On the whole "Samurai Jack whitewashing" controversy

Yes, his skin is just a bit lighter, but let’s be honest here.
They never tried to interpret him as any race other than Japanese. Jack being a few shades different than his original doesn’t change anything.

Is it kinda confusing how in the flashback to his younger days in season 5 episode three has him with the same skin tone as Jack now?


Especially when in another flashback two
episodes earlier, they showed him in his original skin tone.

But is it racist?

No, because, again.

His Japanese Identity is not erased, him being a few shades different in skin color doesn’t change that.

I once was kinda worried about that too in the younger Jack flashback in the recent episode, but then I thought about it, and realized he’s still portrayed as ethnically Japanese.

So calm down.

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/kicks down door/ hey your fics are great, have you ever considered,,,galra!keith's ears being really sensitive and lance notices and starts to play with them, and then starts wondering if he can get keith to come by mostly just toying with his ears?

Keith had been kind of hiding as he started to actually look more Garla, but he would appear in the common room when lance was alone there sometimes. He never looked like he was timid or trying to hide, he just would. Lance felt like it was similar to a kid going through puberty, like he was getting used to the changes before he exposed himself to people. Lance tried to act like he wasn’t paying attention to the changes, in an attempt to make Keith more comfortable, but the moment he walked in with the soft kitty-looking ears, he could help himself. 

He leaned towards Keith was sitting on the couch near him, adjusting his bayard after training with a towel over his shoulders. Keith caught Lance looking, and for a moment, Lance thought he might want to back off, but there was no way he was missing this opportunity. Keith had kitty ears for god’s sake. “So, feeling like tuna lately?” 

“That was terrible,” Keith said. His grimace was tight and his face unchanging as he kept adjusting the bayard, he shook it out, formed the sword and then drew it back looking at Lance. “Even for you that was terrible.” 

“Hey man, your skin is lavender and you look like you might starting purring when people scratch your chin, or your-” Lance paused, an overwhelming urge came over him and despite Keith trying to back away from his hands, he managed to latch onto Keith’s soft ears, petting and fluffing them.

“Hey, L-Lance.” Keith squirmed and tried to get away, but his bayard had slipped from his hands, and Lance managed to knock him onto his back. “Lance, not funny, let me go.” He squirmed a little harder now, trying to fidget his way out from under Lance who was now firmly holding onto his hips with his knees. 

“What’s wrong? Gonna purr?” Lance slid his hands through Keith’s hair, gently scratching and rubbing Keith’s ears which just seemed to make Keith more complacent. 

“I, no! J-Just lemme go.” Keith bit his lip, scrunching up his face as he tried to grab onto Lance’s wrists to pull him away, but Lance managed to dodge that attempt. Keith squirmed, unable to escape now that Lance was also holding his hands down, his face getting darker fast as Lance played with his ears. “L-Lance,” Keith froze, his whole body stiff as he realized he’d followed Lance’s name with a low moan, so he snapped his mouth shut. 

Lance had definitely noticed, his eyes wide as he stared down at Keith a moment, but Keith managed to shimmy out of his grip. He watched Keith scoop up his bayard, awkward and obviously trying to conceal his boner as he held the sword out in front of him. “Oh my god.” Lance’s face lit up as Keith back slowly out of the room, sword drawn, “wait, no, I’ll meet you in your room, I have to try that again.”

“You’re terrible!” Keith turned and barrelled down the hallway so Lance ran after him, laughing a bit. 

“Oh come on, you have to let me do that again!” 

Thanks for the request anon!! This was really fun!!!

Allen’s 6th Sense

This has been bothering me for a while. Ever since Allen “died“, he showed signs of possessing this ability, yet I didn’t see anyone pay greater attention to it. It happened first, when he entered his kinda creepy subconscious.

Somehow he sees Lenalee’s nightmare. And then when he’s suffering from the curse, somehow he telepathically hears her calls.

In the Noah’s Ark arc, his voice reaches inside Road’s dream and leads Lavi out of that nightmare world like a beacon.

(Mini Lavi is goddamn adorable.)

Then in the fandom’s least liked arc, that one with the ghost, he sees Krory and the ghost girl.

He then, wakes up when Cross is “murdered“.

And then he sees a flashback of little Kanda, but it kinda eggs me. It can’t be Marie’s memory, since he was already blind that time. And then finally this:

Allen recognises the presence of an Innocence. So counting all these hints, also Apo’s declaration: “There is no being more unevenly and deeply connected to Innocence as you.“

And then he sees into Apocryphos, to find out he was the one who “killed“ Cross.

Allen experienced all these visions/hallucinations from people who are Accommodators (or in Apo’s case himself). So Innocence is a condition. Also, seeing Allen’s, Lenalee’s, Krory’s and Kanda’s Innocence act abnormal (result of pushing past their limits), we can assume that Innocence is fully or partially sentinent, intelligent.

So, I came to the conclusion, that Allen can see into the Innocence and its memories. Maybe this is the reason why the Heart and Apocryphos want Allen so much.

A Whole New World

Supernatural x Reader x Supernatural Cast

Prompt: You’re dating Dean Winchester and go on the hunt with the guys, things go south and you wake up in a whole new world.

Requested by: No One

Written By: mrs.stankfa - Anna

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Language

A/N: Kinda long…..

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“I really don’t think that this is a good idea.” You comment while raising your gun higher in front of your chest, Dean scoffs while rolling his eyes.

“Y/N, we’re going to be fine,” Dean replies. “It’s just a simple salt and burn.”

“Then why are you forcing me behind you and raising your gun everywhere as if we’re about to get attacked?” You demand.

“Precautions.” Dean comments.

“Lordy Dean! Then listen to my precautions!” You whine, only to be shushed by Dean.

“Do you want to give us away?” He hisses.

“It’s just a simple salt and burn.”  You mimic before shutting your mouth, after receiving one of the biggest bitch faces from Dean.


“Y/N! Duck!” Dean screams, fear lacing his tone, at the top of his lungs, you barely roll out of the way of the oncoming spell from the witch in the middle of the room.

“Yeah!! Just a god damned simple salt and burn!” You scream back, anger filling your own voice.

“I said I was sorry like…..four times!” Dean yells.

“Not good enough!” You scream. “Where the fuck is Sam?!”

“I don’t know!” Dean screeches, your whole conversation seems to be cut off as a spell hits you right in the middle of your chest. Dean shouts in anger, along with you letting out a strangled cry of pain. “Y/N!”

“D-dean.” You stutter as your limbs give way, quickly Dean shoots the bitch in the forehead and rushes to your side; catching you right before your head hit the concrete wall.

Everything suddenly started turning black, swirling around and around because everything just seemed dizzy. The last thing you see is Dean’s worried apple-green eyes staring into your E/C ones.


You were confused, that was for sure. You woke up in a hospital bed that you knew neither Sam nor Dean would even consider you to have let alone if you were dying. There were balloons, teddy bears, cards, and everything littering the room; wishing for someone to ‘Get Well Soon.’

There were not enough people that you, Sam, Dean, and Cass knew combined to give enough stuff to even make twenty percent of the stuff that sat around the room. You squeeze your eyes shut while pressing your palm to your forehead because of the pain that came as you sat up.

“Woah woah, Honey!” A red head woman shouts while rushing into the room, dropping her clipboard on the floor. 

“What’s going on?” You demand.

“You just need to lay down and rest okay, hon?” The woman orders. “I’m Terri and I’m your nurse.” 

“My nurse?” You scoff. “Why the fucking hell would I need a nurse? I hit my head on the wall…..scratch that my boyfriend caught me before I hit the damn wall!” 

“You’re not here because of a wall.” The Terri girl worriedly replies. “You were in a car accident, you’ve been in a coma for years.”

“Years?” You question as your breathing increases. “Years?!?!”

“Y/N?” A voice questions, Cass coming into the room with a worried expression. Wearing a sweater that he wouldn’t normally wear with his trench coat.

“Cass?” You question while raising your eyebrows.

“Cass? Y/N I’m your father, Misha? Well, yeah I’m Cass in the show I film but you never liked it anyways.” ‘Misha’ rambles.

“You’re joking right?” You question, your voice going up an octave as your breathing started to increase. “Did Dean put you up to this? Because I swear to god I’m going to shoot him!”

“Y/N?” The man questions as his face falls, the nurse quickly places a hand on your shoulder while giving this ‘Misha’ dude a look to silence him. 

“Y/N, I’ll be right back alright sweetheart? You just sit here and relax.” She orders, you don’t reply as she and ‘Misha’ walk out of the room. You wait till you hear the door close before quickly turning to each of the machines, turning them off as quickly as you could.

You take a deep breath before pushing yourself up and off the bed, there was a boot/cast thing on a chair across the room. You hop on your right leg over to the thing before quickly pulling it on, your eyes scan the room looking for something besides the hospital gear you were in to change into.

Finding nothing, you curse yourself for taking so long and quickly walk out of the room, avoiding the Misha dude and the nurse who were discussing whatever down the hall a little ways away from your room.

You quickly limp down the hall, continuing to curse yourself for taking so long and not being able to walk in the correct way with the god damned stupid boot on your left foot. 

Sadly you were so distracted that you didn’t notice when you bumped into a rock hard chest, you mumble apologies under your breath before quickly walking past the person but they grab your elbow to stop you.

“Y/N? We’ve been worried sick about you! How are you moving so fast? Did Misha not tell us you were awake?” The guy demands, quickly you turn around with one of your best bitch faces.

“I don’t know Dean.” You scoff while ripping your arm out of his grasp. “Put an end to this damn fucking joke and maybe we can talk about it!”

“Woah woah, what joke?” Dean questions.

“I get that I wronged you when we went out even though you wouldn’t listen to me when I was obviously right but you don’t have to go and do this, don’t you remember Oregon? What you did to Bobby?! You almost killed the poor man!” You angrily explain.

“Y/N? Are you feeling alright?” Dean demands.

“I’m going to shoot you!” You seethe before turning around to try and get away from him.

“There she is! Stop her!” A voice screams from behind you as you try to go faster through the hospital, you make it to the front door before everything suddenly goes black and you collapse to the ground.

“Misha? What’s wrong with her? She called me Dean!” Jensen questions.

“The doctors explained it.” Misha sighs as nurses lift you onto a stretcher. “She has amnesia, her brain is trying to fill in the cracks because it can’t handle it.”

“So, you’re saying that it’s taking the show?” Jensen demands. “I thought that….I thought she hated that thing.”

“So did I.”

Taking My Life Away Part 18

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Summary: Reader gets a job in a new city forcing her to leave her best friend behind. Or not. 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1627

A/N: The next part will be the LAST part. Again, thank you everybody for reading and for all your kind feedback. Feedback is my favourite! Like before Italics are flashbacks. This part is kinda fluffy? Maybe like a smidge of angst. 

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So I was re-reading chapter 19 and the flashback and kinda realized something- when Bum is stabbing Jieun and he tells her stuff like "you are the one who made me like this" when he was picturing the girl from high school, this could mean that Bum wasn't actually a stalker until she got close to him and they talked right? I was thinking about this, Bum may have a messed up mind already at that point but his stalking didn't fully come out until he met her because he thinks that they were dating

I think that’s certainly possible. It would explain why Bum stalks the objects of his affection but doesn’t seem to try to approach them - he’s already experienced a harsh rejection once and his brain is trying to protect him from going through that again. As someone who knows what it’s like to hyper-fixate on things, it seems like that rejection may have been the catalyst that set the tone for how Bum experienced romantic and sexual attraction from then on.

No Regrets - Forgiving Him

Request by @percrywinchester27 I’d love a drabble about father’s day at Becca’s school, it could be during the time of the series too if you want… where they were just getting to know each other… Kinda like a flashback! Or after the series! :)

I changed this to be more about Y/N and Jensen Ana, I hope you don’t mind. I got a father/daughter dance coming up for Becca and Jensen later. Also it came out a bit angstier than I intended. Sorry Ana!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings:  hurt feelings, trying to get past things.

Wordcount: 738

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fits into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place within chapter 4 of LwR. It takes place during the time Jensen fought to earn Y/N’s trust back after the way he behaved. After he helped her when she and Becca had the flu but before the Zoo day. 



Thing had improved between you and Jensen. He was trying. He was trying so hard and you saw that. Still a part of you weren’t ready to forgive him. He had been angry and he had, had every right to be. Hell, you had kept his daughter from him from all either of you knew, but the way he had treated you had still hurt.

He had been your one true constant for a long time. He had been there after Patrick had cheated on you and left you. He had been there each time Michael had hurt you. Even when you lived in Denmark as a working single mother, the knowledge that Rebecca might be his had helped you. You had held onto a small flicker of hope that he would be able to forgive you and that he as the very least would still be your best friend. He had crushed that hope, when he had almost refused to kiss you on the show. Well he hadn’t but his words had cut you deeply and they still rung through your mind as you sat on your chair listening to you music, watching him, Jared and Misha goof around.

“Can we just get this over with?”

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Silver And Blue (Pt. 3)

Author: ceruleanbucky

Warnings: Mention of torture, experimentation on reader, needles (I hate needles so I figure some of y’all might too so I put it as a warning), creepy doctors, mentions of kidnapping.

Pairing: None yet, Eventual (very very slow burn) Reader x Bucky

Summary: This is kinda like a prequel chapter, or a flashback would probably be the better term. just some details on readers past, and how she got her abilities.

{ tags are at the bottom; ask if you want to be added/removed. Requests are open, but it will be a while before I can do them unless its like a little tiny drabble or something, but still feel free to ask homies }

You couldn’t understand what they were saying. They seemed to talk in a different language, maybe Russian or Swedish? You couldn’t understand why they were talking in a different language. You were in America.

Weren’t you?

They seemed to notice that you woke up, perhaps it had to do with the increasing beeping noise beside your bed. You didn’t know what was making the beeping noise, you were too scared to open your eyes. You had no recollection of what happened whatsoever, but the wild thumping of your heart indicated that it wasn’t good.

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One of my favourite things about Discworld women is the variety of approaches to sex/romance they represent and the general idea that all of them are okay.

There are of course your typical (only better) monogamous het romances like with Sybil, Adora, Magrat, Angua etc.

But there are also, let’s say, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. The former is definitely aro/ace (Susan Sto Helit is arguably too) while the latter just enjoys sex. And it’s okay, they both are. Flashback with young Esme and Ridcully is kinda very cute, but Esme decided against marriage and we are given to understand she is happy with her life (as far as Esme can be happy). There’s no reason to feel pity for her or some shit like that. And there are lots of jokes about Nanny Ogg’s sex life, but none of them comes across as slut-shaming, no one really judges her or thinks she is somehow worth less as a person because she had active and non-monogamous sex life.

And then there are these not quite romances like with Tiffany and Roland or Susan and Imp, which are far more realistic than the notion of finding your true love in the first person that happens to catch your attention, and it’s okay too: you may fancy someone, you can spend some time together, but sometimes that’s all.

In the world mostly dominated by the narrative of “they’ve met, fell in love and lived happily ever after” and women being reduced to their love lives all of this is so refreshing and important.

Saudade - Part One. Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Rating: 18+ NSFW
Words: 3051

Notes: YAY! New series. I’m not sure how long this will be, as of right now it might be a long one. The smut in this is pretty mild compared to some of my other stuff and I get kinda sappy. @dumbass-stilinskiis amazing, she past tensed my flashback cause i’m a turd.

I hope you guys like it. I think its gunna be alot of fun to write :)

Saudade: a deep emotional state of melancholic longing for a person or thing that is absent

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Dating Theo In 6B Would Include..

|kinda short| -You helping him when he has flashbacks/nightmares/etc -Morning cuddles -helping him with school -You getting jealous of Liam ;) - You not liking anyone in Scotts pack except Liam and the rest of the younger ones -movie nights -Staying up late writing gallavich fanfics - Going to cheap diners and not paying -Everytime stiles has a snarky remark you would lunge at him but Theo would hold you back -Lots of food fights -helping him find his real family -Being an ot3 with Liam and Theo - Your Parents LoViNg him -Holding hands -lots of auntie kisses -and butterfly kisses -lots of kisses

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