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AU: Victor and Yuuri meet at Skate America in Detroit before the Sochi GPF

Yuuri would recognize him anywhere.

(Not just by his looks but by the way that the world follows him–eyes, crowds, even the air, gravitating towards Victor Nikiforov as he walks with a stride that makes him look as though he’s skating whether he’s on the ice or not.)

He’s about to skate, with Victor Nikiforov watching.

And he holds his breath, but it’s not enough. He tries to blink, tries to make this feel less surreal, but it’s not enough. Celestino seems to understand, squeezing his shoulder and suggesting he go take a moment to settle himself before he begins warming up for his short program.

Yuuri heads to the bathroom, leans over the sink and splashes water on his face. He breathes, in and out, deep, and tries to focus on his own reflection.

When a toilet flushes.

A stall opens.

And, just like that, there he is. Yuuri supposes the most surprising part about his appearance is the lack of dramatic music, the fact that a red carpet isn’t being rolled out in front of his feet. No, Victor Nikiforov is simply washing his hands, and he glances to his left, sees Yuuri and smiles. Smiles.

(Yuuri hears the music, then. It’s in his head, but he hears it.)

“Good luck,” Victor says, scrubbing underneath his nails.

Yuuri forces his jaw shut, figures he looks like a fish gaping like that. “You… You too…” His voice trembles, he hates it. “Not that… Not that you need it.”

He grabs some paper towels, begins drying off his hands. “What makes you say that?”


“Everyone needs luck,” Victor says, and as he passes by he purposefully brushes his fingers across Yuuri’s bicep, one eyebrow raised as a challenge. “See you on the ice.”


Some @ask-sadisticdark inspired pen sketches bc hoo boy I’m Weak

the other best thing about having a minor breakdown is that people that have breakdowns don’t have to worry about other shit anymore.. i’ve decided this. so i’m wearing the orange lipstick that looks great on my lips and stupid on my skintone, and eyeshadow that doesn’t match, and i put my hair up in a ponytail holder for the first time in years even though there’s really not enough hair for me to do that yet. pieces are falling out everywhere, we’re pretending it’s sexy. and now i’m gonna watch bob ross and paint along, because i don’t have to care about if i’m a good painter. who gives a fuck. i cried before 9 AM. we’re gonna get some pthalo blue up in here, up in here


supercorps really out here making me feel some kinda way every single day . without fail. they never fuckin gnrest for two seconds and let me ha ve bpeace .ive never been around fanbase that goes so hahrd but its fucking 7:00am and too early for me to be blubbering…fuck y’all talented asses………..

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I'm actually getting quite sick of people portraying Anti and weaker than dark Or basically his bitch, for lack of better words

i mean, that’s kinda the way i see it tbh so i can’t really agree, but i won’t disagree either. i know what it’s like to really hate how someone or something is portrayed, so i get where you’re coming from. as long as you don’t prevent people, your opinion is perfectly valid cx

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Hey! What are your NOTPs anyway? And give reasons why.

Please don’t sound so demanding, okay?

Humm, there are several ships that I dislike but only a few that I dislike strongly enough to call them NOTPs… They’re popular pairings though. Welp, to each their own taste, huh?

Xander x Ryouma: I just can’t even imagine them involved in a romantic way. Their supports were strictly professional and I don’t even think they’d talk to each other if it weren’t for their countries/Kamui.

Xander x Laslow: I… I don’t even know how/why this is a thing. I like Laslow but he just seem so far from what Xander would like in a partner to me? Their whole supports is just Xander getting pissed at his unproper attitude and scolding/punishing him for it, though they seem to get a bit closer at some point, but even so it’s in a professional, kinda distant way. Anyway, my brain just cannot process this ship. Xander literally acts like a paternal figure to him (and Peri).

Leo x Takumi: Besides the fact that they seem both strictly straight to me, I literally can’t picture them as something else than good friends sharing a sense of rivalry.

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I started watching Miraculous Ladybug because of you, and it's awesome! But tbh, it annoys me how Adrien never seems to stand up against Chloe and tells her to piss off or something, seriously that little vixen needs a good slap in her face

That’s because Adrien understands where she is coming from. They both come from similar backgrounds. Important families. Chloe is, however, lucky enough to have a father who loves her, even if his choices aren’t that great.

What Chloe does can be terrible. But Adrien is how he is out of a sincere understanding. Also, I’m pretty sure there are moments when he does stand up to her. It’s just that he does it in a sort of lowkey shuthehellup kinda way while Mari tends to get personally affected (which is portrayed as a flaw in her character).

I figure Chloe will go through some growth next season. At the end of the day she is just a young girl and, while I hate bullies, she deserves to grow and be forgiven. She has her insecurities just like everyone else. She just has an unhealthy way of showing them.

But we’re supposed to look beneath that. She can be annoying, I know. But there are times when I tend to feel a pang of sympathy.

At the end of the day, Adrien is lonely. His friends and that school remind him that he’s loved. Yes, even Chloe.

I personally think Chloe feels powerless most of the time and puts up a front. That’s why she idolises Ladybug, even going so far as to dress up as her. That’s why she often becomes a victim. I think she wants to be strong and lashes out because she isn’t.

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Hrello,I really like Cirrimon,I love the design and I was wondering if it is a bad or a good digimon,in the description Fowlcirrimon looks like a very angry digimon.Also,are you going to design the whole evolution line?

I guess Cirrimon is a “bad digimon” in that they are sort of a typical Virus type and act like jerks. Not embodiment of evil bad, but in a villain of the week henchmen kinda way that in a dub would be given weird goofy voices.

I also flat out couldn’t think of a mega design. Part of me wanted a giant multi headed multi winged “bird” thing, but I like Digimon “lines” where it takes weird turns rather then just be a gradual progression. If I was feeling extra vanilla maybe a winged Barnacle “knight”. Also Cyprismon was originally going to be an in training level, but became a rookie Digimon cause I couldn’t think of a different design for one pfff.

so i started a new game because i wanted to marry leah and A] I forgot how annoying it is to walk everywhere without a horse/mine carts and B] I got a dog in this game and oh my god

like the cat would just kinda walk a little ways and then nap most of the day


it’s okay tho i love him

See, there’s the “High School History” Nerd who spouts righteous outage at meme-history that didn’t actually happen the way you’re taught.

The smug “God, you still believe High School History, listen-” Nerd who spouts righteous outrage at the fact that popular historiography is bad but still only has a survey-level grasp of what’s presently considered ‘right’ in modern historiography.

And the “Ngh, yeah, kinda, but it’s way more complicated than that. God, okay, bear with me here, cuz I’m gonna have to start like 500 years back and three countries away to explain why that’s not quite right-” Nerd who is full of righteous outrage at the very existence of history itself, and the cosmic farce that made it the field they’ve chosen to be good at in life.

Better yet, every single one of these people will be proven completely wrong about what they’re saying now in the next two, three decades, easy.

  • <p> <b>Yurio:</b> One time when I was little, I had a crush on a guy in my figure skating class, but I didn't know how to deal with it so I just wrote him a note that said "Get off my ice rink."<p/><b>Otabek:</b> So you're the one that gave me that note...<p/></p>