90's girl bands ask game
  • Babes In Toyland: do you prefer rough or melodic music?
  • Bikini Kill: do you consider yourself a feminist?
  • Bratmobile: if you were in a band, what would your stage presence be like?
  • Garbage: what's your favorite movie?
  • Hole: who are some of your biggest inspirations?
  • Jack Off Jill: worst childhood memory?
  • The Julie Ruin: would you rather buy something or make it yourself?
  • Kittie: do you have any pets?
  • L7: list tracks you would put on a mixtape and who you would give the mixtape to.
  • Shonen Knife: what's your favorite video game?
  • Sleater Kinney: what would your ideal date be like?
  • Team Dresch: what's your orientation?
  • Veruca Salt: what fictional character(s) do you relate to most?
  • The X Ray Spex: what's your ultimate outfit?