kindergarten au

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Smokescreen looked back up at Prowl with huge optics. "No Smokescreen-you're going to need to stay here a while," Prowl murmured. He gently put him into the room where there was a handful of other little sparklings. There were a variety-a few grounders and one flier. The other grounders were asleep. Smokescreen's doorwing's swayed, a bit nervous.

The one flier within the room, was simply sitting awake and coloring away, not wanting to have nap time just yet. The teacher was too busy simply dealing with other work and didn’t have the patience to tell Elika to go to sleep, even so, if she did, the young flier wouldn’t understand. Elika blinked her optics lightly and turned to the two unknown persons that entered the room, gently tilting her helm.

First Day Jitters

Ren was nervous about her first day teaching kindergarten in Los Angles, she had moved here a few months prior when she accepted the position at the school and everything had been a bit of a shock to the small town Kansas girl.

She watched the kids pile into the classroom with their parents and smiled as she wrote her name on the blackboard for the parents to read.

Miss. Winchester.


Lets talk about kindergarten AU ( ゚Д゚)<!!

Also, I’d like to dedicate every fanart of Akakuro of mine for roselilia

She’s an awesome akakuro writer, but lately she had been undergoing depression and unfortunately she had taken down all her fanfic. I’m greatly saddened by it but I really hope she’ll feel better soon. ;~;

I know this wont change her mind and I’m not hoping she would change her OTP, but I’d just like her to know how great her stories are and wished her the best in everything she do. (ノ^_^)ノ