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Even if Jason never makes to the DCEU (Which I kinda doubt), I do hope that they show a flashback of the night he was murdered by Joker and Harley on the Batman movie, it'd give a lot better understatement for his more brutal ways imo.

I mean, if you want to up the angst factor you could show Jason’s death… but idk I’m kinda tired of Jason always being characterized by his death. Like it’s something that happened to him and a major part of his life, but it doesn’t define everything. I said this before BvS came out and I still stand by this.

I’d like a 1 to 2 minute scene where maybe Bruce is Brooding at Jason’s case and we get a flashback. We see young Jason stealing Bruce’s tires, Jason being welcomed into the house and laughing, Jason training/Jason bonding with B, Jason out as Robin and he smiles and looks up at B and smiles and then maybe it all turns to grey and we catch glimpses maybe not of the death but the wreckage of the event or even a grave.

Idk, my point being, if we’re going to have Jason be a part of DCEU (please please please) I’d like to see bits of, well, Jason. Not the Costume Behind Glass, not Batman’s Biggest Failure, Jason “Sassy, angry, ready 2 fight” Todd.

Also from part four of The Drifter. Will as a teen fishing with his father, Howard.

They lived in a beach house on the bay. Will’s father owned and ran a small fishing business in town, his mother a doctor at the local hospital. One afternoon Howard took his boat out to sea for his weekly catchment of stock for his business, but he never returned. Water police searched and searched, Will even tried searching himself but no traces of his father or his boat were ever found.

Howard wasn’t rescued till many years later when Will was an adult and had a family of his own.

One of my favourite things about Discworld women is the variety of approaches to sex/romance they represent and the general idea that all of them are okay.

There are of course your typical (only better) monogamous het romances like with Sybil, Adora, Magrat, Angua etc.

But there are also, let’s say, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. The former is definitely aro/ace (Susan Sto Helit is arguably too) while the latter just enjoys sex. And it’s okay, they both are. Flashback with young Esme and Ridcully is kinda very cute, but Esme decided against marriage and we are given to understand she is happy with her life (as far as Esme can be happy). There’s no reason to feel pity for her or some shit like that. And there are lots of jokes about Nanny Ogg’s sex life, but none of them comes across as slut-shaming, no one really judges her or thinks she is somehow worth less as a person because she had active and non-monogamous sex life.

And then there are these not quite romances like with Tiffany and Roland or Susan and Imp, which are far more realistic than the notion of finding your true love in the first person that happens to catch your attention, and it’s okay too: you may fancy someone, you can spend some time together, but sometimes that’s all.

In the world mostly dominated by the narrative of “they’ve met, fell in love and lived happily ever after” and women being reduced to their love lives all of this is so refreshing and important.

I kinda want a malachite-centric flashback episode

Like how garnet was saying that imbalanced fusions can cause it to see things that aren’t there and lose touch with reality and hoo boy was malachite the hellfest of “imbalanced” .

Like lapis and jasper both had problems and i just wanna know; what was malachite seeing? Pink Diamond getting shattered? Being forced into a mirror? Being trapped on a battlefield? Fighting for control with eachother and seeing awful hallucinations can really fuck up a gem

Idk man i just wanna know what was going on as they were fused

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I'm starting to think that they made it look like it was Sakakura→Munakata→←Yukizome, but plot twist, it has always been Sakakura→Yukizome→←Munakata...Or maybe he just likes them both a lot (not romantically) but still, it's Munakata x Yukizome + Sakakura (i kinda felt like this since that ot3 flashback). Anyway, there is no room for him ^^ But I think there is a reason why we see a lot of Yukizome/Munakata & Yukizome/Sakakura sweet interactions, and not so much Munakata/Sakakura interactions...

Sakakura’s Feelings

I like the way it’s presented because, to me, it’s kept ambiguous. You can’t deny that he loves either of them. You can make pretty compelling cases for either/or. Or put them into an OT3.  

It’s indisputable that Sakakura loves both of them, but it’s never directly stated how. He has a strong attachment to both of them.

That one shot of him watching Yukizome leave, as well as their strong friendship, can definitely imply one thing–but at the same time his interactions with Munakata in Mirai-hen can also imply one thing.

For one, he has a specific reaction to Munakata saying “if I were the attacker, I’d kill me first.” Surprise–possibly fear.

At any case, he wants to protect him. He has a really strong attachment to him.

   Not to mention, he was 100% willing to stop chasing after Naegi (someone that, in Killer Killer, he canonically admits he hates) just to help Munakata fight Tengan.

When Munakata tells him “no, I’m fine,” Sakakura hesitates. More urgency and fear, but in the end he listens to him.

Then there’s the overly excited way Sakakura says “leave it to me” to Munakata in the flashback. 

And then, of course, this. Yukizome thinking Sakakura is gay purely because of how much and how highly he talks about Munakata.

But who’s to say Sakakura is just straight or just gay? Bisexuality is a thing, too.

At any rate, his “there’s no room for me” line doesn’t actually have to imply anything romantic. Sakakura can just feel like an ‘outsider looking in’ at this point.

I’m sure we all know the feeling:

the realization that someone you care so much about will never see you the way that you see them–or they have a much stronger relationship with someone else in your friend group.

It doesn’t have to be romantic, just “hey… notice me, too! Why can’t you notice me, too?”

In conclusion, #MakeRoomForSakakura

Thoughts on 4x09:
- Divorce? WTF??!
- Jude not knowing what the marijuana pipe was, filthy liar
- The ‘I love you too’ from Brandon came waaaayyyy too late
- Jonnor flashback got me hard, how dare Jude throw that away ;(
- Brandon far away from home is kinda interesting
- The flashbacks with mini-Jude are supa cute (yes it rhymes)
- I like the hitler-looking creepy guy @ creepy house
- AJ knows the truth now, callie you fkd up..
- I love Broadway O.o
- Bye Cortney, Welcome blonde girl
- Sassy Jude = Awesome Jude
- WE DON’T HAVE TO SELL THE HOUSE, oops, house already sold…
- WE DON’T HAVE TO BREAK UP, oops, letter already sent…
- Callie ruining her life to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata makes me happy
- They are just filing a divorce 4 the house, fuck you writers, i litt hate you…
- Joah intercourse confirmed
- Wedding flashbacks, nice nice, more flashbacks, gimmie gimmie
- The moms is a a wonderful ship, luf it.
- Bandon’s back, he killed it, I mean Joah, not the audition
- Joah is in trouble… (Who tf smokes if their parents are at home?)
- Creepy-guy is back, yas :)
- Why is the promo all about nick? Like, why? This episode was 0% nick..

Sorry for the long rant, love you all x

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I feel like we are about to see some takizawa/Amon flashback in the next couple chapters😏

True! We’ll finally find out what happened to the both of them during the time skip and how come they ended up in separate positions since then.

Aaah, tbh I was kinda hoping to see more Tatara flashback, like how he first met Eto or an answer to why Tatara was very loyal to Eto and Aogiri in general despite not being able to grant his own desires in the end. o)-(

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I hope we will get some flashback of what happened to both Amon and Seidou while in Aogiri. I love Ishida's longer flashbacks and chapters which are mainly flashbacks like the 2 about Touka and Ayato's past and the one about Nishiki's past. I kinda want a whole series of flashbacks, not the tiny tiny ones, but the longer and detailed ones :)

SAME hit me with it Ishida *slides $5 across the table*

I really hope we still get Chi She Lian flashbacks somehow, I was so looking forward to that :’)

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can you please talk about your thoughts on the tatara and arima flashback??

Oh I have already done so [kinda]. You can read it here [x]. More on the subject:

I am pretty sure Ishida-sensei is toying with us on this manner, only dropping shy hints, one at a time, like that. I am really confused. 

One would assume that clearly this flashback shows that Arima had been in contact with Aogiri, or at least with Eto and Tatara. Tatara’s loyalty to Arima is profound, more so than his for Eto. 

Nonetheless, looking back at Tokyo Ghoul, and all the chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re thus far, there is no logical explanation for this cooperation. Perhaps a logical answer will be given to us soon.. after all, we really don’t know much about Arima and how he thinks. 

I have given this some thought, and perhaps the only reason why Arima would be in contact with Aogiri is to have a link to Kanou. Perhaps creating someone who can replace him was his priority. Nonetheless, I am skeptical of this possibility too. For all we know, Arima is able to be in contact with Kanou, without the need for Aogiri. Furthermore, he has nothing to fear: him being able to keep his ties with Eto/Tatara all those years (12-13 years) without CCG/V finding out means that he could have kept his cooperation with Kanou a secret too… So I am not really sure. 

That aside, I am not that happy with this revelation. Seeing Arima turn a blind eye to what Aogiri’s doing is painful. I wouldn’t go as far as some people did, hating him, spreading character hate in the main tag, in my ask box, in mutuals’ ask boxes etc… but I do admit it saddens me… especially when I am aware Arima is capable on his own to fulfill his plans… without the need for Eto/Tatara. It can all be different.. that there was no cooperation to begin with [explained in the linked post]. 

Until the whole truth is revealed, I wouldn’t like to share baseless speculations.

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I really love your blog ITS AMAZING!!! I want to take you opinion about something first people say it impossible that Harley help killing the Joker because he had the damaged tattoo when he met her in the asylum while actually he didn't have the tattoo in the Mad Love scene with Harley in her jester suit. So maybe she helped him at that time. What do you think?

Okay, I kinda have my own theory on this. My theory is the Joker didn’t have his tattoos and grills yet when he met Harleen. All the scenes regarding him meeting Harleen are all flashbacks. Since they are flashbacks, they could have made him look like how he looks currently because these are only flashbacks. That kinda sounds confusing, but basically they made him look like that so there wasn’t this huge change from the chemical wedding where he would of had teeth to the few scenes that were current where he would be wearing the grillz and everything. There would be a huge gap and you would not understand why this whole change and you can’t really go into his life story for this movie. Now I don’t know how strong this theory is, but it’s just something I thought of :)

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so. I rated Suicide Squad an Almost Good™. Writing sucked, too much Harley/Joker flashbacks, everyones acting was kinda, off? other than Deadshot but that's probably cause the writing was So awkward.Cara was fine, great action .... but not quite Good

to me it was “good but not Good™” yeah i wanted to fight the screenwriter a LOT

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Rainbow Plz read me a story, Grandpa. I can't sleep.


I too should sleep.
Hm a story. You’re putting me on the spot yo!

I can’t think of a funny story off the top of my head right now but I will tell you a personal touchy-feely-good vibe story in the spirit of Smol Marth.

send me a color

This story means a lot to me and it’s kinda personal so I hope yu get something out of it; Flashback to Senior year of high school, we are throwing a going away/get well soon party for my notorious physics teacher…

Keep reading


Look, man. I’m sorry for, uh, bothering you…” he mumbled, brushing the damp from his hair “I jus’ need a place t’stay. If you could point me in the right direction, well, it’d be much appreciated.” 

Murphy’s eyes lingered upon the stranger for a moment before hitting the floor; it was rude to stare and if prison had taught him anything, it was that staring was a sure fire way into a fight. Despite everything; the rain came down heavy, strong and harsh enough to give him flashbacks of Silent Hill. 

I’m kinda lost…”

@alzarians I do think Finn had good intentions with a lot of things. I won’t disagree with you on that. I think he handled a lot of things wrong but you are right he’s young and human and will make mistakes. I think the issue I took with him was that he often acted as though he had some high moral compass despite the whole Raven situation. I see your point of view, the flirting was mainly in the pilot but the Clarke thing still shouldn’t have happened. I get he was emotional but he didn’t know if Raven was dead and he could’ve waited like Raven said more than 10 days.

Honestly I just hate love triangles. And the flashback kinda showed how much Finn once loved Raven so it just made the whole Flarke thing even harder for me to kinda understand. But really love triangles tend to always make someone look bad so they should just be avoided.

I really want to know how they’re going to explain Robert Carlyle’s haircut on this next season of Once Upon a Time, since it seems like they’re putting him in a wig only for the first few eps or maybe just flashbacks. *chinhands*

Kinda want to see fan art of Rumple and Hook both getting haircuts (under Belle and Emma’s critical eye) and glaring murder at each other in Storybrooke’s barber shop.

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am I the only one who had a slightly "nervous, bad memories flashback" kinda thing when read I heart radio. I know it's a Q&A and not a concert but still. it wasn't really their most glorious moment they had back there... just saying.

Yes, I feel the same! I have kind of a mix feeling. We can only think they are not ‘angry’ at each other anymore 😜

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God this latest Ep brought all my previous jaria feelings BACK to the foreFRONT I need this to happen, even just a flashback 😩 bloody Ezria in the way AGAIN 😂

kinda want it to happen kinda think i’ll get really jealous and don’t wanna see it happen ever