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here’s all of yesterday’s animal drawings done in class at the Orange County Zoo!

yesterday was the start of a three-day st. patrick’s day celebration at the OC zoo.  I called it “st. patrick’s day!! almost kind of” so in honor of that i used primarily green to do my color splashes and shading, which i thoroughly enjoyed.

got to work on a strong mix of different animals yesterday, since we had demos on certain things (mountain lions, coyotes, and hawks) but were still free to draw whatever we wanted after those demos were done. click through the pics’ captions for more info.

would anyone be interested in me making a little post about shape design, specifically in animal drawing? i’m just learning the intricacies of it but it’s a very useful tool in simplification and another thought process that heightens your observational skills.

The Cult of the Tired Student

I am not in competition with my fellow students.

From kindergarten to university, the school system fosters a sense of competition within its students. Line up shortest to tallest. Come up in front of the class and finish these math problems on the board. 

“Do better, do more than what that person is doing,” a little voice whispers in your ear. “Why aren’t you doing as much as you possibly can?”

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here are all the (non-zoo) sketchbook pages in my new animal sketchbook so far.  another post is coming for the ones done from live ref, but these were all done via photographs (except for a few at the top of page 3 which is the tail end of class at the LA zoo on saturday)

more description in the captions~


scanned my animal sketchbook pages for the first time in about a week so SPOILER ALERT guess who’s getting a lot of animal drawing today YOU GUYS

all six of these are from about 3 hours at the LA zoo last wednesday.  these drawings range from 30-second to 4-minute gestures.

feel-good protip: really try and fill your sketchbook pages when you draw!  there’s a reason people call it ‘negative space’; a page half-filled just doesn’t feel as good when you look at it, and it only takes a few extra minutes to fill in the blanks.  slap some little 30-second gestures in those holes.  beef it up!  try it out!  it makes looking back at your day’s work more satisfying.