Ex-Friends [Part 1]

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Blood, Language
A/N: Thank you guys for all the love on Secrets! I’m glad you enjoyed it! This one is another four part series, hope you like it :D I’m posting this earlier than planned cause for some reason it’s not letting me schedule it right. 


“What? How the hell does X equal 23?” you grumbled to yourself, dropping your head and your notebook and letting out a groan.

It was almost one in the morning, and you had a massive headache from studying for a test you were destined to fail. You were actually pretty decent at math, being in an advanced course, but lately you had been distracted and forced to cram for the test tomorrow.

There was classical music playing in the background because you heard that helped with studying, but at this rate, you weren’t sure anything could help.

Clicking the home button on your phone, you let out a frustrated sigh when you saw that you had been studying for a total of five hours without break. Your bed looked incredibly inviting, and all you wanted to do was crash into it, even if it meant getting a huge F on tomorrow’s math test.

“Maybe I could set an alarm to wake after a quick nap,” you debated, leaning back against your chair and frowning at your studying notes. All the numbers were starting to blur together, probably due to your drowsiness.

When you heard a tap against your window, you jumped so badly that your phone fell out of your hand and into your lap as you stared wide-eyed at the figure on your fire escape.

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  • Rachel Morgan: sharp black pantsuits, the sound of running water, the slight scent of perfume, laughing while being tickled (or tickling someone else), falling asleep in your kid's twin-size bed, Chinese takeout on a wobbly table, a stack of family photo albums, a perfect French manicure
  • Abby Cameron: skimpy lace nightgowns, eyeshadow palettes with an unnecessary amount of shades in them, coffee mugs with sassy quotes, monochrome workout clothes, a white duvet tangled on a hotel beds, French windows thrown open to let in sunlight, making terrible puns and then laughing at them, staying up late to look at the moon
  • Matt Morgan: a river flowing through the woods, early morning sunrises, family-size bags of M&Ms, a fire roaring in a fireplace, the feel of an old flannel jacket, worn-out punching bags in run-down gyms, the smell of wood smoke, old sheepdogs lying on older rugs
  • Joe Solomon: rainy days and wet asphalt, parts of a gun arranged perfectly on a table, perfectly grilled steak with a side of mashed potatoes, the smell of icy mountain air, flickering lights in a concrete room, old notebooks in a dusty metal lockbox, fading scars, the arc of a raised eyebrow
  • Catherine Goode: bloody and scraped knees, dark red nail polish, a half-empty box of matches, the sound of humming in a rocking chair, black turtlenecks, loud and melodious laughter echoing in a room, the scent of burnt rubber from screeching tires, worn and stained books of old fairy tales
  • Edward Townsend: a martini with a single olive, the muffled sound of an argument through an apartment wall, a barber's razor dragging down a cheek, stained carpets, the smell of scrambled eggs and toast, silver cufflinks, sleepless circles under bright eyes, the sound of an airplane propeller
Here's my outside-of-the-tag "Ben's Letter From the Refuge" rant

-just based off of the audio okay

-It’s in a different key. They transposed it up like a whole step(?) for his squeaky lil voice.


-He was not stoner Race in the refuge. Far from, my friends. FAR FREAKING FROM.

-He’s so young. That’s the main thing I’m gonna say. You get like a babbling/chatty child thing off of him and he’s younger than Zachary.

-Okay, he tried to put on a bit of vocal flair where Zachary just kinda talks it. I feel like it’s written to be a talky, honest song. Just a letter. But maybe that’s just because that’s how Zachary sang it in the first boot. And Ben sounds AMAZING on it, vocally, but yeah, I expected just a liiiiittle more honest emotion? (I know it’s his first night these are opinions so fight me you’ll probably win)

-But like it might have worked in his favor a bit. His Crutchie reminds me of Andy’s, because Andy’s would be such brightly painted-on optimism because he seems like he’s physically not used to frowning. He sounds so optimistic, or at least in a hurry to make Jack think so (he might be nervous but he’s nervous and stuttering at the top of his lungs like “ITS GONNA BE OKAY I PROMISE IM DOING GREAT”).

-The moment where he breaks. THE MOMENT WHERE HE BREAKS. Can I please just listen to “Damn this place” on repeat for the rest of my life because it’ll slowly deprive me of all other emotions. LISTEN TO HOW DIFFERENT HIS VOICE GETS.

-Did they change/modify/add to the orchestrations because damn??? It sounds gorgeous good lord

-you can hear Ben breathing and at first I was like “isn’t that a liiiiitle overdramatic??” but then it started kinda working for me idk I guess I need the visual

-how many times do you think he’s sung that in the shower

-But yeah. Zachary is kinda more “tired” but keeps revving himself up to say something inspiring before going back down. More honest. More talky. Ben is a rambling child singing a song and the weight of everything doesn’t even hit us until almost the end of the song. My heart hurts so fucking bad and I haven’t even listened to Prologue yet.


Strangers Pt. 2

Warnings: A tiny bit of angst to the end if you squint. Some mention of doin’ the nasty, knocking boots, you get the gist.

Word count: 1939

A/N: Here it is! Part 2! It got a little out of hand but it’s ok, right? I was thinking of maybe a part 3? Hit up my ask box with ideas about that or if maybe if you just wanna submit or request a lil thing.

Read Part 1 here, friends. 

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You groaned, breathing in deeply as you let yourself adjust to the sensation of being awake and the not so pleasant sensation of your throbbing head and the nasty taste of last night’s liquor on your breath. You shifted, groaning slightly into the soft mattress. The REALLY soft mattress. The softer-than-your-regular-mattress mattress.

“Wha-?” You rolled over, suddenly very aware of the presence of another person on the very soft mattress. Sure enough, a man lay beside you, facing away with the soft comforter pulled over his head, his soft snores rhythmically piercing the silence. You reached out hesitantly moving the blanket down slightly exposing a nest of lustrous silver hair and slightly familiar features. You eased forward, trying to get a better look at the man before freezing. Your heartbeat began to race as you continued to stare at the man below you. It couldn’t be. There was no possible way! He was still out of state, living with his mom, right?

You breathed out slowly. Okay. Okay you could work with this. You bit your cheek, easing out of bed slowly, grateful for the uncanny lack of creaks from the bed. Quickly, you grabbed your panties from off the floor, following the scattered trail of clothing out of his bedroom and pulling them on haphazardly. You tiptoed down the stairs, flinching as the floorboards let out a loud whine. You paused, holding your breath and waiting for the telltale signs of footsteps from the rooms above. When there was none, you let out a sigh, continuing down the stairs, snatching your purse from off the man’s kitchen table, rummaging around before locating the small bottle of ibuprofen you carry around, just in case. You popped a couple pills in your mouth, pulling out your phone as you slowly opened the door, shutting it quietly and leaning against it. You quickly dialed Cece’s number listening to the monotone ringing.

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FMK: Old Timey Sarge, the Winter Soldier, Poor Sweet Deprogrammed Bucky ala CACW.

Ooh. This has to be done just right or I could destroy the very fabric of existence, right? 

Originally posted by llcoolpenguin-blog-blog

If I kill Old Timey Sarge, the other options are off the table. This means I either have to fuck him or marry him.  

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

As cute as he looks in his uniform, I don’t know if I’m prepared for the reality of being married to a man from the forties. Despite his best efforts to be cool, I think he’d struggle with me being the primary breadwinner, maintaining separate finances, keeping my own surname, etc.

Originally posted by lowkeysebastianstan

I think I’d break his brain even worse than Hydra tbh and our marriage would limp along fuelled by constant bickering and hate sex. I am a lazy woman and that scenario reeks of effort so I guess I’d have to nail Old Timey Sarge…

This leaves two options for the person I’d marry: Poor Sweet Deprogrammed Bucky or Brainwashed Murder Strut… 

Unfortunately, Poor Sweet Deprogrammed Bucky doesn’t actually exist yet and I don’t think you can kill something unless it exists. I might need to take more drugs to figure it out for sure though…

Originally posted by rogerses

If we’re talking about Civil War Bucky Beefaroni, he’s in cryo. I like to call the shots and require a lot of space but a frozen husband would be too tragic and emotionally distant for my needs. I mean, who’s gonna drive me around and cook for me and do my laundry? Plus, he’s already basically asleep so if the plug was pulled, I think he’d just drift off and the thought of him finally being at peace kinda works for me.

Originally posted by morefelton

So, I guess that means I’d have to live in sin with the Winter Soldier because Brainwashed Murder Strut doesn’t have the capacity for consent and our sham of a marriage couldn’t possibly be legally-binding. If it’s any consolation, I would be really, really nice to him and I’d try my best not to let him kill anyone but there would probably still be some punching…

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I over-thought this…

Run (part 2) [googleplier]

Hey if you’re still taking requests, could you do one wear Google has the reader locked up in his room at the building where all the egos live/work? Kinda yandereish I guess it would make sense cause he’s a robot and he doesn’t quite get the concept of love. You could have the egos find out or not. I’m weird lol. Also I understand you were having some problems this past week. I’m sorry to hear that. I wish all of my love and happiness out to you, so you may have better days.

Run (Part 1)

this was really fun to write, and my idea is psychopath writing fun lmao :) I hope you like this anon!

Warnings: possible abuse, swearing 

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"Its 8:30,I have a hangover and you're annoying me. " with reaper. If someone hasn't beat me to it yet.

[Gunna make this a little AU so I can kinda work it all in I guess? hope that’s ok]


Here lies a one Gabriel Reyes, cause of death, about seven too many shots of the very good vodka that his friend plied him with. He groaned when he felt a weight on his chest, the flapping of coveres the sound of flesh moving agaisnt flesh, the feel of even your eyelashes beating against his skin seemed painful. Everything was screaming.

His head felt like someone was just looming over him banging a drum over and over. There was a kiss on his cheek, he groaned once more , an arm flopping over the lump led across his chest, stroking the bare skin, it felt calming and something to distract him from the feeling of dread, dread that he was this close to letting everything from the night come spilling out in the bathroom.

“I told you not to stay out too late didn’t I?” you said feeling his fingers brush along your sides, lazy circles as all he could do was moan at you, a pathetic grunt of a reply.

“And I bet you let Jessee buy you at least five drinks.. you can’t keep up with the boy Gabe” you rolled your eyes and peppered little kisses along his face and neck.

“Its 8:30,I have a hangover and you’re annoying me. ” He mumbled as he forced his eyes open looking at his alarm clock, the bright red letters searing into his head.

“Well, we have a meeting at 10 so you better get well soon” you said tapping his nose with your finger before you got up.

You soon came back with a large glass of water and some painkillers, you handed them to him once he had propped himself up on the pillows. He thanked you and downed the both at once. You joined him back in bed and leaned against him, he held you close, eyes closed, enjoying the silence and the soft feel of your skin.

“I won’t be doing that again any time soon..” He mumbled kissing your hair.

“Untill tonight right?” you teased him, finally a chuckle escaped him, he winced wishing he hadn’t. “Just mercy kill me” Gabe sighed and rest his head against yours.

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Hey if you're still taking requests, could you do one wear Google has the reader locked up in his room at the building where all the egos live/work? Kinda yandereish I guess it would make sense cause he's a robot and he doesn't quite get the concept of love. You could have the egos find out or not. I'm weird lol. Also I understand you were having some problems this past week. I'm sorry to hear that. I wish all of my love and happiness out to you, so you may have better days.

YO WHO WANTS THIS TO TURN INTO PART 2 OF RUN? Cos I’ll do that, or make it a completely different thing 

Bloodlust - Part 2

Word Count: 2461

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

The four of you were sitting around a table back in the bar. Dean had pushed his chair over close to you and you leaned into him as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders. A waitress stopped by to bring you all another round and Dean went to reach for his wallet with his other hand. “No, no I got it.” Gordon said.

“Come on…” Dean protested.

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So @lord-peepers suggested the song Poor unfortunate souls and there are some parts of the song that are pretty spot on. That, and Broadway Ursula sounds like Lavette. So there ya go. I edited out parts of song to make it kinda…work for her? I guess so it might feel weird at points but I tried.
ALSO IM SORRY @westleybestley for freely using your char in this horrible au song.