mutzine x Art  •  Park Songlee: Pink is the Warmest Color

Park Songlee practices visual-therapy. A bright, comforting, color-scheme connects her work throughout various mediums. In this piece she introduces us to the materials she works with, her creative space, her sources of inspiration, and how her goal of spreading joy through her artwork came about. 

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  • Snowdrop
  • 파니핑크

나의 날을 녹여 너에게만 주고 싶어
I want to warm my day and give it to you 
나의 날을 녹여 너에게만 주고싶어
I want to warm my day and give it to you 

어제는 눈이 내려왔어
it snowed yesterday 
세상은 조금 변했어
the world changed a bit 

약속하지 않아도 완벽하지 않아도 좋아(지금 이대로 있어)
you don’t have to promise, you don’t have to be perfect (just stay like this)
머지않아 모두 다 희미해져가도 괜찮아
it’s ok even if everything fades away soon 

(translation by lyrical movement)


[M/V] Zion.T - Eat (꺼내 먹어요)