The bed itself, and other children’s items such as cradles for children’s mattresses, baby and children’s mattresses, children’s and baby sleeping bags stretching, etc. should be free of pollutants and the best label and corresponding designations.for more information visit=

Here you will find only on the specific growth stages of children matchedchildren’s mattresses and  baby mattresses, many of ÖkoTest rated “very good”. 

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Go organic for your kid’s mattresses

A comfortable and durable mattressshould not be the only criteria when choosing for your child’s bed. On an average eight to ten hours of a child’s day is spent on the mattress. S/he is in direct contact with the material used in the mattress. Being a responsible parent it is our duty to give them the best in every sense.

A young child is vulnerable against chemicals. The toxins in the chemicals can cause harm to their immune system and develop further complications. Most mattresses are made of synthetic compounds and polyurethane foam which contains unsafe compounds. A kid’s mattresses (kindermatratze in German) should be one which holds the least amount of chemicals used or better to buy a mattress with organic compounds.

Organic cotton is the safest and best option available in stores. Natural latex obtained from sap or rubber trees is also a good alternative. Some manufacturers also have the options of eco foam or bio foam or even soy foam mattresses (matratzen in German). It is always better to ask for the materials used and not to go by the name.

With organic materials used it is also relevant to purchase a kid’s mattress which is dust mite proof and is water resistant. The other components such as the innerspring or the fire protection compounds must meet the non toxic standards. There are safe and natural elements like wool or mixture of baking soda and hydrated silica that are being used as fire retardants. The organic non toxic mattresses are readily obtainable and will give an allergy sans environment to your child.