a few of my wishes for you

i hope that you:

  • find someone who makes you smile
  • have courage to confess to your crush
  • have courage to reject someone firmly but not unkindly
  • don’t let anyone take advantage of you
  • look at yourself in the mirror and think “wow”
  • discover new music that makes you dance
  • get an A+ on that paper you worked so hard on
  • hug your family and they hug you back
  • fall in love with someone beautiful and by beautiful i mean kind
  • are happy

Bilmiyorlar ,

Sevgi ve hoşgörüyü ailelerinden görmemiş , abilerinden öğrenmemişler .

Anlamıyorlar,tanışmamışlar ….

( 1 Mayıs’tan bir kare : 

kelepçelenen eylemcinin yanına gelen köpeği tekmeleyen kindar polis ve gösterici )

Bazı akrabaların kindar, fesat, haset halleri beni benden alıyor. Arada kan bağı olmayan insanlar akrabalardan daha iyi çıkıyor!

We’ve come a long way, from where we began, oh I’ll tell you all about when I see you again

Sequel to:

When all else fails, look inside yourself.  The people here can be kind

Are we going to press continue or quit?

Beauty is only skin deep, but..

Make that sound one more time

Prequel to The Silence isn’t so bad…

A litle Torm fic! It’s all come full circle!

@ask-tom-tord this is the fic I was talking about last night!

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“If SOFDTI stays here in TOME she will just rot away into obscurity. Games don’t last forever and we all know this, so we should take this time to get her out of here. She can help so many people, surely you understand why I’m doing this? I’m taking the initiative when all of you refuse to make a move. All we have been doing is sitting idly by running a game when we could be making huge leaps in programming using her. Please, join me in this.”

So i saw a post talking about what if Kindar was the ‘bad guy’ instead of Rubi and I think i’d be pretty interesting. She would probably still view Sofdti as her child, but definitely would be emotionally manipulative to them all. I think she probably wouldn’t have an effect on Rubi, which would be one of the huge reasons the other Netkings don’t join her (he still doesn’t view Sofdti as their daughter but still respects the original decision, so he’d gladly knock some sense into them) because maaaaan would Kindar make the others feel guilty.

anonymous asked:

Sessiz bi insan olanlara, sessizlerden kork onlar sinsi kindar olurlar derler. Çok konuşanlara ise ne geveze bunun hiç mi derdi yok diyolar. Napıcaz biz?

Bilmiyorum cidden bilmiyorum.
Sussak mı konuşsak mı bilmiyorum.
Ağlasak mı yoksa gülsek mi ?
İnansak mı yoksa arkamızı dönüp gitmesk mi ?
Geceleri uyusak mı yoksa saatlerce duvara bakarak düşünsek mi ?
Bilmiyorum ne yapacağım bilmiyorum.