“You will never be alone again. Wherever you go, I go. You ride, I ride. You fight, I fight. And if you ever die on me, Dominic Toretto, I’m gonna die with you.”

- Letty Ortiz

auburndesolation  asked:

Hey do you have any fics where one of them (preferably dean) thinks the other died/is dead, but in the end they are either resurrected or weren't even dead in first place etc? So basically angst with a happy ending. :) Thanks!

Such fics on our blog are tagged with deathish tag. We actually answered a very similar ask quite recently but since OP asked for a “mistaken death” our fic selection was somehow different. In the light of season 12 finale we are making another list with a particular attention to canon verse fics and mourning by POV character. By definition, this is a rather “spoiler-y” list. None of these fics have Major Character Death (MCD). 

All links go to our reviews unless noted otherwise and were written prior to the season 12 finale. 

I. Canon verse (SU) or AU fics where Dean or Cas saw the other to die or it was very strongly implied/expected. In brackets, we mention the one who died or was about to die.

II. Fics with reunion in heaven (kinda spoilerish but eh, we all need happy end)

Klance AU Fic Rec

(Alt title: a list of klance au fics that was asked for but probably is unnecessarily long)

For @awkpnguin

I went through like 10 pages of my klance au fics that I had bookmarked on ao3 and might have ended up rereading some of them (shhh I’m trash and I know it okay). Sorry for being slow with this ahah–

[Before you ask; no, this obviously isn’t all of my bookmarks considering that I only picked AU fics–]

SFW Fics that are on my A+ list (or are at least a decent read).

chasers of fate - freshia - 2/2
((Reincarnation + College AU. Side Shallura. This is definitely a fave!))

Reporting for Duty - cocoabeaniebag - 1/1
((Doctor Keith x Police Officer Lance. Modern AU. This is a personal fave, it has a lot of nice touches of realism!))

Kindergarten - MilkTeaMiku - 22/?
((It’s mainly focused on Shallura, but oh man kid klance??? That’s so???? Adorable??? I can’t- //clutches chest. It’s as the title suggests, it’s a Kindergarten AU. Shiro and Allura are teachers!))

Please, don’t bite - kagseyamas - 1/1
((Modern AU. One night stands on holidays; yes, this fic is SFW, don’t worry.))

Ocean Eyes - spacezuko - 1/1
((College + Swimming AU))

The Benefits of Afternoon Tea - WhirlyBot - 1/1
((Keith works at a Teahouse; it’s cute and short.))

Mr. and Mr. McKogane - bolbessa - 1/1
((Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU. I recommend reading this even if you haven’t watched the movie. I didn’t watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but this fic was beautifully written! This fic is also written for 2k16KlanceWeek so there’s also some more lovely fics written by bolbessa.))

Sight for Sore Eyes - writewild - 3/3
((Photographer Lance x Writer Keith. Modern AU.))

i am the opposite of amnesia - shizuoh - 1/1
((Hunger Games AU. I suggest reading shizuoh’s other works too!))

waiting for a sign - oathofsilence - 1/1
((Modern AU. Lance gets into a fight and Keith helps patch him up.))

Voltrain - arialsal - 1/1
((Pet Store AU.))

Roommates - manamune - 1/1
((Photographer Lance x Artist Keith. College AU. Roommates. This fic is another one of my faves!))

The Lion’s Den - Gigapoodle - 20/?
((Coffee Shop AU. Trans Keith.))

The Nuances of Color - DylanOhbrien - 1/1
((Modern AU. Keith has a sweet tooth.))

HEVAEN - spadesoface - 1/1
((College AU. Internalized Homophobia. This fic was written for 2k16KlanceWeek so there’s more klance fics written by spadesoface!))

call me, beep me - safra - 10/10
((Modern AU. Wrong Number AU. Minor Shallura. Like the chapters, I rate this fic a 10/10! I love Pidge and Keith’s friendship, and I love the conversations going on between Keith and Lance. Although the fanfic may be off putting since it’s mostly a text fic, but I highly recommend reading this fic if you haven’t! Note: It’s better to read this on desktop than on mobile because italics are used.))

Summer Storms - shaqfu - 1/1
((Magic AU. Modern AU. You should check out some of shaqfu’s other klance fics; there was one that I particularly love called “(Pre)teenagers Scare the Living Shit Out of Me” that hits close to home, not that I made Naruto OCs or fanfics because I was never really involved with that fandom, but definitely makes me remember my beautifully cringeworthy moments lmao.))

Counting in Code - DLanaDHZ - 1/1
((Military AU. A+++++ one of my favorite AUs and a favorite fic of mine with Sniper Lance. This fic was inspired by Lowaharts’ Military AU.))

all i know is we said hello - rire - 1/1
((Childhood Friends AU. Modern AU.))

Barbie Girl - shipstiel - 1/1
((Soulmate AU. Modern AU. Another fic written for the glorious 2k16KlanceWeek! There’s more klance fics written by shipstiel, including Lance’s POV of this Soulmate AU.))

Certified Matchmaker - aestover - 1/1
((Coffee Shop AU. Matchmaker Hunay. Hunk attempts to get klance to be canon. There’s more fics written by aestover!))

when i’m without you (i’m something weak) - jojotxt - 1/1
((Diner AU. Keith works at a diner and Lance is an annoying customer. It’s beautiful okay– //whispers jojtxt also has more klance fics.))

Marked - lissa_molloy - 1/1
((Soulmate AU. There’s more klance fics written by lissa!))

This Time Don’t Make Me Leave - Qpenguin98 - 1/1
 ((High School AU. Trans Keith. I love Qpenguin’s Trans Keith fics okay–))

and i’ll keep you a daydream away - ashtxns - 1/1
((Office / Parks and Rec AU. If you’ve never seen Parks and Rec, then don’t worry because I haven’t either rip. //whispers you should also check out ashtxns’ other vld fics.))

You’re my head (you’re my heart) - Talinor - 1/1
((Final Battle. Established relationship. I really like Talinor’s writing, and they’ve written other klance fics too! I’d also suggest An Alternate Solution which is a Dragon Age Origins AU which is kinda spoilerish combined with a Trans Keith.))

of florists and tennis shoes - venpast - 11/11
((Flower Shop AU. College AU. Coffee Shop AU. Similar to The Lion’s Den, I went through an emotional rollercoaster through this beautiful fic. It might also be because I’m a sucker for flower meanings and klance fics in general.))

try if you can - aknightley - 1/1
((College AU. There’s more klance fics written by aknightley and I think I’ve said this before by this person is seriously my favorite writer on ao3.))

NSFW fics that are on my A+ list (or are at least a decent read).

Young Lovers - Fanhag102 - 1/1
((Smut. High School Klance in a small town. Secretly Dating. I really love this fic, NSFW content aside, because it gives a lot of realism. The setting is somewhat unique, granted that it’s a HS AU, but isn’t entirely focused on the high school aspect asides for Klance being in their final year of high school.))

I didn’t really bother much with the nsfw content. Although I’d like to say that as a reminder, not every explicit content is smut, considering that I do have some gorey fics bookmarked.

Anyways, for now, that’s pretty much all of my favorite klance au fics!

Akatsuki no yona-the prophecy

This is kinda spoilerish for chapter 141
I have a feeling that this part of ik-soo s prophecy:
The blood of the dragons will revive once again,  and the ancient pact will be kept

Has not yet come to pass. I mean, sure the four dragons are around but have they done anything to keep the ancient pact?
No. I dont think so.
Then we have this xing arc, with those fishy pristes and almost every one claming that the hell with gods, we do whatever is our objective.
It feels like something is gonna happen with those black clad prisetes that would likely force a chain of events. Starting from wind tribe doing as Hak asks to Hak himself going to aid his dragon family and the dragons to finally keep their pact.
Then there is this part:
When the four dragons are gathered,
the sword and shield which will protect the king shall awaken

I have a feeling that this arc is going to introduce them. If they are people not things. Well that was all. I hope this arc continues to deliver.

“You never answered my question.”

Alec raised his eyebrows at Magnus, who laughed a little and looked away. “You know, after the wedding, after our….” he gestured between them and smiled fondly at the memory. “Kiss?” Alec finished and Magnus nodded. “Yeah, that. I just… you never answered my question. Well, not really.”

“About me regretting it or not.” Alec replied slowly. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement and Magnus bit his lip and gave him a lopsided grin. “Look, I know you did what you did for you. And I support that one hundred percent. I’m your biggest fan.” Magnus did a little “ra ra” gesture by pumping his fist in the air half heartedly and Alec chuckled. “What you did…I’m proud of you. And I’m glad you chose you.”

“But you’re wondering if I did it for you, too.“ Alec said and Magnus nodded again. 

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r*ka:  ia ddidnt mean to cree ate a cult and drug people and manipulate an innocccent broken boy into faciliutatin my gooals whichhh ultiimately led to his demiseo,,,, i justt wanted v to love me like the sun ssso my d evil would grow stronger………. it was the darkness i didnt mean to hhurt an yone i just WANTED them to be happy by makin them take drugs and then torture them annnd then give th em drugs again so they would REMAIN dddocile and dou what i told them to…. i just wanted to be their saviour so they would lovee mme and only me,,, pls dont send me too jail i;;;m a terrible person. im so sosorry please,,,,,,,,

mc and the rfa:

Okay but im just having a lot of feels about codsworth.

Like who knew a robot butler would tug on my heartstrings so much, and would make me care about him as much as i do? I mean my god, from the first time we see him hes not just some mr. handy from the local robco outlet. Hes a part of the family, even though hes newer to it than shaun, and hes just so sweet and caring. Yeah he may be programmed that way, but then you see him watching the coverage of the bomb drop and theres so much emotion in his voice. And then when you come back and hes been dutifully tending the posies and trying his best to clean up the neighborhood because he just KNOWS you and shaun and the spoise will return one day, and if you dont then it will be your descendants. Thats not just programming, hes not just doing what he was made to do, if you listen to the emotion in his voice thats faith. The fucking robot has faith in you, and when he follows you around watching you do good deeds and becomes closer to you again he just…

My god. That robot has more humanity in his circuits than some people i know and ive been playing for like four days straight and im just having a lot of emotions about that sweet bucket of bolts okay.