I cannot explain how excited I am for this to release tomorrow (7/7/15) I’M CRAZY EXCITED! Everyone needs to read this. Srsly my favorite book, ever.

MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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And so, the day comes! My very first book, Falling in, falling out, is finally up in the Kindle store. I hope these poems resonate with you! ♥

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Amazon's new royalties scheme

So, in past posts I have recommended Kindle Publishing to people interested in self-publishing. But due to the shocking changes they are making to their royalties policy, I will no longer do so.

In the past, when you bought a book self-published in Kindle, Kindle Publishing would pay the author royalties as a percentage of the price of that book - as is the norm in the industry.

However, the new royalties policy indicate that while the reader might spend 5$ on an ebook, the author will no longer be paid a percentage of that sold book, but will be paid instead by the number of pages read. So if I buy/ rent a book, but archive it and never read it, amazon gets their money but the author will not get paid. If I start the book, but don’t finish it, the author will again not be paid in full. Amazon says this is to encourage page turners. I say, bullshit. If it were about encouraging page turners, then the reader would only be charged by the page read as well, but this isn’t the case. This is a scam designed to cheat authors out of their royalties.

Not only that, but it also raises very uncomfortable questions about the kind of data Amazon can get from Kindle users. Therefore, I no longer recommend publishing or buying books on Kindle. From the 1st of July, if you do buy /rent/borrow books via Kindle, please flip through every page to ensure the author gets paid.

EDIT: I’m unclear whether the scheme only applies to books rented. Either way, not a good thing.

After reading more articles on it (many articles didn’t make that distinction), it does seem this only applies to books read via their lenders and all-you-can read subscription services. Not to books bought. The system before for these services paid royalties when 10% of the book was read, which apparently encouraged Kindle authors to write shorter books. I still think the system is highly questionable.

Kindle now allows to share book quotes via messengers

Kindle users will now have a new way to tell their friends about their favorite books or book quotes by way of mobile messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, texting, and more. The addition makes sense for a number of Kindle readers. Book club groups, for instance, could take advantage of the private sharing option to get into more in-depth conversations around the current title they’re reading via messaging apps or email. Plus, users can now share their book recommendations in a more personal fashion by messaging just those friends who they think would really enjoy the title, as opposed to posting a status update to Facebook. The upgraded feature allows for sharing of quotes, highlights as well as recommendations with specific friends, and is immediately available on Kindle for Android. Support for Kindle e-readers and other devices is expected for later this year.

anonymous asked:

I've been trying to decide if I should get an e-reader for my birthday. I'm not sure what kind of Kindle I want, I'm still looking up the pros and cons of each. I'm also a little worried about how much each book would cost, on Amazon each book 7.99. I'm not sure but I think I remember reading on your blog that you get your books for about 2.99. I was just wondering how you did that and what types of sales if there are any you would look at.

That was me! I wrote an entire post explaining why I love my e-reader and how it saved me money in the long run. Finding deals for Kindle books is really simple. On the side bar of Amazon’s e-book section you’ll find a list of their deals and sales. Such as:

You’ll find tons of books that are sometimes 80% off their original price. You can also search for books by their price.  As for your comment about one of the books you were looking at being $7.99, well how much would it have been if you were to buy a physical copy? YA paperbacks are normally $9.99. If you didn’t buy it in store you’d have to pay for shipping as well. Sure you’re not saving a whole bunch, but that’s $2-$5 you can spend elsewhere or save. It’s all about being smart with your money and finding the right deals. 

The Darwin Solution is FREE on Kindle this weekend

Remember that book I wrote? Well now you can get it on Kindle for FREE!*

Want to give it a try but you spent the last of your money on important things like food and Netflix subscriptions? No worries, it’s FREE!*

Not really interested but think the cover would look cool on your virtual bookshelf? Go for it, it’s FREE!*

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“Interesting misfit group of protagonists? Check.
Adorable Werewolf loosing control? Check.
A Dash of Cthulhu monstrosities and demons? Awesome!” - fiannawolf

There’s a dead demon at the centre of a terrible incident and a man is about to be executed for getting too close to government secrets. Langdon and Freya are working hard to get to the bottom of both mysteries. But after being driven from their home and sent on the run will they be able to even stay alive?

An intriguing tale set in a dystopian England where hospitals are closed and doctors are illegal. Mages Langdon and Freya must survive werewolf police, vampire pirates and the threat of demons to get to the truth. With the help of Liz their resident IT genius and Matt, a werewolf who is rapidly losing control.

*Free for this weekend only. Offer ends at end of day 5th July 2015.