kindergarten days

I’ve been doing an internship? (I’m not sure if that’s the name in english) in a kindergarten since some weeks ago and there’s this little kid in the class I’m helping with autism.

He is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen and I wanna help him and know more about how to work with kids with autism but I don’t know where to start lol I know like… a basic thing about it.

He loves to draw (he even drew in a cookie xD) and he likes to pick my hand and make me walk with him. Then he is like “kiss kiss” so I kneel down so he can give me a kiss in the cheek. And sometimes he comes to me with a pencil and says “angry” because he wants me to draw him an angry face in his hand and then he leaves really happy xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I wanna adopt him so bad ;______; <3


M: We were in kindergarten. I was reading a book, and Jer was sitting next to me.

M: …But how can you be sure that he wasn’t being serious? Plus, he’s like… super straight. He’s made it clear so many times. I don’t stand a chance.


((guess who’s back bitches


tiny children

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Hi love! What would you say the top ten sterek fics you've ever read are?

This was REALLY HARD. Mainly bc it’s hard to choose only 10. Because I’m leaving off some great fics (which is why there are more than 10 on here :3)! And some I get mixed up bc I read them so long ago and near each other. (You can always browse my fave fic list here) But I’ve narrowed it to this list. These are the fics that really left impressions on me. They’re all amazing and deserve to be read and loved!!! So…have a TOP 27 FAVE STEREK FICS list :DDDD

1. Cry Havoc by ladyblahblah

In Beacon Hills, the two-year war that’s been raging between werewolves and hunters has begun spilling over onto the civilian population. Meanwhile, in Boston, when the tattoo on Stiles Stilinski’s back is damaged on a late-night hunt he begins to have dreams that lead him across the country, drawn by an inexplicable conviction that he’s needed there. When he discovers that Derek Hale began the war after his mate was killed, Stiles finds himself being offered a strange deal: figure out how to bring the alpha’s mate back, and peace talks can begin.

2. Where the Inevitable Isn’t by Survivah

Stiles has a magical thingamajig that’s supposed to get him out of danger. Trouble is, it took him really, really far out of danger. Like, to the point where he isn’t in the same universe anymore.

“A part of Stiles had been thinking that he’d come home, and just go, ‘hey, Derek, are we mates and you just haven’t said anything about it?’ and Derek would reply, ‘now you mention it, we are indeed! Now come to my bedchamber, where we will have super hot sex and then cuddle after!’”

3. Pack Up; Don’t Stray by the_deep_magic

AU – Werewolves are an enslaved underclass, collared and tagged by human masters. Detective Stilinski’s on duty the night they bring in an untagged stray.

4. Our Memories Are Numbered by rufflefeather

Stiles’ Jeep grinds to a halt, he sees someone running through the rain, he’s not expecting it to be Derek. He’s not expecting a Derek without any memories either, or an Alpha pack that’s coming for all of them. He probably should’ve, because lately nothing goes the way he expects.

5. Ad Astra Per Tentaculum by morganoconner

Space contains a multitude of different species, and Derek has seen and helped a lot of them in his time taking down branches of the slave-trade organization. But this is the first time he’s seen an Aloshrivnik. It’s not the tentacles that draw him in; it’s the goddamn eyes that stare at him without backing down.

“Stiles,” it says to him. “My name is Stiles.”

6. Part of My Melody by hayesgeneration

Derek is a professional classical musician who has found himself lost without a muse, without goal and without even a hint of spark. He’s almost settled nearly contently (if not slightly unwillingly) on having to live his life as a recluse, when his sister finally grows tired of his antics, giving him a Christmas ultimatum.

7. Littlest Alpha by triedunture

Derek and Stiles have taken out the Alpha Pack and pretty much saved the world. Okay, the town. Okay, their remaining friends. But the Alphas left something behind: a baby. And this baby is an Alpha too. Derek is determined to take care of the abandoned child, and Stiles is stuck going along for the ride.

But Stiles doesn’t expect the ride to include seeing another side of Derek, or to find another way to say “family.”

8. Holding Your Own Weight by zjofierose

Stiles Stilinski is the best trapeze artist west of the Mississippi, but that doesn’t do him much good without a catcher. Enter one quiet roughneck who calls himself Derek and knows maybe a little too much about circus arts for someone who was hired to schlep tents. But Derek has his secrets, and so does the new girl, Allison. Who’s being hunted and who’s being haunted, and will Stiles ever be able to convince Derek to help him fly again?

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-Ahem, takes a deep breath and...-

We, are the Off-Colored Gems! We’ll always save the day! And if you think we can’t, we’ll always find a way! That’s why the other Rejected Gems of Kinder-garten believe in…

Let Me Show You Why

Thank you @joeynihil for letting me use the Cody gif :D

Summery: Brett goes out of his way to make you blush or shy but he goes too far.

Warnings: sex, 18+ gif under cut

“Brett’s coming?” You asked when your friend finished listing off the people she’d invited.

“It’s a party to celebrate the team winning all their games so far… why wouldn’t I invite Brett?” She asked, glancing at you in the mirror as she put her makeup on, frowning when she looked over the jeans and t-shirt you were wearing.

“Well… because he’s kind of a jerk.” You mumbled, playing with your fingers as you scuffed your feet on the foot of her bed.

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“A New Mission”

Request: Can you write one where Buckys gf has a 5 yr old daughter who’s very attached to him? She tells her class that her daddy’s an avenger and some of them tease her saying she’s lying. She’s in tears at the end of the day and tells her mom what happened. She tells Bucky so he picks her up the next day and she runs to his arms calling him daddy and he’s so happy to be a dad to this little girl The other kids are awestruck seeing him

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Dad!Bucky

Word Count: 1347

A/N: dad bucky fucks me up. let me know what you think. requests are open and let me know if you want to be on my taglist.

Originally posted by atbuckybarnes

“Ava! C’mon, we can’t be late. School starts in half an hour! Say bye to Bucky and meet me at the car.” You shouted at your five-year-old. She loved Bucky Barnes, your boyfriend. She even started to call him “dad.”

Today was her first day of kindergarten. She was super excited. She wanted to make friends and she wanted to meet her nice teachers. You watched from the car as Bucky walked her to the front porch. He bent down to her pint-sized height, and gave her a big hug. He couldn’t take her to school because Steve needed him for training in the morning.

Ava made her way carefully down the stairs to your little car. She was big enough to get herself into the car seat. You missed the days where you had to help her. She was just getting so big and you knew today was going to be emotional for you. You wished Bucky could’ve been there with you. There wasn’t going to be anyone to pry you away from the school when Ava gets dropped off. Today was going to be hard for you.

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Peter Parker being the father of your daughter would include;

Originally posted by peter-and-mj

A/N: I’m so sorry if this is short, I couldn’t think more of what would happen if he had a daughter but I think there would be a bunch of more things i just lack imagination,,

- First of all, he is too excited to hear that you are pregnant??

- When you tell the big news to him, he flips out and immediately tells everyone

- You being shocked when Ned calls you the next day, asking if the child is half spider or not,

- Being overwhelmed with all of his meaningless questions and handing the phone over to Peter because this is his fault after all,

- When the doctor tells you that it’s time for the gender reveal, you want to keep it as a surprise until birth,

- But Peter knows he can’t survive without learning so he drags you back to the examination room,

-  He squeezes your hand as the doctor tells you it’s a baby girl,

- You turn to Peter only to see him already staring at you, tears streaming down his cheeks, smiling,

- Months later, when the baby is finally born, Peter takes a photo of you two, sleeping together in the hospital bed because he can finally see both of his favorite girls together,

- Before the night of your daughter’s first day of kindergarten, you catch Peter watching videos on how to braid hair,

-The next day, you hear screams from the bathroom, quickly get up from bed, only to see Peter trying to hold your daughter in one place in order to comb her hair,

- She fights back and she is quite strong, even stronger than Peter perhaps,

- You laugh at the sight of your husband, struggling to fight a 4-year-old  back,

- “Daddy! Stop this you are hurting my head!”

- “Darling- if you could-” “Just not move for a second!” 

- As the days went by, Peter learns how to braid her hair without hurting her,

- You waking up a morning and surprisingly not hearing the sound of something being broken or just your daughter’s screams,

- You go check them out if everything is okay and you are shocked by what you see

- Peter is perfecting a french braid while your daughter is showing her daddy how she can count to thirty without making any mistake,

- Your daughter keeps telling her friends, her teachers, random taxi drivers, the cashier at Walmart and your next door neighbor that her father can climb up the walls and shoot webs,

- Everyone thinks it’s adorable for her to think that her dad is a superhero,

- Peter catching her putting his mask on very often,

- “Daddy, can girls be superheroes too?”

- “Of course they can honey, come on let me teach you some of my moves,”

- He often takes her to just swing by buildings,

- She feels “tickles on her belly” every time they do that,

- You all attend to your first wedding as a family,

- “I don’t know which one of you is prettier… But I think I’ll go with my girl this time, sorry Y/N” he holds her hand makes her spin around for a few times, she obviously learned this move when her mom and dad went to their anniversary wedding wearing fancy dresses and she knew her dad was impressed when her mom did that

- You acting like you were  jealous when Peter invites your daughter to dance instead of you,

- Him kneeling down because your daughter is only 6 years old and can’t reach to his shoulders,

- Peter’s face lighting up seeing how happy she is,

- You know he is just trying to hold back his tears

- In conclusion, he would be the best father no matter what and you all know that, bYE!

Missing Person (Jughead One-Shot)

Summary: Part one of a Jughead series I’m writing.

Part one: Archie and Veronica talk about old days

Word count: 797

Requested? No

Prompts: None

A/n: I will be taking requests for Jughead as of now.

Part 2 Here

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

Archie and Veronica walked side by side, each step another second of the present wasted on focusing on the past. They spoke of simpler times when your school year was designated by a number rather than a name. Archie shared a story of his younger days with Betty which soon ended in a comfortable silence, followed by Veronica’s query.

“What about him?” She asked gesturing down the road to a beanied author walking away from hanging a missing person’s poster on poles and mailboxes. “Doesn’t he fit in to your tales?”

Originally posted by dylanobrienbaby

Archie was hesitant. “Yeah, we were friends.”

“What about them?” she asked gesturing to the person in the photo. “I’ve seen the posters around town. I thought this place was a quiet one but so far there’s been a dead body and a missing person.”

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baby, my baby | 07

Originally posted by kookmin

“Raise my child, just for twelve months”

◇ pairing: jungkook | reader
◇ genre: angst, fluff. parents au
◇ word count:  2.9 k
◇ author’s note: i will be updating this series every friday evening, 11~12pm korean time! i really hope you enjoy! the series is on hold for now.

part one ↠ ↠ previous part ↠ part seven next part (coming next week!)

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Sherlock does something he once thought he would never do - he’s about to pick up his daughter from the kindergarten.

John is sick and can’t go.
He asked Sherlock to do it.
At first, Sherlock swallowed and shook his head. Because John has picked her up the whole time she has been there now - for one month already!
John knows the people there and Rosie is used to the view of John when she comes out and … “I will do something wrong,” Sherlock said to John.
“You won’t,” John answered softly and gave Sherlock a kiss on the forehead. “You won’t do something wrong. And she will be so happy to see you.”
“Will she?”
“I … Okay.”

And now he is about to pick up his daughter from the kindergarten.

It’s a warm day and he’s there quite early.
He didn’t want to be too late.
He didn’t want her to be alone while the other kids would be surrounded by their parents, no no. He’s going to do this right.
In the end, he is an hour too early.
But that’s no problem.
At least he can think about every scenario that could happen.

He sits down on a bench - and waits. 

As the time passes, other parents come to the kindergarten. Women, mostly. They talk with each other. They know each other.
Sherlock doesn’t look up from his hands in his lap. Maybe they look at him. Curiously. Maybe they wonder who he is. Maybe. He doesn’t really want to think about it, because it makes him even more nervous than he already is.
But he prepares himself, just for the case that someone speaks to him.
They don’t.

When the doors finally open, a bulk of laughing children comes out.
Sherlock looks up and discovers her almost immediately.
She walks beside another girl. They’re giggling. Sherlock has to smile at the view. Suddenly, there’s only her.
And when she discovers him, she stops and looks surprised for one moment - then, a bright smile spreads on her face.

“Daddy!” She calls and runs to him, with her long, blond hair flying behind her.
The smile on his face widens. He stands up and spreads his arms out for her.
She bumps against him and hugs him.

He can see two women laughing at them and in this situation it’s not difficult for him to understand, that they’re laughing because they are touched. It’s actually a nice feeling to see them laughing. He feels … proud.

Rosie looks up at him and starts to talking very quickly.
“Daddy, it’s nice that you pick me up, you know, Susan told me about this ice cream place where you can have blue ice cream with green sprinkles, I never had that, can we go there Daddy? Can we?”

“We can.” Sherlock says and smiles.

Rosie cheers. Then, she takes his hand and leads him.

He suddenly thinks that he could do that more often …
Because it makes him happy.

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Fav sterek fics?

I have 402 bookmarks on AO3, how do I choose favorites?! I guess I can try ; ; here’s my pathetic attempt at a sterek rec list (fics added as I find them in my bookmarks, not by favorites):

The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (dsudis) [116k, M]

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)

Safety in Silence by Survivah [66k, M]

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.

Easy Trouble by Survivah [55k, M]

Derek+Stiles+fairies = love spell

“Make love to me,” Derek demands.


Where The Inevitable Isn’t by Survivah [41, M]

Stiles has a magical thingamajig that’s supposed to get him out of danger. Trouble is, it took him really, really far out of danger. Like, to the point where he isn’t in the same universe anymore.

“A part of Stiles had been thinking that he’d come home, and just go, ‘hey, Derek, are we mates and you just haven’t said anything about it?’ and Derek would reply, ‘now you mention it, we are indeed! Now come to my bedchamber, where we will have super hot sex and then cuddle after!’”

A Simple Life by Survivah [13k, T]

Derek plans to spend the rest of his life holed up in the woods after Laura dies. Then he meets a stubborn young fox, and the stubborn young fox meets an urn of Deaton’s magic powder, and his plans change.

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Fall For You (M) | 03 (Final)

gif ©

Summary: You hate a lot of things about Jeon Jungkook; you hate his arrogance, his reputation, and his pet name for you to name a few. But most of all, you hate how right it feels for you to fall into his arms, and how easy it is to fall for him.
Word Count: 13,742
Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, college au, sprinkling of feelings
A/N: I feel like I’m sending my child to their first day of kindergarten oh my goodness. I hope you guys enjoy the last part!!

Part 01. Part 02 + Drabbles

Mood music: X

A mistake.

It absolutely had to be a mistake.

There was no way you were in love with Jeon Jungkook, absolutely no way in hell you had feelings for him that ran any deeper than discontent. It had been the moment, the conversation with Jungkook, the awe you’d felt when he showed you his forest. You had gotten caught up in that moment, and your mind had tricked itself into thinking you liked Jungkook.

You didn’t love Jungkook.

You loved his dick. And that was all.

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everyone thought they were Dumbo

“I found myself remembering the day in kindergarten when the teachers showed us Dumbo, and I realized for the first time that all the kids in the class, even the bullies, rooted for Dumbo, against Dumbo’s tormentors. Invariably they laughed and cheered, both when Dumbo succeeded and when bad things happened to his enemies. But they’re you, I thought to myself. How did they not know? They didn’t know. It was astounding, an astounding truth. Everyone thought they were Dumbo.

Again and again I saw the phenomenon repeated. The meanest girls, the ones who started secret clubs to ostracize the poorly dressed, delighted to see Cinderella triumph over her stepsisters. They rejoiced when the prince kissed her. Evidently, they not only saw themselves as noble and good, but also wanted to love and be loved. Maybe not by anyone and everyone, the way I wanted to be loved. But, for the right person, they were prepared to form a relation based on mutual kindness. This meant that the Disney portrayal of bullies wasn’t accurate, because the Disney bullies realized they were evil, prided themselves on it, and loved nobody.”

~ Elif Batuman, The Idiot