! :D

Want to read The Dead Set? It’s right here!