Friendly reminder that Dan is a person with actual human feelings and trying to pressure him to come out, if he’s actually gay/bi/pan, is just going to make him more afraid to come out.
Ever since this “cheeky new video lol” has started circulating I’ve seen fans literally threaten to hurt/kill Dan if he doesn’t come out in his next video. This is super not OK.
You don’t already “know” he’s gay. You can’t “tell”. Please respect him and allow him to come out (or not) on his own terms.

Okay so, I was looking through the banquet pics again(as you do lol). And specifically at the ones on Viktor’s phone. Now I’m sure plenty of people pointed this out when the episode first came out but I’mma do it anyways cause it made me laugh.

So clearly picture one is Yuuri getting all up in Viktor’s space but it looks as though he’s noticing Viktor is taking pictures. Or even the possibility that he asked Viktor to. Like, “hey hey, watch this” either way he is looking at the camera is his hand in the bottom right corner almost looks like it was poking at the lens.

The next picture to me(as someone who has done stupid drunk shit in the name of “WATCH THIS AND SEE HOW AMAZING I AM”) looks as though he is going, “watch me drink this whole fucking bottle of champagne!”

So now the bottle is open and his right hand almost looks as if he has just ripped off the cork and just nonchalantly chucked it god knows where across the room.

Homeboy then proceeds to very enthusiastically down the fucking bottle. I believe he definitely knows Viktor is taking pictures and is intentionally “putting on a show”. Cause even when you’re drunk you don’t just flamboyantly drink like that just cause. He wants to impress Viktor.

Last one, this fucker, looking right at the camera, looking so damn proud, smug as fuck holding a presumably empty or almost empty bottle. Everything about his face to me screams, “told ya I could do it. Aren’t you impressed?” Who’s to say they’re even actually photos cause to me they look a lot more like screenshots from a video(which Viktor did say he had videos iirc). Where Yuuri starts out making sure it’s recording, is all, “ALRIGHT WATCH THIS SHIT!” Even moves away from the camera so you can see better, downs the whole bottle then runs back over like, “it’s lit, 10/10 would drink again, I did so good” because a drunk Yuuri is a confident Yuuri, and Viktor approves. I can just see the grin on his face, during that scene with his little “wow”

When Credence shifts, when he ducks his head down into the warmth of the scarf to beat the wind, his senses are overcome with the scent of Mr. Graves. It’s so much more than the time he wore Mr. Graves’ coat – now, it is everywhere. It feels very much like he is burying his face in Mr. Graves’ neck and is breathing him in. The scent is comforting, warming, invigorating. Perhaps even more dizzying than the alcohol.

When the wind picks up, howling through the valleys of the skyscrapers, Mr. Graves moves and loops his arm around Credence’s shoulder. His hand is solid and warm, holding Credence tight. Keeping him from blowing away.

autumn dusk at central park ch.2 by @brawlite

February 20

The girls performed at the San Antonio Rodeo!! 

Dinah had a great time at the rodeo! 

Mostly good, anyway! 

She had a fabulous time in NOLA the night before!

Dinah torturing their bodyguard! 

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Fantastic advice from Lauren! 

Tell them, Lauren!! 

Goin’ off!!!! 

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