i know people are going to have different opinions abt this and dnp can do whatever they want but im not looking forward to them playing dream daddy,,,, there are a lot of bad fans of them that just kinda fetishize gay relationships and from looking at the comments from jack and mark,,,,,,, i can only assume that the comments will be not,,,,, good,,,,, im just not excited

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers ⭐️💖⭐️💖⭐️💖⭐️💖⭐️💖

skldhld uhh

- my eyes are a nice color

- i think i’m funny sometimes

- i’m a sagittarius 

- i’m kinda creative

- i’m gay

thank you!

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At the end of the day, we don't know them so it's really useless to even try to discuss what their sexuality is. Nothing you do is gay unless you're attracted to the same gender so as much as people see them doing “gay” things, you can never really know. Calling an idol gay is not an insult but it's best to not let it spread around enough for the idol themselves to see it because it could be offensive to them. You never know what idols see online these days

But if you want to think that they’re gay then so be it. If you want to think that they’re straight, so be it 🤷🏻‍♀️ since we’ll never truly know, it’s just best to feel what we want without being delusional & without going overboard. But thinking that they’re gay is kinda a lot better than sexualizing them. I dislike people who sexualize idols.

“it’s best to not let it spread around enough for the idol themselves to see it because it could be offensive to them.” okay but if the idol is offended by something like this don’t you think that’s a bit problematic? homophobic even.

i don’t like it that you compare ppl who think some idols are gay and ppl who sexualize them. they’re not comparable. sexualizing is awful while thinking of the possibility that some idols aren’t straight isn’t even a bad thing.

these “you have the option to either play as a dude or a girl but the game expects you to play a man so when you play as a woman nothing changes and it becomes kinda gay”-games are very very lazy and shouldn’t be praised for it hOWEVER as a lesbian who has barely anything……….

  • Captain Kirk™: macho-buff, fuckboy McWomanizer, ruthless badass, depthless, rude...
  • Actual canon TOS Jim: Gentle empathetic type, a raging feminist, introverted, kinda gay, has PTSD and an eating disorder, respects diversity, reads old books in bed, wears glasses, avoids violence whenever he can, feels deep burdens after taking a life, adores his dear Mister Spock and Bones and his crew, a bit oversensitive...