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Favorite blogs??

hi anon!! here are a few of my favorite mutuals:

@imperfectstardust @500fr @sunny-stardust @softdnp @kindagay @yerafangirlharry @dantlers @srsly-howell @tonystarkjpg @ephemeral-dan @hwlle @oops-yuri @gloaminghowell @sparklyraccoon @frormspring @theallaroundfangirl @fireflyphil @angstdan @energeticwarrior @pansexualphil @speedyboybarry @shingekihowell @dailybooth @helllointernet @tbhtooru @homosocksuality @nasaphil @jilliancares @spacekid-oikawa @vyou @danisontnonfire @ivorylester @astronautdan @danaesthetically @blurr-yy @redhowell @plantpot-phil @lesterp @princessdan @writerlester @softphl @htmlsucc @howelle @wafflydan @etherephil @spaceboyhoseok @jooheonym @cansadda @trippingeyes @fallawayoongi @sleeplesshowell @amandar @cozystump @dankmemeshowell @buttsexpizza @mylivingphantasy 

also a lil shout out to people who aren’t mutuals but have a+ blogs that i really admire:

@demonphannie @glowinghowell @amazingphilz @bondange @cringe-attacks

this is just a short list of my pals im so sorry if i forgot you!! feel free to fling me into the sun :( also this is so long overdue im sorry omg 

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what are some good blogs to follow

so it’s impossible to list every single one of my favorite blogs, bc then we’d be here all day, so here are some of my favorites: 

@yuri-howell // @succlester // @homosocksuality // @energeticwarrior // @princessdan // @astronautdan // @shingekihowell // @hourtohour–notetonote // @moonyswears // @cozyboyhowell // @nasapov // @nasaphil // @teabaglester // @cluelesslester // @orbitingphan // @jerseycock // @acephan @actualsappho // @sleeplessnightphil // @lovebirdlester // @ukesav // @angstdan/ @angstieties // @demonphannie // @nonbinaryphan // @wateryhowell // @redhowell // @shakespearedan // @articulatehowell // @crescendohowell // @existentialcatwhiskers // @heathenshowell // @hotlinehowell // @jilliancares // @kindagay // @retgekt // @niphilism // @ufocafe // @daisysunsets // @goddesslester // @dawniel // @winedan // @dantea // @heckphil // @heathenshowell // @helllointernet // @cadenisphantastic // @blackcatlester // @artsyphil // @dnjhwll // @badwolfhowell // @deadpeej // @softdnp // @prettydan // @litraleehowell // @phiru // @all of my mutuals bc they’re all lovely and have amazing blogs! <3

im ??? i’ve had this blog for a little over a year and i remember when i bragged to my friends about having 75 followers, and i never thought id come close to 2k. my blog doesn’t grow very quickly but i’m still surprised when people follow me bc i post a ton of crap and spam my blog with alex almost every day ,, but i’m super thankful that people follow this blog and are there to see my stupid rants and i’m really glad that people come to ask me for advice a lot because it makes me feel like i’m helping other people and i hope that i’m doing a good job of it <3 thank u guys so much for following me , it means a lot :)))

* i want to give a special shoutout to @peppermint-lester because alex is my best friend and one of the main reasons i dont regret joining tumblr. if you’ve followed my blog for more than a week you can see how literally half of my blog is made up of them. we’ve been mutuals for a long time (except when one of us unfollows the other one), talked on tumblr since the summer (honestly idk when) and i started kicking your ass at 8-ball around september and we had our iconic 14 hour facetime and got matching necklaces to finally become more domestic than dan and phil and honestly if someone can name a more iconic duo then i will congratulate you. i love you so much and idk where i would be without you, thanks for sticking around through my rants, keeping me company during physics, and watching the bee movie over facetime with me (and so much more but that would take forever to type out) *

now on to the follow forever! everyone on here are my mutuals, faves/people that ive talked to are bolded <3 im sorry if i missed anyone or tagged someone that im not mutuals with ,,, just let me know!

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