I admit, I mostly draw nordic aliens because they’re prettyboys.

I thought this would be a fun mix up because country people almost never report nordic alien encounters anymore. Now they’re all about creepy greys and the occasional reptilian, while nordics have moved on to become more of a new age thing.

Nordic alien abductions are always super chill and relaxing, so I can just imagine the country boy being super stressed out and repeating “No homo” over and over under his breath.

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I know this isn't exactly langst,, But man, I think a lot about lance being the team's mom

Okay but all I can think of is Lance basically being Makoto from 50% Off.

Lance is Makoto, Keith is Haru, Hunk is Nagisa, Pidge is Rei, Shiro is Rin, Allura is Gou (Kou!), and Coran is Miho. 

I just- 

“Miss Keith Kogane?”

“Ma’am, Keiths a guy.”

“Yeah you wouldn’t have a crush on him if he wasn’t”

“Shut up.”

hey imagine if!!! on earth c!!!!! dirk gets really confused by clothes because hes been a nudist this entire time scinece alpha brotherm letft him no cothes and he just projected things onto himself and didnt understand what real phsycal clothes are like so when he meets his friends and touched their bodies and feels clothes hes really confusd and doesnt undertand why john freaks out when he chest bumps dirk and feels his erect nipples though his shirt !! haha

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Has escuchado la canción de "Echo"? De Crusher-P? :3 Amo como dibujas uwu

Aww Gracias <3! 

Si la habia escuchado, aunque fue hace tiempo y creo que ya no me gusta tanto como antes. Lo que si me sigue gustando es el personaje del video!


Have you ever heard Crucher-P’s song ‘Echo’? I love the way you draw uwu

Aww, thank you <3!

I have heard it before, but it was some time ago and I think I don’t like it as much as I used to. What I still like is the character from the video!

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SO, the promised Parasite AU material!

Despite formerly being 100% human, bug mutants aren’t so easy to take down with one’s bare hands. Some of them have shells that can easily break a few fingers if you punch them bare-handed, and some of them are so toxic that you can’t make direct contact with their bodies unless you want to be in some serious medical trouble later on.

So what do you do?

You get yourself some weapons, of course.

Enter the Speedwagon Foundation circa 1999: due to advancements in science and technology, the Foundation has found ways of being able to imbue various weapons with hamon in a way that even non-hamon users can make use of, involving crystals pre-charged by hamon users and inserted into the item in question. Both Okuyasu and Koichi own weapons of these types; the charge held in the crystals is not permanent, however, and must be recharged by a natural hamon user (Josuke, Jotaro, or Joseph) every now and again to perform at peak effectiveness.

From Left to Right:

Okuyasu’s Bat - A straightforward bludgeoning tool that, despite being made of hamon conductive metal, still has “nails” sticking out of it (actually built into the bat itself) in that classic delinquent style, mostly because Oku begged for it. Since most things will fall if you smack them enough times, Oku’s bat is a very good all-purpose mid-range weapon that works on pretty much anything. Of course, charging straightforward into the fray isn’t always the best option, either.

Josuke’s Brass Knuckles - A close-range weapon that, unlike the others, isn’t hamon crystal based, since Josuke produces hamon on his own. That means that even though the knuckles themselves are extremely simple tools, Josuke can balance them out by getting creative with almost anything else in his surroundings, just like pop. He can also disengage the spikes on them and fling them through the air as projectiles, though retrieving them is always something of a pain afterward. In addition, Josuke is the only one of our Good Boy Trio that can use the Healing Hamon, and can try to charge the others’ weapons with healing properties as well, though it’s a 50-50 chance it’ll actually work.

Koichi WITH A GUN - Koichi’s gun is the newest and most experimental of the Speedwagon Foundation’s projects, formulated exclusively to deal with the surprise parasitic threat. As such, it’s constantly getting upgrades and sometimes takes a moment to warm up in the middle of combat, meaning that Koichi works best when paired with at least one other person. The gun’s ammo amount to hamon-charged darts; the darts are either Positive Hamon charged or Negative Hamon charged, and it takes one of each to land on the target for it to be effective, like prods on a taser. Manage that, though, and Koichi’s gun is probably the most effective weapon of the bunch; a +- Hamon charge coursing through a bug mutant is an Instant K.O. and will subdue all but the largest and most monstrous of mutations.

So. We all know Barry essentially (in a roundabout way) got Len killed because without his constant “there’s good in you” needling, Len would never have accepted Rip’s pitch to go time traveling with him and wouldn’t have sacrificed himself at the Vanishing Point. 

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But I just had a (terrible) thought: The original plan was to attack Savitar and get him trapped in the Speed Force, right? What made Barry change course and try to get through to Savitar and bring him into the fold was Len’s advice that the Flash should remain a hero and shouldn’t let the darkness in him guide his actions. 

Except Barry’s plan went terribly haywire and resulted in a situation where Iris had to shoot Savitar, effectively leaving the Speed Force prison empty and leading to Barry having to take that place. And maybe that still would have happened without Len playing the unlikely angel on Barry’s shoulder, but… chances are that if it wasn’t for Len’s advice, Barry wouldn’t be stuck in the Speed Force now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I mean, clearly those two bring out the best in each other, but with terrible results.

a little bit ago @onecricket gave me permission to color their tfp jettwins lineart (hey this is galleryfxke on my main don’t worry!!) and it was tons of fun! i tried to make a few decisions stray from tfa, like jetfire’s face being gray instead of tan and omitting any yellow from jetstorm’s design to make him stand out more starkly from jetfire. either way i a d o r e these designs so much and i’m glad i could bring a little more life to em  ♥