On the whole "Samurai Jack whitewashing" controversy

Yes, his skin is just a bit lighter, but let’s be honest here.
They never tried to interpret him as any race other than Japanese. Jack being a few shades different than his original doesn’t change anything.

Is it kinda confusing how in the flashback to his younger days in season 5 episode three has him with the same skin tone as Jack now?


Especially when in another flashback two
episodes earlier, they showed him in his original skin tone.

But is it racist?

No, because, again.

His Japanese Identity is not erased, him being a few shades different in skin color doesn’t change that.

I once was kinda worried about that too in the younger Jack flashback in the recent episode, but then I thought about it, and realized he’s still portrayed as ethnically Japanese.

So calm down.

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do you think annie hates reiner and bertl?

Annoyed and distant with them, yes. Hating them to the point of defecting and changing sides? Hell no.

She hanged around with the other cadets in Reiner’s flashback, but I got the feeling she wasn’t very… concerned by the discussions. 

Reiner’s flashback - Ch. 93

She’s in the group but at the same time you could almost portray her with earbuds and the picture would still be the same. Even in Ymir’s memories from the same chapter, she’s as detached as ever.

Big Bro Reiner - Ch. 93

She isn’t even staring back at him this time. 

Only reason why Annie is part of the group is to accomplish her mission and get back to her father. Zeke even underlines it very well: Annie can do fine on her own. That’s why she tried to capture Eren in the forest by herself, and could’ve almost succeeded if it wasn’t for Levi interfering. 

We haven’t seen her with Reiner and Bertolt in Marcel’s flashback but I assume she was with them because of that anime scene in episode 2 and because there wasn’t any other opportunity than the breach for her to get in.

Annie taking bread rations - Ep. 2

Makes me very curious about how she reacted to Marcel’s death. Not very well I imagine, and that means she has to bear with two boys susceptible to fuck the mission up. That’s what happened when Trost was breached…

Annie getting mad at Reiner - Ch. 77

And she doesn’t view Bertolt in better regards either, since the latter is constantly stuck with Reiner and doesn’t oppose him when he’s pushing his teammates to fill up their mission. 

Nb: Another translation was “you dumb assholes”. Looking at the Japanese raw, the original sentence was “ふざけるな!!クソ野郎!!”. The second word can be either singular or plural there. Since she was looking at Reiner, we can assume the insult was directed to him, but Reiner refers to he and Bertolt as plural, implying Bertolt is just as guilty. 

Still, I wonder if Annie and Reiner had a rocky past. Now that we learned how uncompromising Marley is with their warriors, that makes chapter 77 look like the model student is reporting the bad girl to the teacher. Just replace detention by her father being sent as a pure titan to Paradis. After Reiner blamed Annie for saving Connie when he did the same 30 chapters ago, and when doing so in Annie’s case didn’t get her suspected from being an infiltrate, I can’t help but think Reiner went overboard. I mean, his case could easily be interpreted as him willingly giving away information to the devil race as well. Bertolt witnessed him “going overboard” multiple times, yet didn’t use the same tactic. 

Threatening warriors with discipline is effective enough and Reiner uses it at his advantage. That whole sequence in chapter 17 can take a whole different meaning because Reiner was imitating Marcel and Annie was aware of how Reiner truly was or at least what his real intentions were. Reiner mostly wants Annie to get in line and not space off in her mission while Annie hates being bossed around. 

Reiner commenting Annie’s position - Ch. 17

Annie realizing her failure - Ch. 31

Though her failing to become a Marlean warrior is more due to the fact she was too soft-hearted and should’ve offed Armin when she had the chance. No mistakes are allowed there.

A Whole New World

Supernatural x Reader x Supernatural Cast

Prompt: You’re dating Dean Winchester and go on the hunt with the guys, things go south and you wake up in a whole new world.

Requested by: No One

Written By: mrs.stankfa - Anna

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Language

A/N: Kinda long…..

Originally posted by thecwspn


“I really don’t think that this is a good idea.” You comment while raising your gun higher in front of your chest, Dean scoffs while rolling his eyes.

“Y/N, we’re going to be fine,” Dean replies. “It’s just a simple salt and burn.”

“Then why are you forcing me behind you and raising your gun everywhere as if we’re about to get attacked?” You demand.

“Precautions.” Dean comments.

“Lordy Dean! Then listen to my precautions!” You whine, only to be shushed by Dean.

“Do you want to give us away?” He hisses.

“It’s just a simple salt and burn.”  You mimic before shutting your mouth, after receiving one of the biggest bitch faces from Dean.


“Y/N! Duck!” Dean screams, fear lacing his tone, at the top of his lungs, you barely roll out of the way of the oncoming spell from the witch in the middle of the room.

“Yeah!! Just a god damned simple salt and burn!” You scream back, anger filling your own voice.

“I said I was sorry like…..four times!” Dean yells.

“Not good enough!” You scream. “Where the fuck is Sam?!”

“I don’t know!” Dean screeches, your whole conversation seems to be cut off as a spell hits you right in the middle of your chest. Dean shouts in anger, along with you letting out a strangled cry of pain. “Y/N!”

“D-dean.” You stutter as your limbs give way, quickly Dean shoots the bitch in the forehead and rushes to your side; catching you right before your head hit the concrete wall.

Everything suddenly started turning black, swirling around and around because everything just seemed dizzy. The last thing you see is Dean’s worried apple-green eyes staring into your E/C ones.


You were confused, that was for sure. You woke up in a hospital bed that you knew neither Sam nor Dean would even consider you to have let alone if you were dying. There were balloons, teddy bears, cards, and everything littering the room; wishing for someone to ‘Get Well Soon.’

There were not enough people that you, Sam, Dean, and Cass knew combined to give enough stuff to even make twenty percent of the stuff that sat around the room. You squeeze your eyes shut while pressing your palm to your forehead because of the pain that came as you sat up.

“Woah woah, Honey!” A red head woman shouts while rushing into the room, dropping her clipboard on the floor. 

“What’s going on?” You demand.

“You just need to lay down and rest okay, hon?” The woman orders. “I’m Terri and I’m your nurse.” 

“My nurse?” You scoff. “Why the fucking hell would I need a nurse? I hit my head on the wall…..scratch that my boyfriend caught me before I hit the damn wall!” 

“You’re not here because of a wall.” The Terri girl worriedly replies. “You were in a car accident, you’ve been in a coma for years.”

“Years?” You question as your breathing increases. “Years?!?!”

“Y/N?” A voice questions, Cass coming into the room with a worried expression. Wearing a sweater that he wouldn’t normally wear with his trench coat.

“Cass?” You question while raising your eyebrows.

“Cass? Y/N I’m your father, Misha? Well, yeah I’m Cass in the show I film but you never liked it anyways.” ‘Misha’ rambles.

“You’re joking right?” You question, your voice going up an octave as your breathing started to increase. “Did Dean put you up to this? Because I swear to god I’m going to shoot him!”

“Y/N?” The man questions as his face falls, the nurse quickly places a hand on your shoulder while giving this ‘Misha’ dude a look to silence him. 

“Y/N, I’ll be right back alright sweetheart? You just sit here and relax.” She orders, you don’t reply as she and ‘Misha’ walk out of the room. You wait till you hear the door close before quickly turning to each of the machines, turning them off as quickly as you could.

You take a deep breath before pushing yourself up and off the bed, there was a boot/cast thing on a chair across the room. You hop on your right leg over to the thing before quickly pulling it on, your eyes scan the room looking for something besides the hospital gear you were in to change into.

Finding nothing, you curse yourself for taking so long and quickly walk out of the room, avoiding the Misha dude and the nurse who were discussing whatever down the hall a little ways away from your room.

You quickly limp down the hall, continuing to curse yourself for taking so long and not being able to walk in the correct way with the god damned stupid boot on your left foot. 

Sadly you were so distracted that you didn’t notice when you bumped into a rock hard chest, you mumble apologies under your breath before quickly walking past the person but they grab your elbow to stop you.

“Y/N? We’ve been worried sick about you! How are you moving so fast? Did Misha not tell us you were awake?” The guy demands, quickly you turn around with one of your best bitch faces.

“I don’t know Dean.” You scoff while ripping your arm out of his grasp. “Put an end to this damn fucking joke and maybe we can talk about it!”

“Woah woah, what joke?” Dean questions.

“I get that I wronged you when we went out even though you wouldn’t listen to me when I was obviously right but you don’t have to go and do this, don’t you remember Oregon? What you did to Bobby?! You almost killed the poor man!” You angrily explain.

“Y/N? Are you feeling alright?” Dean demands.

“I’m going to shoot you!” You seethe before turning around to try and get away from him.

“There she is! Stop her!” A voice screams from behind you as you try to go faster through the hospital, you make it to the front door before everything suddenly goes black and you collapse to the ground.

“Misha? What’s wrong with her? She called me Dean!” Jensen questions.

“The doctors explained it.” Misha sighs as nurses lift you onto a stretcher. “She has amnesia, her brain is trying to fill in the cracks because it can’t handle it.”

“So, you’re saying that it’s taking the show?” Jensen demands. “I thought that….I thought she hated that thing.”

“So did I.”

Today (ethan/reader)

requested by numerous people!

based on today by gary allan

part one part three

a/n- this is like part two to i got the boy, but in ethan’s pov, kinda, and once again, flashbacks are in italics!

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B4 victor knows what he said in the past it'd be funny if he saw a picture of chubby bb yuri and was like look how cute u were!! (Freaking out internally) and yuris just kinda having bad flashbacks lol/confused cause he though victor looked down on him for that

Viktor would think he was so adorable!


So I just saw the new animated film Ballerina and I’m shook.

It’s a rated U, animated film for little kids so the only reason I went to see it was because of the dance aspect and for Maddie Ziegler and Dane DaHaan but I actually left the cinema quite emotional…

  • I cried
  • It made me cry 
  • Multiple times
  • wtf
  • the story and plot was actually really inspiring
  • as a ballerina myself i related a bit 
  • i think one reason i cried is cuz it made me realise why I’ve been dancing for the past 12 years and why I’m currently studying dance at college
  • it made me remember my love for dance
  • also kinda made me feel a bit shit cuz after 12 years of ballet i can’t lift my leg higher than 90 degrees and I’ve only recently started pointe
  • whilst Félicie could do all that stuff after like a week of training
  • some of it was inaccurate: 
  • Félicie wouldn’t go en pointe when she first learns to train that would be incredibly risky and harmful
  • plus she went en pointe in shoes other than pointe shoes
  • thats impressive 
  • but i ship her victor so much
  • i also loved the character development for maddie’s character
  • like you think she’s a horrible brat but it turns out her mother has raised her like it and Camille just wants some love very much like Draco Malfoy my poor lil slytherin
  • I really want to find out about Odette and the stage fire
  • was kinda hoping for a flashback 
  • the plot was very clearly inspired by Annie
  • there were a lot of parallels:
  • Félicie being an orphan
  • leaving the orphanage finding someone to live with who becomes parental figure
  • evil lady chasing her trying to kill her
  • even Félicie climbing up the ladder just like in Annie 
  • but the message of the film was beautiful
  • I really hope it inspires children to take up ballet 
  • and i hope it helps inspire ballerinas who lack motivation just like it did with me
  • overall an amazing film

You Belong To Me– Harry Styles 

  A/N: This imagine is a bit different because it starts from the middle, then hops to the beginning and continues as normal, kinda like a flashback. Explaining it just in case anyone gets confused. :) It’s not as complicated as it sounds and I think that as you read it, you’ll understand it. Okay, love you guys! :*


“No! You aren’t going anywhere until I’m through. You fucking tell me what that prick was doing to you. Who is he and why was he fucking touching you? What the bloody hell did he want?”

 Eventhough I had expected this outcome, Harry’s angry outburst still planted a small seed of fear inside me, causing me to wince back at the rising volume of his rough language.

 I slowly look up into his darkening eyes, rage burning through them as he stares down at me. He has his hands on either side of my head, resting on the wall that my chair is propped up against, sealing me in from both sides so I can’t leave; not that I would. Leaving Harry during his rushes of fury was not a very bright idea. 

 Harry’s chest is rising and falling rapidly, his breath coming out in short pants. The veins on his forehead have become prominent due to what he had seen unfolding just a few minutes before.

 What got me into this situation wasn’t anything very harmful at all: a bit of flirting, and not even on my part.

 Harry had left me at the counter of the bar, excusing himself to go use the loo. Moments after he had disappeared into the crowd a tall blonde boy around my age had wandered to stand infront of me, pulling my attention to his unknown body standing so close.

  “Hello.” He had said, giving me an endearing smile. He seemed like a nice enough guy–he was wearing a pair of bootcut jeans and a dark navy blue button down, his sandy blonde hair styled up into a quiff.

  “Hi.” I had answered, returning his polite smile. I wasn’t interested because I’m with Harry, but turning him down when he hasn’t even made a move just seemed too cruel.

 "I’m Austin. And you are?“ 


 "Nice to meet you, Y/N. I was standing over there with some friends and I couldn’t help but notice you sitting here alone. I was wondering if you’d like to dance?“ He pushes the conversation forward, now stepping it up to a dance request, and I cautiously glance in the direction Harry went, nervousness beginning to weigh down onto my chest.

 "I’m sorry. I already have a boyfriend.” I reply honestly, looking up at him apologetically. In another world where I was not dating Harry I would’ve accepted his outstretched hand, but I am dating Harry, and any other guy is nothing more to me than a possible friend. 

 "Oh, come on. I’m sure he won’t mind.“ Austin prods, giving me a wink and taking my hand from the counter-top, pulling me to up to my feet. 

 Just as I’m about to yank my hand out of his grip, I see a familiar figure clad in a dotted shirt and black skinny jeans enter my peripheral vision. In less then two breaths Harry is standing next to me, his brows furrowed and his hands clenched into tight fists at his sides. 

 "I’m sorry, mate. There seems to be a misunderstanding. She’s not single.” Harry’s voice is eerily calm, but as he speaks I can see that he is gritting his teeth, the muscle in his jaw ticking as he works on keeping his temper in check.

 I almost flinch at the smooth tone of his voice, knowing very well what will come afterwords. His cool composer is an act–the calm before an untamable storm.

 Austin sizes up Harry, looking him up and down. Harry is immediately the alpha, having atleast two-to-three good inches over the other boy’s head. Austin seems to recognize this, letting his fingers go slack, my hand returning to my side only to be wrapped in Harry’s hard grip. 

 "I’m sorry, man. I didn’t know.“ An obvious lie on Austin’s part since I had clearly stated that I was not alone, but I don’t speak up because the sooner this encounter is over, the better. 

 Harry gives a stiff nod and Austin takes this as a sign, turning around on his heel and going back the way he came from. Harry stares intently at the back of the other young man’s head as it sinks back into the crowd, almost as if daring him to even as much as look back. When the boy is out of view, Harry turns his blazing gaze at me, my eyes diverting to the floor to prevent from being trapped in his intimidating glare. 

 "Come on.” I hear Harry give a rough grunt, my hand being tugged harshly in the opposite direction Austin left. I follow him, not uttering a word. The situation at hand had not been my fault, but since Harry couldn’t take it out on Austin because he hadn’t technically done anything wrong, he was going to use me as much as possible. 

 We arrive at a two-seat tall table hidden away pretty well from the people around the club. I don’t wait for Harry to tell me to sit but I climb onto the long stool by myself. Eventhough Harry is upset with me I feel his hand being placed on the dip of my spine, keeping me from possibly falling back from the seat as I position myself accordingly. Harry could be very short-tempered, but it was only because he cared so much, thus describing what is about to go down between us. 

 "Who was that and what did he want?“ His breathing is starting to pick up pace, signaling that his patience and composer are running thin. 

 "Can we not do this here, please?” I beg quietly, looking up at him through my lashes. 

 Harry ignores my question, repeating his own. “Who the fuck was that?”

 As the first curse word leaves his lips I know he is going to cause a scene. Harry never curses at me when we fight. He uses that type of language daily, but only in a playful manner, but whenever I tick him off to his limit, he losses control of what he begins to say. 

 "I said not here.“ I repeat my statement, this time attempting to slide off the barstool to get through to him that I will not be doing this argument in public, but he grips onto my hips, pushing me back onto the seat until my back is pressed against the wall. He places his hands on either side of my head, eliminating any chances of escape.

 “No! You aren’t going anywhere until I’m through. You fucking tell me what that prick was doing to you. Who is he and why was he fucking touching you? What the bloody hell did he want?”

 "Harry, please–” I try to talk him out of this one last time, but I’m cut off as he slams his fist into the wall behind me, making me wince back from his lanky body as he towers over me, the veins in his neck popping out. 

 "Tell. Me.“ Harry grits out, his eyes daring me to object one more time. I shy away from him, fear starting to settle into my blood as I see his state darkening, his eyes becoming clouded with rage. When Harry looses his mind over something he doesn’t recognize what he’s doing until after he’s done it, meaning he could hurt me in the flare of the moment.

 "His name’s Austin.” I murmur, daring a glance up at him to let him know that I’m aware of his anger. “He came up to me after you left and asked me to dance. When I said no he grabbed my hand, and then that’s when you showed up.”

 "Didn’t you tell him you were with me?“ He asks incredulously. 

 "Of course I did. He didn’t care…" 

 "Motherfucker. I won’t care either when I’m pounding his face in.” Harry growls, pushing himself off of the wall and turning around, searching for Austin in the crowd. He spots him, his gaze zeroing in on his target as he sits on a couch, chatting with a couple of his friends. 

“I’ll fucking show him ‘not caring.’" 

 "Harry, no!” I grab his forearm, tugging him back towards me. “Leave him alone. It’s done. Nothing happened. Please don’t make this a big deal; just forget it.”

 "Of course I won’t ‘just leave him alone’, Y/N! He was coming onto you even after you rejected him! That’s considered harassing, and I’m going to go and kick his ass for it. Let me go.“ He doesn’t even look at me as he finishes talking, twisting his arm from my grip and taking a few strides forward.

 "Stop!” I jump down from the stool, this time grabbing his face in my hands and sharply turning him to face me, our noses brushing. Harry’s eyes are flashing with dangerous light, telling me that his body has gone into full-fighter mode; it’s my job to defuse him. 

 "Harry.“ I breathe out, my lips rubbing over his ever-so slightly. With every word I place a kiss onto his warm skin, trying to get a safe response from him. “Let. It. Go.“ 

 "But–” I grip onto the sides of his face, looking into his eyes as I shake my head.

 "Forget it. He’s not important.“ 

 "Let me just–” I silence him one last time by placing my lips onto the side of his neck and beginning to suck gently, earning the desired affect as I feel his body slump forward in a ceasefire. I smile against his strong pulse, pulling him forward with me as I step back a couple of times until my back hits the wall, then wrapping my arms around his neck to keep it stationed against my lips. I open my mouth a bit wider, letting my teeth nibble against the delicate skin over his quickening heart-beat, biting down as I hear a hiss stream from his mouth.

 I let my hands wonder up behind his head, gripping onto his soft curls and twirling them inbetween my fingers, tugging in the way I know drives him insane. I pull his hips closer, subtly rubbing up against his crotch.

 A low moan betrays him, his head tilting down so his hazy eyes lock on mine, the anger dissipating. 

 “Just forget him.” I plead again in a quiet whisper. 

 “Fine.” He mumbles back, wrapping his arms around my waist and abruptly flipping me around so that he’s now the one leaning against the wall. Pulling me closer he nudges our noses, then lifting his head and tilting it back. “Keep going.”

I’m immediately surprised by Harry’s demand because he’s always the one to take charge in the relationship, meaning that I’ve never had him in the position I have him in now, even-more-so meaning that I’ve never marked him. I raise my eyebrows at him in question and he nods, stretching out his neck a bit to give me more access.  

I obey, connecting my lips back onto his warm flesh and continuing my actions from before.

I allow my teeth to sink in hard, then letting my tongue smooth over the area to soothe the aching skin, sucking gently as one of my hands pulls at his hair, the other hand sneakily wandering down to rest against at the front of his jeans. 

The fact that we’re doing this in a club full of people doesn’t really matter considering there are couples almost literally shagging in the middle of the dance floor; plus, we’re pretty hidden in this undisturbed corner, the low lights and dark shadows fogging us out of the immediate view of others. With this in mind, I slowly begin to rock my hand back and forth, palming Harry through his tight jeans.

His head lulls back, a wispy groan escaping him as he bites down onto his lower lip, his eyes fluttering shut. 

“So good, baby.” He mutters, his hips jerking forward slightly to satisfy his growing need. 

I give him a reassuring squeeze, getting on my tip-toes to press my lips against his.

The bulge in his trousers grows heavier in my hands and I suddenly let out a small moan, the notion of having this effect on him becoming even more intriguing by the second.

Harry chuckles, the breath of his words tickling my ear. “It looks like this is making you hornier than it’s making me.”

I rapidly nod my head, looking up at him as I feel desire leaking into my eyes.

“I bet you want a good fuck right now, don’t you? A good, hard, rough fuck, hm, kitten?” I know the words are directed towards me, but as he talks his eyes aren’t looking at me; they’re focused on something or someone behind my back.

I turn my head to the side and see Austin’s eyes glued on us, his cold glare meeting Harry’s dead-on. Harry smirks at him, cupping my chin with his fingers and turning my head back to face him, his lips crashing onto mine. 

“He knows who you belong to now.” He murmurs through the kiss, his fingers snaking around my wrist. “Now let’s go. My cock is literally throbbing to be inside you.”

 The warmth of Harry’s body is ripped from me as he steps away, my own body being jerked forward towards his only a second after.

Harry weaves through the crowd fast, his quick pace making me stumble every few steps. How he manages to get around all of these drunken people and with such dark lighting is beyond me, but after a few moments we burst through the front doors of the nightclub. A cool night summer breeze is blowing, pushing my hair back from my face as Harry nearly sprints towards his car, unlocking it and shoving me into the passenger’s seat. He runs around the front of the car, sliding into the driver’s seat and turning on the ignition, the car roaring to life.

He leans across the dashboard, his lips finding mine in a heated kiss. 

“Fuck, I need you so bad.” He growls, but pulls away anyhow. “We’re going to have to wait because when I fuck you I want to be somewhere where I know you can scream as loud as you want.”

“Okay.” I say, trying to catch my breath from the brisk walking and heavy kissing.

Harry sets the car into motion, pulling out of the parking space and exiting the lot.

As we speed down the highway I can feel anxiousness weighing down on my stomach again. 

Harry and I had only had sex a few times, in which he had been slow, level-headed, and understanding, keeping his rough dominance at bay. Not only that, but Harry hadn’t gone all the way in– we’d always stopped at the half-way mark. As I glance at him, I can tell that only going in half-way isn’t on his mind right now, and being gentle has been locked away in the recesses of his thoughts. 

No matter what Harry has planned, one thing is obvious:

I’m in for a hell of a ride.


By: Andrea 

Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS episode 1 thoughts

Finally, it’s here.

This time however, we don’t get title screens. The tittle is displayed at the bottom, a few seconds after the opening. So, guess I’l go with this. Also, now they use “Turn”, but since I’m already using this term for my Vanguard reviews and I’ve been using “episode” for more than 3 years for Yu-Gi-Oh, I’ll continue with it.

My Name is Playmaker

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/kicks down door/ hey your fics are great, have you ever considered,,,galra!keith's ears being really sensitive and lance notices and starts to play with them, and then starts wondering if he can get keith to come by mostly just toying with his ears?

Keith had been kind of hiding as he started to actually look more Garla, but he would appear in the common room when lance was alone there sometimes. He never looked like he was timid or trying to hide, he just would. Lance felt like it was similar to a kid going through puberty, like he was getting used to the changes before he exposed himself to people. Lance tried to act like he wasn’t paying attention to the changes, in an attempt to make Keith more comfortable, but the moment he walked in with the soft kitty-looking ears, he could help himself. 

He leaned towards Keith was sitting on the couch near him, adjusting his bayard after training with a towel over his shoulders. Keith caught Lance looking, and for a moment, Lance thought he might want to back off, but there was no way he was missing this opportunity. Keith had kitty ears for god’s sake. “So, feeling like tuna lately?” 

“That was terrible,” Keith said. His grimace was tight and his face unchanging as he kept adjusting the bayard, he shook it out, formed the sword and then drew it back looking at Lance. “Even for you that was terrible.” 

“Hey man, your skin is lavender and you look like you might starting purring when people scratch your chin, or your-” Lance paused, an overwhelming urge came over him and despite Keith trying to back away from his hands, he managed to latch onto Keith’s soft ears, petting and fluffing them.

“Hey, L-Lance.” Keith squirmed and tried to get away, but his bayard had slipped from his hands, and Lance managed to knock him onto his back. “Lance, not funny, let me go.” He squirmed a little harder now, trying to fidget his way out from under Lance who was now firmly holding onto his hips with his knees. 

“What’s wrong? Gonna purr?” Lance slid his hands through Keith’s hair, gently scratching and rubbing Keith’s ears which just seemed to make Keith more complacent. 

“I, no! J-Just lemme go.” Keith bit his lip, scrunching up his face as he tried to grab onto Lance’s wrists to pull him away, but Lance managed to dodge that attempt. Keith squirmed, unable to escape now that Lance was also holding his hands down, his face getting darker fast as Lance played with his ears. “L-Lance,” Keith froze, his whole body stiff as he realized he’d followed Lance’s name with a low moan, so he snapped his mouth shut. 

Lance had definitely noticed, his eyes wide as he stared down at Keith a moment, but Keith managed to shimmy out of his grip. He watched Keith scoop up his bayard, awkward and obviously trying to conceal his boner as he held the sword out in front of him. “Oh my god.” Lance’s face lit up as Keith back slowly out of the room, sword drawn, “wait, no, I’ll meet you in your room, I have to try that again.”

“You’re terrible!” Keith turned and barrelled down the hallway so Lance ran after him, laughing a bit. 

“Oh come on, you have to let me do that again!” 

Thanks for the request anon!! This was really fun!!!

No Regrets - Forgiving Him

Request by @percrywinchester27 I’d love a drabble about father’s day at Becca’s school, it could be during the time of the series too if you want… where they were just getting to know each other… Kinda like a flashback! Or after the series! :)

I changed this to be more about Y/N and Jensen Ana, I hope you don’t mind. I got a father/daughter dance coming up for Becca and Jensen later. Also it came out a bit angstier than I intended. Sorry Ana!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings:  hurt feelings, trying to get past things.

Wordcount: 738

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fits into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place within chapter 4 of LwR. It takes place during the time Jensen fought to earn Y/N’s trust back after the way he behaved. After he helped her when she and Becca had the flu but before the Zoo day. 



Thing had improved between you and Jensen. He was trying. He was trying so hard and you saw that. Still a part of you weren’t ready to forgive him. He had been angry and he had, had every right to be. Hell, you had kept his daughter from him from all either of you knew, but the way he had treated you had still hurt.

He had been your one true constant for a long time. He had been there after Patrick had cheated on you and left you. He had been there each time Michael had hurt you. Even when you lived in Denmark as a working single mother, the knowledge that Rebecca might be his had helped you. You had held onto a small flicker of hope that he would be able to forgive you and that he as the very least would still be your best friend. He had crushed that hope, when he had almost refused to kiss you on the show. Well he hadn’t but his words had cut you deeply and they still rung through your mind as you sat on your chair listening to you music, watching him, Jared and Misha goof around.

“Can we just get this over with?”

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It’s here! Only took me sixteen hours and half a heatstroke lmaooo

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And this chapter If I not bloody saw the photograph I just bought to ticket for Japanese and say Yana Toboso "You want to all your fandom heart promblem?!If you want go on!"

Hahaa, yeah, and I’m here waiting for that scene from chapter 108 with Undertaker to be explained for like nearly two years already. ;^^ But yes, that photo makes me curious, too. I mean, there are really not many possibilities so if it has to be true then please confirm the 2CT already…

I kinda hope for a flashback for the next chapter. I think after where chapter 128 ended a flashback could fit quite well there.

But I’ve learnt to be patient and I won’t set my expectations too high so I won’t be disappointed… XD

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Frisk: 'Chara I want to play undertale' how dose this frisk know undertale!?

Chara told her about Sans, that they are from Undertale and stuff- Pretty much everything what happened while she was gone

Sans fainted in the speech once so he didn’t hear everything but the most so that he knows whats going on as well- but in the future page that would have come as kinda flashbacks or that he also mentiones what he heard from them :3
they were in the next room after all

I had a dream about him ;;o;;

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honestly i kinda doubt that this flashback is gonna be in service of creating sympathy for big mom or anything like that, i personally think that this flashback is more of oda flexing his worldbuilding skills as usual than anything else with the land of giants and stuff

Hmm, me neither, also I didn’t find her cute or something like that, tbh.

Also I don’t think Oda is writing her backstory to create sympathy. I think it’ll contribute to the story in the future. Oda usually adds something because it’ll be important.

12Monkeys finale spoilers (kinda)

12 Moneys fandom:  OMG flashback to tiny Cole’s dad telling him about the Ouroboros!  Does this mean Jennifer is Cole’s mom because she saw an ouroboros a few episodes ago?

Me:  Yes, Jennifer saw and drew the Ouroboros, but consider this:  Olivia IS the Ourboros.