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omg I need WAY MORE school!au

Ask and Ye shall recieve! (A million years after you’ve asked… I am so, so sorry omg. Please don’t hate me.) Special thanks to Court and Sara for dragging me out of my creative slump

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  • So Grantaire decides to take the kids on a field trip to an art museum!
  • But due to rules regarding chaperones it turns out they need at least two guardians to come with them on field trips.
  • Lo and Behold who volunteers to come along but none other than Headmaster Enjolras. 
  • Grantaire’s really confused because The headmaster is generally too important to come on field trips and usually just assigns another teacher so he thinks that Enjolras must really have no faith in Grantaire or think somethings going to go horribly wrong. 
  • So Grantaire is super determined to make this the Best Excursion Ever and has definitely gone a little bit overboard in preparation
  • On the bus there the kids are absolutely rapped with their attention to him because he’s doing the greatest sing-a-long and he’s got his guitar strapped to him and he’s encouraging the kids to sing with him
  • Headmaster Enjolras is kind of just awkwardly sitting at the back of the bus. He’s not quite sure if he’s supposed to sing along or not but he’s definitely got heart eyes at the moment because wow Grantaire can sing
  • When they get to the museum Grantaire makes the kids do a huge daisy chain of hand holding and gives them all these little flower crowns he’s made to wear in their hair (because they’re his little daisies) and he wears one himself as well.
  • Before Headmaster Enjolras can argue he sneakily slips one on his head and leads the way, hand in hand with a flock of children trailing behind him
  • Grantaire has a story for every painting and the children are hanging off his every word and asking lots and lots of questions and he can’t help but notice the Headmaster is staring at him the whole time
  • So when the children are eating their lunch on the grass outside he comes up to him.
    “I wasn’t making any of that up you know, I really do just know a ridiculous amount about impressionism.”
    “What? Oh no, I could tell you did. You uh, you were very passionate.”
    “Oh, good. You were looking at me funny so I just assumed you thought-”
    “-No I wasn’t!”
    “Well… Yes, actually you were. I saw you-”
    “Why were you looking at me?!”
    “I… Wasn’t?”
    “But you just said-”
    “Oh would you look at that, Timmy’s dropped his sandwich in the duck pond. This is an emergency I should go help him.”
  • Cue a very awkward bus ride back to the school where they both keep catching each others gaze and pointedly looking away

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can, please draw Nathaniel and Marinette together? You have a wonderful drawing style, I just fell in love.

Thank you so much, I’m happy you like it! :D

I like to imagine that maybe Mari and Nath know each other since Kindergarten?
Enjoy! ♥ 

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Smokescreen looked back up at Prowl with huge optics. "No Smokescreen-you're going to need to stay here a while," Prowl murmured. He gently put him into the room where there was a handful of other little sparklings. There were a variety-a few grounders and one flier. The other grounders were asleep. Smokescreen's doorwing's swayed, a bit nervous.

The one flier within the room, was simply sitting awake and coloring away, not wanting to have nap time just yet. The teacher was too busy simply dealing with other work and didn’t have the patience to tell Elika to go to sleep, even so, if she did, the young flier wouldn’t understand. Elika blinked her optics lightly and turned to the two unknown persons that entered the room, gently tilting her helm.