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Teacher Klaine fic recs

I love fics where Klaine are teachers/professors, or one of them is. I know not everyone likes teacher/student fics, so I’ll warn for those.

Just Around the Corner, by @alianne. Kurt quite literally bumps into his new colleague Blaine on the first day of the schoolyear, and they hit it off straightaway, becoming such close friends that their students think they’re married. Kurt would have no objections to that, only… Only… How does he tell Blaine he likes him as more than just a friend?

*Happy sigh* This story is beautiful in all its awkward, bumbling and hesitating does-he-like-me-that-way glory <3 I loved the bit where Nora thought Blaine was Kurt’s husband when they weren’t even dating yet :-) Lovely!

Outdoor Concert, by morethanwords (can somebody tell me the correct Tumblr name please so that I can tag the author?). Kurt and Blaine have been teaching at the same school for a long time, and have always been best friends, but never more than that. A new geography teacher shakes things up, flirting with Blaine and going out with him, and making Kurt more than a little jealous…

Don’t you just love jealous Kurt and platonic colleagues Klaine with lots of sexual tension? I do, and this story does a wonderful job bringing them together in the end! *Fanning myself because the smut scenes are hot*

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Kindergarten Love

So this started out filling a prompt, and because @alianne requested a kindergarten teacher Blaine fic eons ago. Then it became a sprawling thing covering the major holidays the boys celebrate over the course of Kurt’s daughter’s first year in kindergarten. Plus I know Alianne could use a little extra love, and she deserves some fic written for her once in awhile. Happy Valentines Day all! ~8800 words, on AO3 as well!

I’m so nervous about sending my child to their first day at kindergarten but then I see you, surrounded by adoring kids and being super nice and please protect my child.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, i don't know if you still is accept prompts but i really want you to make a very silly and cute klaine fic where blaine is like 5 years old and havin' a crush for his teacher (kurt) and bringing him a apple and sayin' to everybody in his class that he's goin' to marry with "Mr. Hummel" and stuff...

Wait For Me

Note: This was so much fun to write. It practically wrote itself and it’s quite long. Dear Nonnie, I hope that the tad bit of sadness is alright? It’s mostly fluff and silliness though. I hope you guys like it~

Blaine was helping his mother with grocery shopping. He’s a big boy now, he could tie his own shoes, and sometimes when he tried really hard he could even tie his own bow ties. So he skipped down the aisles, helping to load the bread, vegetables and eggs- “Careful, Honeybee, do you need help?” “It’s okay, Mama, I can do it.”-  into their trolley. He even managed to slip a bar of chocolate under the tomatoes! They were on their way to the cashiers when Blaine suddenly stopped and tugged on her skirt.


“Yes, dear?”

“Can I buy an apple?” Blaine asked, pointing towards the display of apples at the fruit section.

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