• PTA Party With Sans and Toriel, they decided to bring Papyrus along.
  • <b> Toriel:</b> It's no problem, Papyrus, and please, I've told you before call me Tori.
  • <b> Sans:</b> Having fun bro?
  • <b> Sans:</b> Yeah, Greg's pretty great. It's a shame that he's married to Hellen.
  • <b> Papyrus:</b> HELLEN?! And here I thought he had high standards, LIKE ME.
  • <b> Sans, Toriel:</b> *Snorts* OMG. *snickers.* Paps...
  • <b> Papyrus:</b> *oblivious* YES?
  • <b> Sans:</b> You're the best ever.
  • ((Kinda ooc, but I couldn't help it.))

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Solangelo and MDH

Okay so I started this like forever ago (not from a prompt or anything, just something that popped into my head) & I feel so bad for not doing any of the one shots I said I was gonna do last weekend so I finished this up! Please enjoy and keep on waitin for those one shots! 

Will watched from the corner of the crowded coffee shop as Mister-Dark-Hair arrived, right at his usual time. Will had been coming to this coffee shop since his freshman year of college and he’d seen MDH there every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the same time since Wills sophomore year. He would always sit in a far off spot, away from most others, and do whatever it was he brought with him to do. Will thought he’d seen him with a sketch book a few times, but those days seemed like MDH had less books then other times, so maybe it was a hobby, rather than a major. Will always stared at the unknown man when he was in the shop, but had never had the courage to strike up a conversation. MDH grabbed his usual caramel swirl hot coffee and looked for a seat. There was only one lone table left and it happened to be the one next to Will Solace.

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anonymous asked:

I would really love it if you did 5 and 45 :)

I actually already wrote a fic based on 45 a while ago which you can find here :)

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

The end of the world brings a lot of new things to everyone’s lives - the fact that you could become the very thing trying to kill you with one wrong turn, the erasure of who you once were, the destruction of families, the requirement of killing, even killing the ones you love.

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Please boost the fuck outta this.

So I know a few RP blogs that either follow me or don’t know me at all and all I’m thinking is… I kinda wanna RP with these people. So if you follow me and you were too shy or something, please hit me up. I accept EVERYONE. I do threads, I do DMs and I do asks and I always try my best.

Please I’m asking you, all my amazing followers, to reblog this and idk maybe tag some people you KNOW love RP because I just wanna have so many different stories and people and I can never reach people on my own. So if you would be so kind to reblog this and maybe tag some people? Or just reblog it, then that would be so amazing. Thank you 💙❤ (Eyy I see you liking all this shit but you gotta reblog it for it to actually work 😂😂😂😂 no jk, no pressure)

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I saw your post about Stan and Ford and the scenarios and I loved it! You got any other scenarios or headcanons?

Thank you! *rubs hands together* Glad you asked!

Might put this under a read more if it gets too long, which is more than likely. XD EDIT: I was right.

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