90's girl bands ask game
  • Babes In Toyland: do you prefer rough or melodic music?
  • Bikini Kill: do you consider yourself a feminist?
  • Bratmobile: if you were in a band, what would your stage presence be like?
  • Garbage: what's your favorite movie?
  • Hole: who are some of your biggest inspirations?
  • Jack Off Jill: worst childhood memory?
  • The Julie Ruin: would you rather buy something or make it yourself?
  • Kittie: do you have any pets?
  • L7: list tracks you would put on a mixtape and who you would give the mixtape to.
  • Shonen Knife: what's your favorite video game?
  • Sleater Kinney: what would your ideal date be like?
  • Team Dresch: what's your orientation?
  • Veruca Salt: what fictional character(s) do you relate to most?
  • The X Ray Spex: what's your ultimate outfit?

Fuck sub-genres. Fuck rules. Goth is Goth. Through the years the subculture has evolved to include many faces and you have the right to wear one or all as you damn well please. Leave the little boxes free to hold your trinkets and jewellery and leave your identity out of them.