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King’s Crown Bar (Chapter 3)

King’s Crown Bar (Chapter 1)

King’s Crown Bar (Chapter 2)


Warning: Bughead Smut

Archie scratched the back of his head, color flushing his cheeks. “Long time no see,” He said lamely.

“Who’s fault is that?” Betty grit. She pulled her cardigan taught over her shoulders. She couldn’t help but notice Archie’s hair was longer than it was last time she saw him.

He winced. “How long has it been? Six, seven years?”

Betty swallowed hard. “It was another lifetime.” She spotted her purse on the counter, snatched it and turned away from Archie, exiting the apartment.

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Both: 欲しかったのは クリアなピジョン
We wanted a clear vision
a passion we wouldn’t exchange for anything
自分の意志で 選んだ今を精一杯 進もう
let’s move forward with all of our strength into this place we’ve chosen of our own free will

Rin: 大切な場所だからこそ 半端な俺じゃ許せない
because this is such a special place I can’t allow myself to be incomplete

Rei: 感情のコントロール きかないくらい アツくなる自分感じながら
with emotions so strong you can’t control them

Rin: ”今更”なんて もう言わないさ
I won’t say it’s too late anymore

Both:今日のスタートに 遅いことはないんだ
we won’t be late for today’s start
認めて気づく 本当の気持ち 誰かを羨んだって 変わらない
if you write your true feelings up as jealousy of someone else nothing will change
もっと素直な心を映す 夢はきっと叶うさ
if you show a more honest heart your dreams will surely come true

Go All Out!

show me all of your strength

alright I won’t lose

I’ll show my best

I accept your challenge

Rei: こっちの準備はとっくにできてます はじめましょう
I was already ready a long time ago, let’s start
日進月歩に進化を果たしてる このバッタで (美しい)
I’m making a lot of progress with this butter (it’s beautiful)

Rin: 言うね
so you say

Rei: 当然
Of course

Rin: オマエの実力がどの程度マシかって 俺が見てやるぜ
let me see just how good you’ve gotten

Rei: 行きますよ
I’m going to start now

Rin: いいぜ、かかってこい
alright, bring it on

Both: GO ALL OUT 思い切りアツくなれ 
GO ALL OUT as hot as you can
burn up in this summer
それでこそ、 ギラギラ太陽に負けてない 
to the point that you won’t even lose to the sparkling sun
劣らない勢いで 身を焦がす
burn our bodies with with the equaling force
俺たちの、真剣勝負 恨みっこナシの青春 真っ盛りだ
our serious battle with no hard feelings we’re in the full bloom of our youth


Rin: おい 怜
Hey Rei

Rei: なんですか凛さん? 
What is it Rin-san?

Rin: 前から気になってたんだが お前 何でバッタしか泳がねんだ?
I’ve been wondering about this for a while but, why is it, that you can only swim butter?
そもそも 何で誰も教えてやらねんだ?
I mean, why don’t you get anyone to teach you?
If you’re taught properly then would would be able to swim normally wouldn’t you?
今どき 幼稚園のガキでもクロルできるからな つか バッタしか泳がねとはありえねぇ理論的に  
even kindergarten kids nowadays can swim crawl, besides isn’t it theoretically impossible to only be able to swim butter?

Rei: なんなんですか黙って聞いてるは言いたい放題この気持しらないで
when do I have to stand here and listen to whatever you want to say, you don’t understand my feelings!
I tried as hard as I could
Haruka-senpai and them taught me very well but I wasn’t able to swim
そうですよ どうせ僕はバッタしか泳げませんよいいじゃないですか 
that’s right, for what ever reason I’m only able to swim butter okay?
そもそも人間は 水の中から進化して陸に上がって生き物なんですか 
anyway humans are animals that evolved out of the water onto the land
you don’t understand people who can’t swim’s feelings, you don’t understand a beginner’s feelings!

Rin: わかったわかったもう悪かった 
fine I get it I’m sorry!
then why don’t I teach you?
what’s wrong don’t you want to be able to swim?

Rei: なりたい  
I do

Rin: なら俺について来い  
then follow me

Rei: はい