You know, I really do get that protecting abuse victims is important, and I know that abuse is a major issue, but I’m starting to get really tired of having assholes wander into my otp tag and tell me that that’s the only possible way to ship my otp.

No, it’s not.

And news flash, you don’t have to tell anyone who ships it to unfollow you. If you’re accusing them of supporting abuse without actually knowing what you’re talking about, then they probably weren’t following you in the first place.


  1. Rho
  2. Tau
  3. Phi

Rho got Koschei’s mind-y powers in the form of being an empath and can’t stand light or heat. He’s very clever but also incredibly anxious. He only shows himself to his family. He’s technically the heir to the clan.

Tau is primal and fercious, getting Nalvanka’s determination to survive and turning it into a thirst for fighting. He studies tactics and heads territory patrols. Also, his flesh bleeds and oozes like Nal’s does.

Phi got their shared knack for regiment and need for order. She makes sure everyone does their jobs and that no one threatens Koschei. She’s loyal and greets visitors to the clan. Her skin is essentially stone and is cold to the touch.

Now you might be thinking: why were you so intent on finishing your lore today? Well, it’s 1:25am here now so:


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If I was in the walking dead I would like to be with.









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Oh funny thing is

Ill be the first one dead because HAHA

I can’t run without falling or getting lost….

ooc; It’s 2016 and been almost 19 years and people still think Aeris died solely to produce angst for Cloud :’) :’) :’) :’) :’) :’) :’)

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Oh my god I totally love your headcanons, like siriously. I used to kinda hate Acnologia and God Serena and refuse to let them gering part if the dragonslayer family, but now I want them to be good guys (and beeing still alive) so that this Stufe could really happen. And a little question, with Serenas logic shouldn't Gajeel and Rogue start a band too (bc. both have black hair AND red eyes)?

Haha! Thanks so much! This blog has a tendency to do that…anyway! You’re totally right, Gajeel and Rogue would definitely start a counter-band type thing.  So, so far we have…

Laxus, Sting, God Serena as the Blond Squad

Acnologia and Wendy as the Awkward Blueberries

Gajeel and Rogue as the Grunge Metal Heads

Cobra and Natsu are stuck together because their hair is vaguely in the same spectrum of colour, and they’re the Red Death.

/can somebody actually draw this, I’m genuinely invested in this headcanon now.

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What was the first ep of GMM that you saw? Also, which one is your fave?

Oh man, the first episode I ever saw was The Safest Way to Walk, because my boyfriend sent me a link to it (quite a while ago before we were dating, probably like a year and a half ago?)) The episode that started my real interest in them was the Vegan Food Taste Test (which I watched on December 2nd, 2015…..*sunglasses emoji*) and the rest is history. Actually, when I watched that video I WAS a vegan so I kinda hated them for a brief period of time. Like, for a day…..

My fave?? Hmmmm, I haven’t seen every episode yet, but I’d say my favorite so far is the Sound Bath :’D


What makes the girl different?. I suspect it has less to do with what she is, and rather more with what she is not. A small part of her remains from where she came. It would seem the universe does not like its peas mixed with its porridge