kindergarten was fun

kin drama is like that one fight kids have in kindergarten where everyones having fun and then one kid goes “im batman!” and another kid is like “no im batman!!” and this goes on and on until its nap time, one starts crying or one of them straight up slaps the other

The Signs as "Heathers" songs
  • Aries: Dead Girl Walking reprise
  • Taurus: Seventeen
  • Cancer: Beautiful
  • Gemini: Shine a Light
  • Pisces: Kindergarten Boyfriend
  • Leo: Big Fun
  • Virgo: Fight for Me
  • Libra: Seventeen reprise
  • Sagittarius: Blue
  • Scorpio: Candy Store
  • Aquarius: Freeze Your Brain
  • Capricorn: Shine a Light reprise

tiny children

Let Me Show You Why

Thank you @joeynihil for letting me use the Cody gif :D

Summery: Brett goes out of his way to make you blush or shy but he goes too far.

“Brett’s coming?” You asked when your friend finished listing off the people she’d invited.

“It’s a party to celebrate the team winning all their games so far… why wouldn’t I invite Brett?” She asked, glancing at you in the mirror as she put her makeup on, frowning when she looked over the jeans and t-shirt you were wearing.

“Well… because he’s kind of a jerk.” You mumbled, playing with your fingers as you scuffed your feet on the foot of her bed.

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Okay, remember when I said I wouldn’t talk about 1d anymore? Let me do this last thing.

Okay so literally, the whole stalking culture/wanting to be famous? Okay, let’s talk about another larrie problem: the secret larrie club.

What is the secret larrie club? You know those people in kindergarten forming super exclusive circles of Cool Kids and ruining the fun for everyone else? Yo, now bringing back the kindergarten fun in fandom, we have the amazing Secret Larrie Club (SLC for short, and no, I’m not talking about Salt Lake City, though SLC Punk was a film that shaped my teenage years).

So, what does this club do? Nothing, mostly, except like, inflating each other’s ego in a big circlejerk. They think they’re the ones who have all the supersecret infos, and they stalk or use stalkers to obtain those, and then (this is particularly important, kids, listen up) they make it so that their Opinions are More Right than other people’s opinions.

To get deeper into what the SLC does: they stalk people, or become friends with people with the purpose of obtaining info from them. And this not only makes them not trustworthy by people who have actual info (which, *Alanis Morissette’s voice* isn’t it ironic), but also is totally useless for any purpose that’s not gaining popularity in the Larrie world.

Like, why do you need to know Harry’s plane info? To establish that Larry is real? Well, big fucking deal then, I thought we all knew since, like 2012. No, you need that info to say you’ve got that info to your follower, and subsequently being treated like a queen Bee. Only to say you don’t actually stalk the boys because you don’t go and meet them in the street, when there are actually multiple ways to stalk someone. And boy, do they notice that, I can promise you ;) but I’m digressing.

Anyway, the lack of self-awareness is one of the most ridiculous things, like, we have two different groups of people acting like stalkers, and both denying it. Only, one of the groups has that holier than thou attitude, and publicly denigrates the other group for stalking (and privately is all buddy buddy with them, just like De André sang in La città vecchia: quella che di giorno chiami con disprezzo…)

And after you’ve hurt people you claim to care about (because they do see you stalking and they’re obviously not happy about it) you use those info to gain popularity on your tumblr blog, and to establish yourself as a Trustful Info Source so you’ll gain followers from that.

But you have to be the only Trustful Source (you and your pals), or everything will be lost and you won’t be the queen bee anymore. Hence, the opinions thing.

And from that, it’s just natural that if someone has  an opinion differing slightly from the SLC Opinions, they must be cancelled, erased, and sent in the eighth circle of hell (which is where Falsifiers are punished, according to Dante Alighieri our lord and saviour and if you say he wrote a fic I’m decking you). You still think that Larry is real, babygate is fake, but you don’t think that people should stalk? Omg, you’re an anti for sure, let’s send anon hate your way. Or you don’t think that a particular piece of information is valuable? Anti, anti, anti. And also deluded. like, basically they throw around the word anti just like in that queer meme where every thing upsetting you is homophobic.

Of course, this is a perfectly acceptable kindergarten behaviour. Kids are still small and still learning, and adults gotta teach them. And if you consider fandom like kindergarten, good for you. I guess.

But there’s nous autres who don’t really consider fandom like kindergarten, who maybe want to live in a nicer environment where you can express you opinions without being viciously attacked (by “””””your side””””” too, lmao) for it, and who think that stalking is always wrong, and slut-shaming is too :)

And yet. The SLC is ought to get us, unfortunately.

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But not this time, SLC, not this time around. This time around you can go stick that sense of self-entitlement up where the sun doesn’t shine (namely your nose, of course, we’re classy people here, I would never wish anal upon anyone). or you can go eat pineapple pizza, which is even worse :)

For any hate you might have, come @ me, my block list is too short.

The Signs as Songs from Heathers: The Musical
  • Aries: Meant to be Yours
  • Taurus: Freeze Your Brain
  • Gemini: Big Fun
  • Cancer: Kindergarten Boyfriend
  • Leo: Candy Store
  • Virgo: Our Love is God
  • Libra: Shine a Light
  • Scorpio: Dead Girl Walking
  • Sagittarius: Blue
  • Capricorn: Beautiful
  • Aquarius: My Dead Gay Son
  • Pisces: Fight for Me

Erin Schick - Honest Speech

I want to say something about this and you can totally ignore it if you want.

I have always stutter, since I can remember. I think maybe I was 4 and going to kindergarten and I remember being different cause everybody could talk ‘normally’ and I couldn’t. But it was kindergarten you know, nobody made fun of it. We were all kids. In our eyes we were all the same.

Now I grew up, and I went to middle school right, there it started. The bullying. I remember constantly being bullied because I couldn’t get a word out with stuttering on the first letter. I couldn’t read, it took me like 2 minutes to read a sentence. Yes it was that bad. I used to came home crying every single day. Wondering why me. So my parents decided to take me to a speech therapist. I spent half of my life, instead of doing fun stuff like doing sport and playing with the kids in my neighborhood, going to speech therapy. And it helped. For about 2 years. Mind you, in those 2 years, even though I didn’t stutter like I did before, I was still getting bullied. Still for my stuttering even though you could barely hear it. Cause I learned how to hide it. That’s what they teach you in speech therapy. It doesn’t really go away, you just learn how to hide it. How to minimize it. But I got used to it you know. I got used to the bullying and I could take it now. I didn’t come home crying everyday anymore. And my parents notice that, so they decided that it’s time to take me out of speech therapy. I was happy you know, more time to do fun stuff. But that bullying, even by my teachers sometimes, cause they wouldn’t listen when I talked, it filled me with so much fear.

And when I went to High School, guess what, I started getting anxiety. And I think this made the stuttering return. Just in a different way then before. Now I stutter different, on different letters, in a different way. And I always thought, yay high school maybe there they wouldn’t laugh. Oh how wrong I was. When I got to high school I had about 10 presentations per year. Imagine that. 10 presentation. 10 times in 9 months, people constantly laughing at you. It sucks. And I’ve gotten used to it by then but that doesn’t mean it still didn’t hurt. It still does. You know what it feels like to get insufficient, a bad grade every time you have a presentation? Because people don’t take into consideration that I stutter, because my stutter is different. It’s not the same anymore. So people see it as not stuttering. And you know what also sucks? When you’re talking and people don’t listen, or they stop listening halfway cause you’re 'taking to long’. But oh well.

Idk why I said all this. What I wanted to get to is that never in my life, have I seen my stutter as a good thing. For me it was always a weakness, a bad thing, a thing that got me bullied my whole life. And nobody every corrected me. Nobody ever told me that it is okay to stutter. That this is who you are. It doesn’t need to get in the way of anything. And because of that I am the person I am today. A person who is scared to talk. Scared to speak up. Scared to ask something in class. Scared to introduce myself cause I stutter when I say my name. I can’t even order a meal at McDonalds, or talk on the phone. I am a person who, honestly, hates talking. And it’s because I’m still scared. I’m still ashamed. 17 years of shame and hiding it can do that to a person. 

What I wanted to say is that please don’t be like me. Listen to what this girl has to say. You stuttering is not a bad thing, at all. It makes you, YOU. It’s your own language. It doesn’t need to get in the way of doing what you want. Speak up. Talk. Don’t be ashamed of it. Ever. Cause you don’t have to. Be proud of it. Stutter whenever you have to, whenever you need to. Stutter and slay them. Reach your goal while stuttering. WIN while stuttering. Show them that YES I STUTTER AND SO WHAT?

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GOM+Kagami noticing their so's motherly side ? [ ex: the so comforting a crying child or helping them find their mother since they got lost in the market etc?? ] i just need this ~

!! This is actually really cutge and I enjoyed writing this, have a wonderful day~

Generation of Miracles

Aomine: A crying child was nothing more than a headache for Aomine at the moment, and what was even worse, was that his partner had stopped to check on the child and see what as wrong. Aomine wasn’t cold hearted to the point where he would abandon the child, but it was hot, he was hungry, and he just spent an hour shopping for groceries with his lover, increasing his irritability. But as he continued watching his partner calm the crying child and proceed to make them smile as they waited for their parent, Aomine could feel his expression softening at the sight, a tight feeling in his chest that made him want to start a family of his own.. Well, at least not on an empty stomach.

Kise: A toy car rolled past the model’s feet, and Kise raised his brows in slight interest, wondering where it had come from. Once the car stopped and hit a wall, pieces of it broke off, and soon the owner of it, a small child, ran over to retrieve it, saddened because they didn’t know how to fix it. With brows furrowed in concern, Kise’s partner moves over to the child, kneeling down and offering to help. Once the car was fixed, they gave it back to the child and watched as their face brightened considerably. Kise soon joined them and kneeled at their side, grinning widely as the child thanked his partner for their help. “Isn’t _____cchi the best??” He would then turn to his partner, giving a genuine smile. “Ne, wouldn’t it be nice to have one of our own..?” “A toy car..?” “A child~”

Midorima: Midorima was a very patient person, and it sure did come in handy whenever his partner was distracted with something else. Sitting at a park bench Midorima and his partner had been talking, just discussing mundane things about basketball and school, when a small giggle and a blurred figure came into their line of vision. A baby, old enough to try walking on their own, started waddling in the grass around them, chasing a butterfly. One misstep, and the baby fell, their tiny hands catching their fall. A cry was heard, and before Midorima could speak, his partner had jumped up and hurried over to the child, picking them up and holding them in their arms, brushing off whatever dirt and debris had landed on them. Midorima stood, his eyes never leaving the sight before him. It was endearing and beautiful, and when the parents of the child finally arrived to take their child, he made a mental note to come to the park more often, especially the children’s section.

Murasakibara: Going sweets shopping with his beloved partner was the best idea for a date, well at least for Murasakibara. The only tiring event of the day, was standing in line behind a woman and her child, getting ice cream for them. Impatient, he walked around them after getting his own snacks, and dragged his partner along behind him. The child, who was once happy to have their ice cream, accidentally dropped it, and began crying. And it was then that Mura’s partner broke away from him and turned to find out where the source of the cry was coming from. Hurrying over to the child, his partner used a tissue to clean off the ice cream on the child’s shirt, fingers, and face, and offered a couple of snacks from their own bag for them to have. Murasakibara’s pace towards them slowed down, and after kneeling, he sighs and opens his bag “Ne, _____-chin, do you think the kid likes Maiubo?”

Kuroko: Helping out with the kindergarten classes were fun for Kuroko, he got to learn about the children as well as how to care for them, and it was also a great way to spend more time with his partner. Every time a child began to cry or become unhappy, if Kuroko was busy, his partner would be there in a flash, and never failed to make the children happy. It made his heart beat loud in his chest. It was a warm and welcoming feeling, knowing that his partner was the one that he wanted to start a family with. 

Akashi: There was never really a dull moment when Akashi’s family came to visit, and it was even more so hectic when children would visit. This time, his cousin, only four months old, had been left in the younger Akashi’s care, and his partner would not put the baby down. He didn’t mind, though, because watching them hum and sing to his baby cousin, their little hands reaching out and grabbing onto his partner’s finger and smiling at them, it was something that made him want to raise the child himself with his partner. “____, you really love children, don’t you?” He asks, even though he already knew the answer. Seeing their expression soften as the baby fell asleep in their arms, confirmed his question, and he walked up behind them, wrapping his arms around them. “I wonder if our child will be as beautiful as you.~”


Kagami: Though he wasn’t the best with looking after dogs, let alone children, he knew that babysitting was the only way to make extra money with his partner so that they could go out for more dates. He was exhausted, and took a break, sitting down on the front porch steps of the house they were babysitting in, and watched as his partner ran around with the child, both of them laughing and rolling around. It brought a smile to his face, and he wasn’t able to stop thinking about their future, and how maybe, just maybe, they’ll have a child of their own, one that he would love and cherish, just as much as he loves his partner. 

Friendly reminder that BOTH sides in “Civil War” – both Team Iron Man and Team Cap – are utterly and completely WRONG. There’s no “right side” in this fight. They are both misled.

The lesson they both – they ALL – learn is a sobering and illuminating one: that might doesn’t make right, that real friends find ways to compromise and meet in the middle no matter what their divisive beliefs are; that war is not the answer.

Now that I’m home from work I have some more stuff to say about the autistic Peridot theory. And that’s that I can totally see where people are coming from in seeing her coded as autistic. Being autistic myself, I felt like I identified with a lot of what Peridot did.

First and most obvious is the preoccupation with order, the “way things are” and how she falls apart when that’s upended. I’ll get more on to this later, but for now, I want to mention: Though the things she says are pretty terrible, I don’t get the feeling that she says them out of MALICE, that she really BELIEVES IN them. Oh, she believes that pearls are just lowly servants, sure…but it sounds like that doesn’t come from her, it’s simply how she knows that’s The Way Things Are.

But when we come to the middle part of the episode, with her and Amethyst and Steven…Oh, there’s so much to say.

I’ll start with this. Amethyst was not an angel here. She was making fun of Peridot. She was bullying Peridot. Steven noticed it and told Amethyst to “cut that out” when they were in the Kindergarten and Amethyst made fun of Peridot for being a nerd.

And it really broke my heart that Peridot just…didn’t get it. At first she thought Amethyst was being tedious and annoying, but then when Amethyst starting laughing and (seemingly) acting positively, Peridot started changing her view. Amethyst told her she was funny…but she missed that Amethyst meant she WAS funny, not that she was BEING funny.

Then they got to the Kindergarten. Peridot said some things about Garnet that she intended to be mean, but then Amethyst started laughing again. Then she prompted Peridot to say some things about Steven. So Peridot launched into her spiel about Steven. This made Steven really uncomfortable, but being a precious cinnamon roll he couldn’t really stand up for himself, and Amethyst was finding it hilarious. And so Peridot started on Amethyst, thinking she’d get more positive reactions. But this unsurprisingly (to us) did not work.

And then again it was heartbreaking to see her naively thinking Amethyst liked her routine. She really missed it.


Here’s the picture I see painted of Peridot.

Peridot does not INTRINSICALLY understand how other people feel about things. She has to learn her behaviors intellectually, by observing how other people react to what she does, and then modifying her interaction set and worldview to fit that knowledge and explore new knowledge.

This is what happened on Homeworld. She observed how things were and assimilated this as How Things Are. And so she accepts her odious views at face value, and has no appreciation of how that feels to the Crystal Gems - she does not understand why they are behaving differently from what she’s learned.

But she DOES try to change, to learn how the Gems act. She has to start from scratch which is why it’s so hard. And when Amethyst sends loaded signals like that, by laughing at her putdowns of other people and Peridot’s responses to her bullying, she gets the wrong idea. Amethyst laughed when Peridot put down Garnet and Steven. But then Peridot did the same for Amethyst. When she later made up a funny name for a hammer - which had Amethyst in convulsions before - Amethyst showed “the incorrect response”. She doesn’t know what happened because she coded a set of actions and expected responses in her mind. She didn’t understand all the subtext and connotations and nonverbal codes.

Peridot at heart isn’t malicious - she wants the approval of the Gems, she wants to make Amethyst laugh, she wants to be liked and it’s just so, so obvious when she’s waving to Amethyst and trying to get her attention but gets snubbed. And then when she’s talking so awkwardly about how she feels “smaller” or “big”…

One last thing to mention: A lot of misunderstanding about autism that I’ve seen is that autistic people lack empathy. But this so isn’t so, and if we’re going by an autistic-coded Peridot I appreciate that they touched on this at the end, with her precorded speech. Her speech, frankly is crap, it uses a lot of crappy language (defective) and arrogance…but as awkwardly as she does it, she identifies with Amethyst, puts herself on the same level and makes a sincere-sounding apology while saying that she’s trying to learn, and asks for understanding.


So I can totally see where people are saying Peridot is coded as autistic. I really do the same thing - my interactions are mostly based on models of behavior that I’ve observed; I’ve had a lot more time to refine it but ultimately I’m really not any different there. And this is not to excuse Peridot’s words, those were just really crappy, and between her and Amethyst she was definitely the crappier one…but Amethyst was being a bully and owes Peridot an apology too.

I’d really, really like to know what the Crewniverse thinks, are they deliberately making Peridot autistic? Do they have someone autistic on board to write her? Is it all a concidence, and we’re just reading too much into it?

I really love how the show addresses so many…sorry, I can’t think of the best terminology, but mental problems? that the characters have. They aren’t portrayed as blunt one dimensional personality defects to be defeated with epiphanies but as part of their complex personalities. I see it as a major theme of SU, of love and acceptance of people who have these difficulties, so it seems totally in line with the show to me to have an autistic character.

I really, really hope though that they do it right, and aren’t just making her a neurotypical’s best guess at what autism is. It is so important that autistic people are represented with our own voices.

Too Much Tequila

Request: Pairing for @redlipstickandblacktea

Reader description: 5'2", blonde hair, blue eyes, curvy figure, loves reading, writing, and singing, and also loves bad puns, dirty jokes, and tequila. She is the friend that you can call at 3 am and wholl always listen and try to make you feel better but she’s usually end up as a doormat letting everybody walk over her. (Sweety, side note, I don’t like that. Nobody’s worth being stepped on. You seem like a very sweet, very awesome, and very awesome personality.)

Character pairing: Dean x reader(reader based off of @redlipstickandblacktea ’s description 👌)

Warnings: slight angst(only the beginning), drunk dean fluff, and very bad puns

Word Count: 1307

A/n: This is my first one shot ! Hope you guys like it ! Also, small italic part is like a memory/flashback. Feed back appreciated (: (Also, id like to let everyone know, I’m starting a forever tag list, and tag lists for my series, as well as one for one shots/drabbles, so if youd like to be tagged in everything, or only specific parts, by all means, let me know 👌)

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• • • • •

There you were, sitting in the bar, alone. You couldn’t take this life you had anymore. This “apple pie life” all the hunters always dreamed of, wasn’t the big hoo-hah it seemed. You had left hunting about 2 years ago. You became a kindergarten teacher. It was sweet at first. A big break from all the monsters. Then, your co-workers befriended you. Being the new girl in town, you kept to yourself most of the time. But you were glad these girls helped you.

They were sweet at first. Inviting you here, inviting you there, bringing you food, taking you out around town. That is, until you saw their true colors. It wasn’t so obvious at first. A snarky comment about your outfit, they’d uninclude you from the group, they’d blame their problems on you, but you would take it. As a hunter, you had to be tough, but here, you were vulnerable. You’ve always been prepared for monsters, but not people. These “friends” walked all over you, but you didn’t know what to do. You let them.

You’ve been alone most of your life, you felt like you needed them around. You remember clearly what had happened the day before. It was the last straw for you. One of your friends, Emily, had a bad break-up with her boyfriend. You being the loyal friend you were, you went to be there for her, comfort her. You’d thought you were really good friends. Anyways, today, you find out your boyfriend, Eric, had been cheating on you. You called Emily crying, hoping she’d be your rock, but her words were what finally made you crack.

“Stop making everything about you. Can’t you see I’m going through a rough time ? Stop being so selfish. I’m too busy for your crap.” You immediately hung up. You grabbed your keys and you hit the closest bar.

The bartender was sweet. She listened to you ramble on about what happened, and she so nicely made all your drinks on the house. You made a mental note to leave her a big tip. While you were at the bar, you were contemplating whether or not to start hunting again. It was the only thing that made sense to you. Your thoughts were interrupted when someone sat next you at the bar. You didn’t care who it was so you kept your head down. The bartender gave you another round of shots. You were a bit dizzy, downing your 7th shot of tequila, but you didn’t care. Tequila was your friend at the moment.

“Two shots and two beers please.” The husky voice next to you spoke. You wanted to look up but you didn’t let yourself. “And whatever she’s drinking.” Now you couldn’t stop yourself from looking up. Your blue eyes locked with his beautiful green ones. His eyes immediately went to those of concern. You didn’t realize you were still crying. “You ok, sweetheart ?”

You scoffed just a tiny bit. “I don’t know where to even begin describing how not ok I am, but for you, I’m just peachy.” You gave him a fake smile, wiping your tears away.

“I’m Dean.”


“Well, (Y/n), what do ya say I help you out of your funk ?” You eyed Dean. You weren’t clearly in a good state, emotionally, but maybe this man could help you move on.

“Why not ?” Once the bartender came back, you told her that you were gonna be with Dean. She smiled and gave you a thumbs up. She handed you her number in case you ever needed a friend and you were quite thankful. She gave you the rest of the tequila bottle, which was almost full. You took out 75$ and handed it to her. She didn’t want it, but so forcefully, she took it. You were happy. You followed Dean to his table with a taller man, with long hair. “This is Sam, my brother.”

“Hi. (Y/n).” You shook his hand. Nice grip, you thought. After about 6 more shots in, Dean started with the questions.

“So, what do you do ?”

“I’m a teacher for kindergarten.”

“Oh, is it fun ?”

“Oh yes, the children, they’re quite the entertainment.” You giggled as you took another chug of your tequila. Dean couldn’t seem to take his eyes of you. You were short, really short, but he liked that alot. And you can admit, tall guys were more your type.

“So, what’s a pretty girl like you out here by herself ?”

“Well,” If you were sober, you’d never tell strangers about your personal life, but you were drunk, and you didn’t care. “When you find your boyfriend cheating on ya, and your friends don’t care, it’s not such a nice hit to the face.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” You giggled. Dean just eyed you with concern.

“Don’t be. This is probably my last night in town, anyways. I’m thinking about taking up my old profession.” You winked at Dean, who smirked at you.

“Well, whatever suits you best, sweetheart.” You laughed even more as you drank more from your halfway filled bottle. “So Dean, what do you do ?” You saw Dean and Sam exchange glances before answering. “We’re just in town for business.” Of course, drunk as you are, you still had your suspicions. You took of your jacket revealing your bare arms from your strapless dress. You saw Sam and Dean stare at your arm. You had conpletely forgotten about your tattoo. An anti-possesion tattoo. “Well, looky here Sammy.” You stared at the boys wondering what they meant when you saw both of them reach for the shirts and slowly bring them down their chests revealing theirs as well. You smirked.

“Business, huh?” You laughed and drank more of your tequila. The boys seemed to have relaxed more around you knowing about you. After a dozen more shots, Dean seemed to be close to your level of drunk and Sam had left back to the motel.

“So, what do you teach, sweachheart ?” You could hear the slurr in ever word.

“Reading, writing, and occasionally, music.”

“I know your favorite book.”

“Do you now ?”

“Yes, it’s tequila mockingbird.” You stared at him for a second before bursting into laughter. You’d never say it outloud, but you liked bad puns You and Dean spent most of the night talking, him mostly saying ridiculously stupid things that made you laugh. After finding out that you sing, Dean dared you to sing right there in the middle of the bar. Of course, you obliged and it went quite well to say the least. It was an amazing night. You really didnt want it to end. Dean invited you back to his motel and you didn’t even let him finish when you agreed. Since you were both pretty drunk, you decided to walk instead of driving.

Once you were close to the motel, you felt Dean grab your hips from the back and pull you into him. He kissed your neck softly and you moaned just a bit. He had found your sensitive spot. He turned you around and crashed his lips onto yours in a heated kiss. You pulled back slightly to look him into his beautiful eyes. He smirked. “My magical watch says your not wearing underwear.”

“I am, actually.”

“It must be ten minutes ahead.” And that’s when you lost it. You grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him flush to you in a hard kiss. He had found all of your weak spots in one night. Bad puns, tequila, and dirty jokes. And to say, that night was one of the best nights of your life was an understatement. Even though you drank too much tequila, you’d remember it all. The day you met Dean Winchester and the start of your new life.