20-minute sketch with pastel pencils.

…Because - just like Killian a few minutes later - I needed to get this out of my system. :-) This is the first in what is undoubtedly going to be a series of “Pancake” sketches because HOT DAMN.

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Supercorp Appreciation Week
↪ Day 1: When you started shipping Supercorp



I didn’t have anything prepared per-se, so have a preview of a thing I’m working on!!

the bendys above are as followed @askdaddybendy@askpinkyinky (i used the old design ;;) @lildevilasks @ask-showstopper-bendy

Name one hero who was happy

Keith’s hand held Lance by a hip when he struggled to stand. There was blood on his forehead and in his mouth. His face was bruised, dark skin marked by blues and violets. Keith was sure that Lance’s ribs were bruised or even broken but Lance was stubborn and refused to lay still. He supported most of his weight on Keith and even if he was rather skinny, more “long” than tall, he felt heavy. But Keith kept Lance up. 

They managed to do few small steps and Lance made few small pained noices but he looked okay. With slow and steady pace they walked through battlefield to Red. Lance felt anxious about leaving Blue behind but Keith told him that Shiro will take her home. 

Lance muttered something but Keith couldn’t hear him. His voice was so quiet and so un-him it made Keith worried even more than he already was. Lance usually spoke and laughed for whole universe to hear him. Keith wanted to scream.

“What did you say?” he asked. 

Lance looked at him with bloody smile. 

“Im going t-to be the first” he told him. He sounded like he just ran a marathon. Tired, with quick breath, but happy. Keith looked at him, confusion in his eyes. Lance explained him.  

“You asked me before… m-mission to name one hero who w-was happy. That was… my answer”  

Keith looked at him for few seconds and then smiled. 

Please, he thought. 

Tell me if you see mistake, english is not my first language ^^” 

Also you can ask me to draw something for you, I need to practice and have no idea what to draw. 

edit: thank you @wispenne that you corrected me :D im happy that you like it tho